Monday, February 7, 2011

Where will you be February 12th?

The countdown is officially on to Hockey Day Minnesota, 2011.  Last summer it was announced that Hockey Day Minnesota would be broadcast from Moorhead!  Our hockey community has been in the planning stages to host this large and prestigious event for many months now.

Fox Sports North, or FSN, will broadcast two live high school games from our town, on Saturday, February 12th.  In addition, they will broadcast a Minnesota Gophers game, a hockey mom game, and a Minnesota Wild game to name a few in the line up. If you love hockey, tune into FSN for all the day long coverage of events, being broadcast from HERE.

Rick and I have been compiling the history of hockey in Moorhead, and the state of Minnesota, for the official game program that Rick was asked to produce.  We've been up to our eyeballs in stats and news clippings, and interviews and letters.  Hundreds of volunteer hours by our community have gone into the planning of the event.  An outdoor rink was specially constructed outside our arena this last fall.

This Saturday, our Squirt inhouse teams were thrilled to find out they were going to play their games outside on the new rink.

Nolan's inhouse team having their "chalk talk" before the game.

Nolan skating with the puck...

Rick got a quick pic of all 4 teams in Tier I who were playing that morning.  Tier II has an equal number of kids- and these are just our Squirt teams.

Nolan shooting...

and he scores...

Another shot taken...

On the bench...

Nolan chewing on his mouth guard... nice.

Nolan squinting, as his mom squints through the glass just a ways behind him.  I guess he comes by the squint honestly.

We are trying to keep track of Nolan's goals for record keeping purposes, um and because our memory is so poor.  So while his travel team lost a disappointing game, 4-3 Friday night, Nolan had 2 goals in that game.  He had a hat trick in his inhouse game.  And he had 1 goal, and 1 assist in the game against Bemidji, in which we won 3-2.  More importantly, his team played like a team again and looked like they got a bit of their mojo back.  They will need it as they head into this weekend.

We have a busy hockey week and an even busier hockey weekend!  Nolan will head to Minneapolis with Grandpa and Grandma while Rick and I stay here for Hockey Day Minnesota on Saturday.   Exciting, exhausting, exhilarating...  


  1. Vicky, wow, he is doing awesome. Who is the photographer of those awesome shots? Your hubby, I presume? I love the genetic squint -- that's awesome. I squint a lot, to. The bright son bothers my eyes. I read once that brown eyed people are more affected by that than blue eyed people. Go figure?

  2. You have some great memories in these images. Way to go!

  3. I'm sure Nolan's Dad will score big for your town with this production just as Nolan always comes through for his team. You two do wonderful things for your boys!

  4. what fun he's going to have looking back on all these images and stories! laughing about the squint...we've got the same thing going on here!

  5. These are great memories!
    Lots of nice things to remember.:)

    Go Nolan!

    This was my world a few years back in soccer and now it all stopped. I am not invited anymore hahahahaha
    Its about men now, not Moms.

    But who knows, maybe one day he will invite me again. lol
    Vicky I think after all this, if I ever see you in a hockey arena I'll know its you lol

  6. How fun for Nolan. Good luck to your busy week and Saturday. I'm sure by Sunday you will be exhausted Vicky.

  7. Hi Vicky! Your blog is beautiful! Happy upcoming Hockey Day...and Goooooooooo Nolan!!!

  8. Congrats to NOlan!!! These are great shots, Vicky -

    My husband misses hockey very much. He played in his youth, then as a young adult, then again as an "older" adult.. but ice time around here is very hard to come by, so the senior leagues get 11pm ice time and he's "JUST TO OLD" for that.

  9. Looks like fun!

    Great action shots, too.

  10. Beautiful shots... So nicely in sequence that I thought I'm watching a live video shoot. Fantastic sequence shots !!.
    I am so proud to be a fan of Nolan & his skills and success & equally an ardent admirer of a courageous & dedicated mother in you.
    My best wishes & blessings in HIS name for you guys out there for this weekend...


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When you get lucky

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