Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Catching up

“When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take a step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for us to stand on or we will be taught to fly.” 
― Patrick Overton

Two years ago, March 24th, 2011 I had my first PET scan.  It had been scheduled for an earlier date, but a storm had intervened and the truck carrying the dye for the scanner, could not get to town- so it was rescheduled.

We awoke yesterday with a huge ground blizzard in the works.  I couldn't help but feel a bit of deja-vu.  But nobody called from the clinic and at 1030 Rick, Colton and I headed off for the appointment.  Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive, steady hands on the steering wheel, and a firm resolve by all of us to get the scan completed.  

The part of the scan that had me the most concerned was the injection of the dye.  I've had a serious reaction to CT scan dye and wondered how I would react to the PET scan dye.  

But I think all of your prayers, helped everything run smoothly.  The tech knew me.  Her kids attend the same school as mine.  She was so warm and friendly, she put me at ease right away.  The dye isn't driven in any longer, it is now flown in and had arrived safely already.  She assured me nothing in the dye would cause me to react.  

She also told me deep sedation was not necessary, as the scanner was a CT type scanner.  Instead of an enclosed tube, it was a big donut shape- that enabled my head to remain outside of the scanner until the last 3 minutes.  Whew.  Relief flooded me instantly.

She apologized at the first failed attempt to insert the iv needle.  As she set about trying to find another vein, my phone began buzzing. After a few buzzes she asked if I needed to check it and I assured her no- its all my prayer warriors reminding me I am not in this alone.  She smiled and said the power of prayer is awesome.  She also effortlessly guided the needle into a different vein and this time it worked. We chuckled as my phone went off a few more times.  

I rested under warm blankets and reclined in the chair waiting for the dye to be taken up by my body.
The scan itself went by fairly quickly.  I was only mildly sedated and used the quiet time to meditate and pray.  

The only surprise was when I opened my eyes and a new tech was helping me up from the table.  He simply handed me my things and said it would be a few days and then my doctor would call me.  I had wanted to thank the first tech, but I assume she was busy getting the next patient ready for the scanner. 

Actually, there was one more surprise- my craving for a hamburger afterwards.  I was somewhat groggy- and still find it hard to believe I asked for McDonalds.  

I arrived safely at home, crawled in bed, and let my mind ride with the incessant buzzing of my phone, as I drifted off to sleep for the night.

Rick continues to recover from the flu.  He has been plagued by headaches and achy joints and wears out easily.  He told me maybe he got the flu to help him fully appreciate everything I go through with treatment.  

On the flip side I'm embracing my superwoman powers as I tackle the care giving role on top of parenting.  I've shoveled snow, driven boys to lots of hockey games, hauled goalie gear in and out of the rinks, helped rescue the dog trapped under the deck, and haven't felt more revitalized and capable in a long time.

I haven't been able to respond as quickly to email, and blog comments and texts.  But I assure you I have read every single one and have been encouraged and blessed by each of you!


  1. Hi sweet Vicky~
    Glad your test went well. I've been thinking about you. Please know I'm sending many warm hugs your way.
    Stay warm!!

  2. I'm praying for you and always look for your updates.

    "I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them." Isaiah 42:16

  3. You have always been Superwoman in my eyes, Vicky! Happy to hear that the scan went well. Hope Rick feels better real soon, too!

    Always sending thoughts, prayers and hugs,

    Eileen xxoo

  4. Superwoman, indeed!

    Glad that the scan went well and just love the you were asking for the healing powers of a burger!

    Keep warm, be well, and know that you are thought of and loved.

  5. Thinking and praying for you often - and you're on the Prayer List on my Blog!

    Hugs Superwoman!
    Jan ♥

  6. I have been hoping we would hear an update from you soon. Only sorry that you have to wait a bit longer for your scan results.

    I, too, kind of enjoy reversing the roles and being the caretaker again at times. And isn't it crazy how just maintaining the regular domestic duties certainly *can* make you feel like superwoman?

  7. Girl, you are amazing. I don't know what else to say. Except that I pray for your good health often, and think of you fondly.
    You're something, you are.
    You do deserve to be so happy.

  8. Thanks for letting us know how it went and now we wait with you, prayers crossed, that all will be well. Have no idea how you're managing the caregiving sandwich with all you have going on but you're mom sounds pretty special and I admire you for wanting to do all you can. Love from California where we only walk a half-a-mile to school with no snow and it's downhill both ways. :)

  9. well, THIS made my day!

    "all shall be well" ;)

    hugs and love dear friend - hugs and love!

  10. ..made my day too :-)

    and I just love that image! a rich display of light on glass.

  11. Glad the scan went well, I have to hear how Mr. Crosby got stuck under the deck one of these days. Thinking about you.

  12. Vicky,
    How perfect God is...a tech who believes in the power of prayer. :) :)
    I have been praying for you, and I am so glad that your scan went even better than expected!

    Know you are surrounded by love, prayers and you are in the palm of His Almighty hand!

  13. Don't you worry one skinny minute about responding to blogs or e-mail.
    You just take care of you...and Rick...and those boys.
    You are superwoman.
    Love you,

  14. i love your superwoman powers and because of you and your strength,
    you give the rest of us some of those powers, too !!

  15. Hey Vicky,
    So glad to hear that the PET Scan went well...I feel bad you had any anxiety with this test, as I have had a few and maybe could have provided a little reassurance. (I find it interesting that I, too, am severely allergic to CT dye and thus am scared of reactions when to dye.) Isn't fun when we can do "normal" daily things...empowering! Praying for you and your family.

  16. Sweet Vicky, this was a great post! So descriptive I felt I was there. Even though mine wasn't among the texts that made your phone buzz (I sometimes worry you'll be overloaded), my prayers were deeply embedded within the stack. Yay for McDonald's burgers! I have to admit I crave them every now and again too. Blessings and hugs, and with hope...for a good scan and for being together again soon.

  17. Glad for this update. Lovely to see you are the super mom and are with the kids, shovel snow etc. Life goes on... in a weird kind of way. Much love to you and will wait for more updates. X

  18. Will continue to whisper your name to our Heavenly Father. Thank you for the beautiful update and the reminder of how important prayer warriors are. He hears, He sees, He knows, He loves

  19. I've been praying for you! Hope your husband is feeling better soon. Flu has been going around my home too!

  20. Glad to hear your scan went well and praying for good results!

  21. I have been sending prayers your way sweet friend and you have been in many of my dreams. I am hoping your husband is slowly feeling better. This is a very nasty flu :/

  22. You truly are an inspirational woman Vicky! You are one of the strongest I know! My best wishes and prayers are always with you and will ensure you get well real soon! Loads of love :-x


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