Wednesday, February 9, 2011


He was sitting at the computer the other day engrossed in a game.  I almost didn't notice.  But then, appearing out from underneath his chair, was a splash of pink.  I had taken my fuzzy pink socks off by the computer late the night before, and he had put them on while he was sitting there.  The tough kid, hockey player, was wearing pink fuzzy socks.

I saw the moment and wanted to capture it.  How many more times will my 10 year old even dare to wear my pink socks?  But he is savvy now, and on to my motives.  He has been blog fodder one too many times apparently.  He tucked his feet underneath him when he saw the camera, and when I still wouldn't go away, he took off the socks and threw them down.  "Mom, I don't want to see pink socks on your blog."

He is growing up.

I guess that is why they are called "tweens."  Not quite a teenager, (thankfully), but not really "little boy" anymore either.  He came home from hockey practice with lots of instructions from his coach about his tournament this weekend.  He quickly set about getting dress shirts, khakis and shoes all ready to go.  Its  the first time he has had to dress up for hockey like the older boys, and the importance of the tourney is not lost on him.  He then gathered shampoo, body wash and deodorant (thankfully, this one is not optional these days.)

He remembered t-shirts, sweats and his favorite boxers.  He must be preparing for an epic floor hockey tourney as he packed 6 shortened sticks.  Sniff, sniff... so mature.  I didn't have to remind him of a thing.  He didn't need my help, or ask for it.

But I smiled when I saw the rest of what was under his clothes.   Hidden underneath the sticks and his clothes, was a pile of his favorite stuffed animals.  Whew.  He is at least a fraction of a little boy still.  I'll take what I can get.


  1. *sigh* i loved seeing those stuffed animals in the suitcase! so sweet!

  2. So nice to see that he still wants to take his favorite stuffed animals with him! It seems that kids grow up so fast today, that we cherish those times that we can catch a glimpse of the childhood that they are still clinging to.

  3. So sweet to see a bit of lingering boyhood still.

  4. lol

    My guys were fighting over who gets the bed.
    There are 2 beds per room and 4 boys sharing They don't want to sleep together so they decide who gets the bed and who the floor.
    Nice eh?So I always included a blow up pool bed just in case mine decided to sleep on the floor. lol
    But then he can always come to my room which he wasn't allowed to do. but I had an extra empty bed.
    Oh well.

  5. Oh! I am crying!
    My son loves pink and is so afraid of wearing anything remotely pinkish...

    Love your new profile pic!!!

  6. Love your writing style, my hook me immediately, and I never stop reading until I reach the end. Nolan is such a sweet young man!!
    My daughter was 16 when we flew to Europe..My hubby, Lisa, and me. Well, there was one more 'passenger'...her brown teddy bear. I thought that she wouldn't take it on the plane because of being 'embarrassed'...but it didn't bother her one bit. She is 29 now, and has a little girl of her own. If you are wondering about the teddy bear, wonder no longer. It still is with her. She would never part with it. Her husband (when they were newly weds) asked me if she had always slept with that bear. I smiled and nodded, "Yep" she still doing that? He smiled and nodded.
    What a wonderful story about the pink fuzzies....and his savvy knowing that he would be Mom's blog-for-the day if he let you snap the photo. I just love ' 'em 'em.
    His shirt is so grown up, Vicky...and I am glad to see that he still has the tender heart of a child....and I hope that his heart will always be that way. I suspect that it will. He has the best parents....and a love inside of him that will never grow old.
    I love Nolan.

  7. I too liked your writing style. Great description of the "moment" with Nolan. Thanks for sharing the tween adventures.

  8. Your new profile photo is great!

    My grandson will be 13 next week ... he's at that stage,too.

  9. oh, that is so sweet. i remember when my niece was nearing her tenth birthday and was in a panic thinking that double digits meant she should give up her blanket. it took some convincing to let her know it was still ok to be little even when the numbers were big.

  10. Oh Vicky, this is awesome. Truly awesome. You've captured a very special moment here -- or two. You are a very loving mother and very good with words, my dear. I really do enjoy your posts and am so glad we've crossed paths!

  11. Can I be Nolan's aunt?

    I Lovvvvvve him!


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