Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We made it...

We made it!  To the state hockey tournament that is...  this was the celebration shot Rick took after the Spuds beat Bemidji to represent our region at the Minnesota State Hockey Tournament in St. Paul next the end of this week.  We'll be attending the tournament for a few days and can't wait to cheer on our team.  We have 7 second place finishes in the State tournament and hope that maybe, just maybe this will be our year.

We made it!  The end of our hockey season for the boys officially came to a close this weekend.  What a week it has been!  Colton's team ended up in 3rd place for the Mites.

Nolan was the ref for Colton's game again... He reffed 5 games this weekend and hopes to buy something with his paycheck at the hockey expo.

Nolan's team went 3 and 0 heading into the championship game of the Squirt Cup end of season tourney.  Last year was the first year of the Squirt Cup and Nolan's team was the winner.  His name is on the plaque on the bottom of the cup.  Would there be a repeat this year?

The pit in the bottom of my stomach proved to be telling.  Nolan has been reluctant all year to play goalie.  But it was his turn and he didn't want to let his coach down.  He put on a brave face, but he was in tears by the time the 3 goal went past him and they were down 3-0.  It wasn't meant to be.  The black team suffered their first loss to the yellow team and they took second place.  But we didn't get too down.  We felt that seeing Nolan's friends get a chance to have their name on the cup was pretty exciting.  It was a good lesson - joy divided = joy multiplied.  Or, that which we focus on, expands in our life.  

We made it!  Well okay, you got me here.  You would think this photo reflects the spring thaw- and you'd be wrong.   Its still cold (8 degrees) and snowing.  The only thawing was from the sun beaming down on the roof... but I reveled in the blue sky regardless.

Plus if it were really spring?  This big guy wouldn't be living in my yard right now.  We've seen his tracks around for weeks now, but yesterday we finally saw him up close.  

He is really quite big and white and if it weren't for his ears, he'd be hard to see in the snow... 

Yep, he made it too.  So far he is thriving and seems to have survived a harsh, long winter.  But Jack?  Watch your back!  The only other animal we have seen inhabiting the back yard? Well his name is hawk... 


  1. Is he by any chance a.... BLACK HAWK lol

    Congrats to the teams Gosh its a good feeling to do well in a sport.

    And it can equally be a nerve wracking thing as goalies are always blamed when its a team thing to keep the puck away from him.
    And the puck is soooo small too.
    So not to worry. I am sure he stopped plenty too.:)

  2. Congrats to the team!! That's terrific :) Your boys are troopers and dedicated team players. I wish them all the best luck!! That is one big rabbit. Vicky, thanks for your lovely words on my last post. If you were here right next to me, I would give you the biggest hug!!!!

  3. WoW! How exciting!
    Do you have Dental Insurance?
    Have your sons had any dental mishaps while playing?

    Love the bunnies!!

  4. congrats to the team! and of course, wishing them much luck.

    and i love that rabbit in the snow - so pretty!

  5. what a beautiful rabbit ... I've seen tracks in the snow but so far, haven't seen the rabbit

  6. Boy Vicky, those photos are incredible. My favorites are of Jack (really amazing to see one that white!), and the one of the Mites with "Westra" on his back. SO COOL!

    You are an ace with the camera. Keep at it, girl!

    Congrats on your teams' victories!

  7. Congratulations to the hockey team! How exciting.

    I'm hoping spring will be upon you soon. Another night of snow here. Spring has to be close by soon...I promise!

  8. That is one big honking trophee!

  9. Oh, what a pretty rabbit! Great photos! and congrats to your team!!!

  10. Congrats on your team making it into the tournament.

    That fellow looks like a snowshoe hare...he's big for just a regular rabbit.

  11. Great pictures. You really should apply with your local paper.

    You know, I had to google whether or not rabbits were rodents. I know they have to gnaw on things all the time since their teeth are always growing, but they are not rodents. I hate most rodents. They are Lagomorphs. That's a pretty one you've got there.


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When you get lucky

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