Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

My brother Lee is here with his wife Kelly and my two nieces Madi and Alex!  They flew from Hershey, PA yesterday to Minneapolis, MN and then drove the rest of the way.  

I'm busy today making food and preparing a barbecue for the whole family to enjoy.

I started with dessert!  Pioneer Woman's recipes seemed appropriate for the occasion. 

The heat index is forecast to be as high as 105 with temperatures in the high 90's.  We're staying in as much as possible.  

I got a surprise call from Dr. Antoniuk yesterday.  She said my wound is contaminated with staph.  Ew... It isn't infected, but the contamination could be preventing healthy tissue to grow and heal.  I have started some antibiotics and will see her in two weeks again.  She spoke with Dr. Panwalkar and his advice?  No surgery right now... smile.  

And for all of the Minnesota Wild hockey fans, I had to add in the big announcement we've all been waiting to hear... Zach Parise AND Ryan Suter signed to play with Wild next year!  

I'm off to celebrate the day with family and give my camera a work out.  

Happy 4th of July to everyone!  


  1. Hey Sweetie,

    your dessert is sooooo amazing ... I would jump in (noooo not really *giggle*).

    Its sounds not good about the contamination but it is possible to do somethings, thats very good.

    Oooohhh, you knew the "Pioneer Woman"??? Here in germany nobody knew her but I read last week her book in german ... sooo great, and so funny her "Marlboro Man". I think I MUST buy the cookbook.

    I wish you a wonderfull time with your familiy and I think about you every day my life.


  2. Have a wonderful 4th of July. Enjoy the time with Lee, Kelly and the girls. I know this is always a hard weekend - but find joy and peace in the memories :-) (I will be thinking about you!).

    I just started watching "Pioneer Woman" - and love some of the recipes! Your dessert looks great. I have the "campfire" food taped for later today.

    Staph can be pesky - maybe that has been the "cause" of the non-healing. Let's hope they can get it healed and get you healed. That would be the best!!

    Again, Happy 4th!!

  3. Hi Vicky!!

    Glad you aren't headed for surgery and will hope and believe the antibiotics will do the trick and your wound will start to heal on its own - healing light to you!!

    have a fantastic time with your family! i am spending the day with my nieces, nephew and Sydney -- we are going to our dear friends house to celebrate and remember her dear sister!

    love you!

  4. Blessings for a wonderful 4th and a speedy healing from the staph.

  5. Happy 4th on July to you too. Wow, that dessert looks so good. I'm happy the surgery is off for now. That's scary about the staph!!!

  6. Love that pretty dessert. I'm trying to hide out from the heat as well! Sorry about the staph infection. Ugh. I'm so glad you focus on the things you can control and enjoy. You deserve all of the blessings the day can bring!

  7. Happy fourth to you and your family! Thinking of you!

  8. Glad you're having fun, and especially glad they have figured out what may be keeping this wound from healing. Hoping it can be cleared up soon. We celebrated in a quiet way by having Jamie home for the first time in several weeks (no days off prior to that). It was great and we sat outside in the dark watching Hunter light fireworks, enjoying the neighbors, and Hannah and I playing guitars while we all sang. Good times in America. :) Love you!

  9. That dessert looks SO GOOD! MMMM!

    As far as your wound, I'm so glad it was figured out exactly what is causing it not to heal...what a relief. Now I hope those antibiotics get to work and heal it all up!

    I hope your 4th was nice!

  10. Well, hurray for staph I guess! ;) have fun with your family. The dessert looks amazing, and Camden was reading over my shoulder and asked if I can make some for him.

  11. Dear sweet Renee,
    Oh, the prayers are being sent heavenward for you, angel girl!
    I'm so happy you enjoyed the 4th with family!
    Big hugs and some cooling breezes from the Pacific Northwest!
    Carolynn xoxo


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