Monday, February 25, 2013

taking a chance...

Thursday night we headed out to the Scheels Arena for the beginning of the "legendary" Squirt International tournament. The Fargo Squirt International Hockey Tournament draws 128 teams at the Squirt A and B levels to the Fargo - Moorhead area from across the United States and Canada for a 3-day Tournament. According to their website, the tournament "Started in 1985 as an 8 team local tournament and has since grown in stature and reputation across the country to be know as the "Worlds Greatest Squirt Hockey Tournament." This was Colton's first year of playing in the tournament and he hardly slept the night before.

So what do 128 teams of 15 squirts each, look like?  Well, something like the chaos below!  

They begin the night with a group photo that doesn't seem possible- but every year it usually makes the front page of the newspaper. We watched a few of the relay races for the "squirt olympics," and then Colton wanted to get some rest for his games the next day.  We were facing a team from Colorado and had no idea what to expect.

It was a beautifully frosty morning as we started our treks out in search of all the rinks we'd be playing at.  The sun has peeked through a few days and the temps are feeling warmer.

With the distraction of such a fun event for the boys, we tried to leave cancer world on hold and immerse ourselves on the rapidly ending hockey season.

But I thought this was fitting Friday night... right on- indeed new things are on the horizon and taking a chance is something I have to get ready to embrace.  

Siblings of players have hours to amuse themselves at the rink.  These two cuties crawled under a table to trade pins and play games.  

It seemed fitting that we would play a Fargo team at the iconic Sunmart rink.  An old warehouse was converted into an ice rink.  The ice is smaller than we are used to, the rafters are low, the smell is rather distinctively unappealing and non-hockey-like.  And there are religious sayings all over the walls.  And yet, we have fond memories of having played in that old barn.

I would say parents and kids alike found a lot to get excited about.  Lots of vendors come and set up their hockey wares.  These spray painted hats are hugely popular.  Colton saved his money and had this hat made Friday night.  They can choose from pages of emblems to have put on the front and back of the hat.  Colton chose front the orange M for Moorhead with hockey sticks for the front, but it was the back that left me with a huge grin..

The Pink breast cancer ribbon wrapped around hockey sticks chosen by my son... but 

not just my son... half the team decided on getting the ribbon on their hats and I suspect this cute kid had something to do with it.  Jackson has been in Colton's class since 2nd grade.  He wears "Fight Like a Girl" shirts in my honor, as well as other pink ribbon items.  He gets the biggest grin on his face when he tells me- "its for you Vicky!"  Gosh I love that kid!!  

Our last game of the tournament was yesterday.  Colton is below getting his participation medal.  We were vying for third place in our bracket, but lost this final game.  

I don't know what I did to my arm Friday. I just know I fell asleep on my arm Friday night and woke up yelping in pain the middle of the night. My arm was swollen and it felt like I had a hundred bees stinging me from the inside.  It also felt like I had an internal sunburn.  I went straight for pain meds and after a couple of hours it subsided.

But Saturday morning it quickly began to throb again.  I used hockey for distraction but yielded to pain meds early Saturday night.  Lots of pain meds and a serious thought of having to go to the er.

The lypmh node, swollen now- in all likelihood, with cancer, impinges on a nerve that runs down the inside of my arm.  When that nerve gets pinched- its one of the most gut- wrenching pains I've ever felt.

I stayed home from the Saturday night game.  And I begged Rick not to leave me Sunday and take Nolan out of town.  I was prepared to go to the er for help.  

Miraculously, the pain subsided Sunday morning.  I was able to use Advil the rest of the day and detox from the Oxy- yuck- that stuff works but sure makes the rest of me feel horrible.  

I have infusion tomorrow for herceptin, and then 1 week from tomorrow I will see Dr. P.  I've moved past the not knowing.  We have a big last week of hockey and I am going to enjoy it as much as I can.

Thank you all for your continued prayers!  I think they work in so many ways, in so many days~ I am deeply humbled.    


  1. Vicky, I love those hats! And, what a precious boy that Jackson is. Most children his age wouldn't even give things like that a second thought.

    I know how much nerve pain can take out of you as I still suffer from the nerve damage I acquired from the shingles. My thoughts and prayers are with as always.

    Sending love and hugs, Eileen

  2. I love that hat! Pain can and does often keep us from doing what we want, but glad you got it partially under control and were alr to enjoy the hockey weekend! Am sure it meant a lot to your son and his teammates! Continued prayers coming your way!

  3. Love you sweet sister! Keep pressing on!

  4. Still praying for you! ♥ I'm glad you were able to get away and enjoy the kids and their hockey. Love their hats.

    Gentle Hugs,
    Jan ♥

  5. What a weekend! I love the picture of the trees. I like trees in the winter because you can see all their limbs against the sky. Something about that just reminds me that they are like outstretched arms lifted continuously in praise to their Creator.

    With regards to your swollen mom and the possibility of a cancerous lymph node in your arm, the words from "O God Our Help In AgesPast" came to mind immediately.

    O God our help in ages past
    Our hope for years to come
    Or shelter from the stormy blast
    And our eternal home

    Under the shadow of Thy Throne
    Still may we dwell secure
    Sufficient is THINE ARM ALONE
    And our defense is sure.

    He doesn't need two arms to carry you, Vicky. ONE is sufficient! I trust you will feel His strong arms holding you securely until March 5. Love you!!!

  6. Keeping you before the Lord. Isn't this warmer weather a treat?!

  7. I have no words of wisdom here Vicky. Just praying for you and your sweet family. Love, Crystal

  8. I am glad you are enjoying life to the fullest Vicky
    Otherwise you'd be missing on so much fun.
    The litle boy is rooting for you and so are we all out here in blog land.
    You are blessed in so many ways Vicky
    Keep up the good fight.xoxoxoxoxo

  9. I cannot even fathom 128 teams! Wowza! And how sweet, sweet of your boys to wear those hats.

    Ouch, ouch regarding your arm pain. I am so sorry, but so thankful it improved enough to save you from a trip to the ER.

  10. Love the hat...and I love that kid, too! Give him extra hugs from me, please. He is the best!!
    And...thinking about the unknown since I read your last blog post, I've been kind of irritated with your good doctor. I know he's the best; I know. But, I'm still irritated with him. Just sayin'. I love you too much to think that you've been left wondering...
    I'm so sorry to hear about the pain in your arm. I'm glad that you have the pain meds...even though I know that they make you feel yucky elsewhere; they do help with the pain. And, I'm glad to know that your arm is feeling better.
    Is there some inanimate object I can just reach out and slug or hit right now? I'm feeling that. I'm sorry to vent to you, dear friend. You have enough on your plate. But, know that if fuming and fussing has helped in any way, you are covered. I have that covered, and then some!! know that first and foremost, I pray for you and for your family. We've got the future covered because we know Who holds tomorrow. Yes, we do. Love you....

  11. glad to read that you were able to enjoy some hockey time. I hope your arm stays pain free or at least under control so you can avoid the ER. Hugs

  12. vicky--so sorry to hear about the pain. Love the hats. first prayer for you--a miracle healing.'s my second prayer request--that the new chemo the FDA approved on Friday will be an option for you. I guess it has shown success with those who have been on Herceptin.

    Prayers and blessings...

  13. Dear Vicky, I can tell you put so much into your posts. This one brought us fully into your weekend, all the joy of it, and the pain of it too. I'm sad to know you were suffering. And we only hear a bit of it here. That you would have been kept from a hockey game says a lot. I am happy to hear it subsided...but it was hard to hear your guess as to what might have caused the pain. I marvel at how determined you are to embrace life every day that is offered. And like everyone else here, love that kid who led the way to the barrage of pink caps. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I am so blessed to call you friend. Thinking of you as you endure another round of hospital stuff. Hugs...

  14. Dearest Vicky, your pictures, as always are extraordinary. The one of the snowy trees is incredible. I love it. And look at you with your big beautiful smile. Beautiful as ever.

    I am so sorry you have had to go through that pain but glad that you are feeling better. You are teaching us all to live in the moment regardless of the clouds and the unknown that hangs overhead. You put your worries on hold so you could spend it with those precious kids. You have taught me so much about embracing life and getting on with it. You are extremely resilient, authentic and so strong when you need to be too. I am praying that your next week goes smoothly until your appointment. I think of you very often and you are always in my prayers. And here is to taking a chance - let's make it a winning one with all our prayers. Big hugs and much love to you and all your boys. xx

  15. I am praying for you Sweet friend and hoping your pain has now subsided...Sending you love and energy and soft hugs xo

  16. I read several days worth of your blog and what brought me to tears was the pink hat....the beautiful hearts of children, they keep us going.

  17. I really loved the "fight like a girl" cap. May God give you all the strength in the world and may he heal you quickly!


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