Tuesday, May 28, 2013

To Dad... love Snicklefritz

Dear Dad, 

I'm growing ever more fond of your resting place.  Despite the gray and gloomy day, the colors were all the more brilliant to witness yesterday.  It would have been your 47th wedding anniversary, and mom wanted to come and visit.  She brought a walker for the first time Dad.  Your old walker, that she now needs.  I can just see the smirk on your face as she rolled past you- she is walking in those footsteps you left behind, the ones she used to tease you for.  But she is one determined lady, and that would not surprise you in the slightest.  Oh how we change and stay the same all at once.  

Still, Dad, to this very day, I drive past the house, with your truck sitting outside and my heart still leaps... briefly.  Momentarily I can close my eyes and think of how little the boys were when we lived in that little blue house and how you used to surprise visit us at nap time.  You'd rile the boys up, tickle and play with them for a few minutes, then be on your way, while I sat with whirling tornados of energy, sadly in need of a nap- me by that time- worse than them.  

The boys are now at an age where they laugh about how much they loved your old truck and riding in it with you.  They see it more for the old age, the lack of features- or anything flashy.  I now see it as sturdy, dependable, with a few battle scars- but a will to just keep going.  Much like how I remember you Dad.  

Miss you Dad,


Your Snicklefritz

Rick and I both have family at this cemetery.  My nephew, Hunter who passed after just 4 short months with us, and now Rick's mom, Carole in the spot just above Hunter.  This was the first time we viewed her marker and I have to say its beautiful.  

My sweet sister-in-law, came to visit Friday night.  Look what she brought me!  

I have oogled Origami Owl for some time now.  It is slowly starting to make its way into our community. 

But what are the chances that Missy would know my heart so well?  

So the necklace is like a locket and inside are magnetized pieces selected by Missy.  There is the pink breast cancer ribbon, a C for Colton, an N for Nolan, a camera and a red heart. There is also an S that baffled us for awhile.  But clearly, the S is for Superman-  how could he be thought of as anything other?  She also had the word "inspire" engraved on the inside of the locket.  Then she wrote a special note giving her reasons for selecting each one.  Then I cried and was moved.  Love that girl.  

I'm heading out for a PET scan today.  The radiation department is working on getting me scheduled for tests and sims before I have treatment to my brain.  

Uff-da... here we go...


  1. Vicky... What a heart warming letter to your Dad. I'm sure he is watching over you every step of the way. You are in my prayers, sweet lady.

  2. Your post is lovely as usual Vicky.
    Hope you have a good day today.
    The necklace is lovely and meaningful.
    I am sure your Dad is watching over you and keeping you safe.

  3. Prayers go with you. And what sweet words for your dad.

  4. what a lovely letter to your dad.

    and what a thoughtful gift, I have never heard of this and it's awesome! The S for superman - love it.

    All good things sent your way today -

  5. Vicky, As I head back to Connecticut next week for my daughter's wedding, I too will be taking my Mom to visit my Dad's grave site. He is also buried under a tree which in spring brings beauty and shade during the hot summer days. It's such a peaceful spot.

    Thinking of you and saying prayers, Eileen xxoo

  6. Vicky, Paul Dosch, whom we both know, was working at the Veterans memorial commemoration in Mandan yesterday. It's where my father was buried in January, and my mom and sister were there, but I was here, working on an article that needed doing. My phone dinged that I had an email and it was from Paul, and had an attachment - a photo of my father's grave that I was viewing for the first time. There is no official headstone yet, just a makeshift one. Before January, I couldn't relate as well to the stories of your father, even though I did feel for your heart. Now, my heart is with yours, having lost my Daddy too. When his named appeared on my phone with the American flag in front, I was caught off guard, and tears came, right there in Caribou. No one seemed to notice, thankfully, because I couldn't really stop them. Ah, life can be challenging, and yet so worth living at the same time. Keep holding on friend. We have things to do still. I'm glad you are enjoying the blossoms like I am. Think of them as you go through these next tests. Inhale their fragrance in your mind. Don't let go of hope and life. We are with you. XXOO, Roxane

  7. Beautifully touching words for your Dad. I LOVE the necklace and all the significance it holds!

    Good luck with the scans and tests. You are on my mind, in my heart and in my prayers.

  8. And you are so your father's daughter never forget it. Made me cry this post of yours. Just like me, I know how close you were to your Dad. And we miss them when times are so tough. I talk to my Dad all the time. I know your Dad is watching over you, looking out for his girl as always. He will be hugging you tight as you enter this next stage of healing.

    And your necklace is divine - it is a wonderful heartfelt gift which is perfect for you. Just perfect.

    Take care and thanks for my dose of sunshine. I always find it here. Your writing moves me like no-one else and inspires me always. I want your book. I really do.

    Big hugs from across the ocean.
    Ps if there are silly typos in my comment please excuse as I am on my phone lol

  9. What a touching letter to Your Daddy.
    I can only cry as I read it, Vicky. I don't apologize for that because I know the love you hold for him.
    I love the love expressed in this post .... more than I can ever say.

  10. my dad used to call me snickelfritz too. :o)

  11. Love your post and that necklace :) Hope your scan went well today and didn't give you an upset stomach. That drink is the worst on the stomach. Hang in there friend...

  12. Reminds me of my father as that is what he called me. Thinking of you ... hope all went well.

  13. Oh, what gorgeous pics! Spring has finally arrived for you!!

  14. I love the necklace and how incredibly thoughtful the gift. I am sending you my very best thoughts for hope and healing.

  15. Someone knows you WELL. What a precious gift. And I miss your dad too, Vicky. I miss the posts about him, his KIND and DEAR face and the happy times you had with him and then posted about. You KNOW this already - I lived vicariously through you. "When we all get together what a day of rejoicing that will be." I'm sorry he's not here to be with you in person but I'm sure he is with you in so many ways. XO


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