Friday, May 14, 2010

My baby is 8 today...

How the heck did that happen?  I can accept myself getting older, and clearly one look at your brother and I know he is 10... but when it comes to my baby I  want time to stand still.  Can we just visit age 2 for a day?  Yes, 2, or 3 or 4.  I loved every second of them.  I suppose I will come to love 8 as well.  I mean, I can hardly comprehend all of the things you can do. 

Today, you made me a list of what you wanted on your Subway sub that I am to bring to you for our lunch at school. Staying true to your vegetarian roots here is what you listed:  

white bread

no cheese


greem peppers



black olips  (!) 

Oh how you crack me up.  

You also gave me a detailed explanation of how many cupcakes to buy.  Realizing you needed 25, and that they come in packages of 6, you clearly indicated 5 packs...  I was the one who had to stop and do the math... you just go inside  your head and pull it out like magic. 

Your big brown eyes are soulful, and the way your nose crinkles when you laugh brings joy to my life.  You could not be more opposite of your brother.  While Nolan is here to lead me into uncharted territory and expand me, your calm demeanor is the honey that both sweetens my soul and anchors me.  

You're smart, funny, stubborn, sensitive, imaginative, loving, and a complete Mommy's boy.  You wiggled your way into my heart and have notched out your own way in this world.  

I realized the other day, I can barely lift you up these days.  It occurred to me you don't really need me to anymore.  But in your wise beyond your years way, you seem to know, it is I who needs to for just a little bit longer.  

I look at Nolan and I see all the things he can and will most likely do with his future.  I look at you and have no idea.  I can't dream a big enough dream for the things I think you will one day do.  

To the moon and back, Bubba Jack...  I love you to the moon and back.  Happy 8th Birthday Colton! 


  1. Oh, now I'm loving that last shot.

    Happy Birthday Little Man!

    Great post, Vicky.

  2. How can you not fall in love?!! Happy Birthday to your dear Colton.
    Sweet memories and reflections, Vicky.

  3. I like black olips, too ... your sons are such treasure, Vicky, and it is with a huge heart that you see and appreciate the uniqueness of each of them. Blessings for his birthday.

  4. Oh, my heart. Hug that little 8 year old for me, would you?

  5. He is so indescribably PRECIOUS!!! I know he might not wanna hear that so don't tell him! He looks like your funny guy - the family clown. I just want him to go back to two and three as well! Could he take Hunter with him?!

    Happy Birthday to you, COLTON!!! Hope your day is filled with surprises but no meat!! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Colton! Hope you have a wonderful 8th birthday!!! :0)

    Isn't it amazing how fast the time goes by? I'm so glad we have photos and memories to remember these cherished times.

  7. Black olips... I LOVE that!!!
    Is he not simply THE cutest li'l guy in thw world....
    Love this are so blessed, Vicky.
    Happy Birthday Colton.

  8. What amazing boys you have!! They are such fun, so smart...and handsome too! Happy Birthday, Colton! Love that last photo as well! This was simply beautiful, Vicky! You are the best! I love your posts! Love, Janine XO

  9. That is sooooo sweet!!!!

    It amazes me how fast they grow-really why can't the first 2 years last like 4 or something?

  10. Amazing! Adorable! You gave such a lovely tribute to your mellow fellow!

  11. Just to say, "I love you!" You are such a fantastic friend!! Love always, Janine XO

  12. Happy birthday to your baby. I just love the photos :)

    Enjoy the moments as time flies.

  13. Oh that made me get the sniffles. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E

    And those photos, particularly the last one - just great.

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  14. What a sweetheart!! Hope your gorgeous boy had a terrific birthday!!!

  15. What cute baby pictures :D He is hugely adorable! Plant a kiss on his cheek on my behalf please!


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