Monday, June 20, 2011


                                                             From December chilling...

to June warming...

Excitement seeking boys car- riding-bickering... then finally... the fishing...

lots of catching and releasing...

new lawn mower mowing...

Hot tub dipping...

s'moring, "survivor torch" twirling, with mom eventually kaboshing... (oy).

and never enough- visual feasting... 

Mind clearing...

Clean air breathing...

Memorable sun lowering...


soul searing...

And Daddy missing...


  1. I thought about all my friends who have lost their fathers yesterday and what a bitter sweet day it is. xoxo

  2. Glorious! Food for the heart,the mind the spirit.

    Peace, Vicky!

  3. Beautiful photos Vicky! The sunset ones relax your mind and body just by looking at them! I was missing my Dad yesterday too. It was the first Father's Day without him.

  4. I have a picture of Andy and Nolan on almost the same John Deere when Nolan was about 2! His cute little face would stick on the screen door and yell, "Andy, wanna go ride the John Deere?!!" How could you pass that cutie pie up?! Hope you guys had a good day at the lake. It was a beautiful one!

  5. I love it here. :) No matter what is happening, Vicky, even your first Father's Day without, possibly, the best dad in the world - I still miss the pictures you would post of him with THE dearest face and smile - you find a way to inspire US. Continue to do all these lovely things as you can. All by themselves, they are so healing, aren't they? And, I'm not from your neck of the woods but, what is "kaboshing?!" Gotta know.

  6. Robynn, putting a kibosh on something is putting a stop to it. Vicky, i love that we speak the same language. :)

    these were beautiful. thought of you often yesterday, sister. it was much much too quiet here and I was hoping there was enough noise in your world. i love you.

  7. Beautiful Post Vicky.

    Too bad you have to throw back the fish though lol

    Thats a great Pike!!!

  8. what a fun-filled weekend! i especially love the contrasting photos of the church in winter and summer :)

  9. Sounds like a lovely day! I miss my Dad too.

  10. Beautiful sunset..great day for dad and boys too!...

    ..and such a wonderful relationship you've had with your Dad, a huge gift for a woman.


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