Monday, May 17, 2010

Everything in between...

By all accounts the boys had a great Birthday week. It was filled with:

baseball simulators...


ice cream...

a first camera...

a visit from Uncle Lee, my brother...

In other words, "boy nirvana."






But the heart of the story is everything that happened in between these activities, these photos.

Its about a couple, a mom and a dad, nearing the time they need to leave their home of 44 years.

Its about transitions.

Weakened hearts.

Faltering steps.

A journey coming to its final destination.

Its also about finding your own voice... of reason, compassion, and encouragement.

About gently assuming the role of leading, those that one day used to lead.

Its about moving, both away, and forward into the unknown, the uncertain.

Its also about finding, that together, it doesn't however, have to be as scary.


  1. This is just beautiful! Prose perfect!
    That's a wonderful camera to give your son - the one that gave me my love of photography.
    I love sharing in your joy and tender ache.

  2. I like that...together, it doesn't have to be scary.

  3. One foot in front of the other, Vicky. It's a hard transition, but one you are all handling with compassion and great love.

  4. Beautifully written, Vicky....
    and you know that I have a lump in my throat as I read the 'transition' portion of your blog today....

  5. The smile at the beginning fades at the ending ...

  6. Life is so tumultuous isn't it? So sublime last week and then, this week, such hard, HARD things to face. I'm sorry these decisions have to be made and so much has to be altered - for them and for you. Leaving the family homestead changes the dynamic for everyone. But you have such a sweet spirit, Vicky, and if anyone can help them transition, it would be you. I wish I had a tenth of your giftedness.



  7. Kass, "tender ache" is exactly what it is. Thanks for your sweet words :)

    Jen, yes, its better not feeling like you are doing things alone... not so insurmountable.

    Karen, so true. It starts to feel overwhelming and like it should all be done now... but a step at a time is the only way.

    Jackie, there are so many of us going through this transition right now :) I am growing rather used to that lump in my throat all the time.

    Susan, you have such a way with your wise words always, so true.

    Robynn, I know you have it in you sweet friend... I am just fortunate not to have had the experience that you did growing up... I know that altered your walk in life with your own "parents."

  8. Its not vicky. Its not scary. You just keep walking along.
    You prepare yourself and what if anything is right here, is that they also have time to prepare.
    You know.... some people die forever lol Miracles do happen cause they never do, so you worry for nothing.Best is just to take one day at a time and smile every new day cause that's one more day for you. And when God calls someone home,its because the job is done.They are going on vacation and you will see them again later.

    When I look back and see how many of my friends are gone starting from grade 7. Nice kids and people, students, with everything to look forward to, I think I am blessed to have had more time and with the people who are close to me.But it doesn't end here, on this earth. There's a lot more to come :)
    Take care Westra :)

  9. This will be a heartbreaking transition in many ways, but I know that sweet you will help them get through it stronger. You write so beautifully about these faltering steps and transitioning.

    The pictures are great of the boy "nirvana." Glad they had fun :)

  10. Again, dear make me cry...Oh, what a hard time this is! And you are such a poet! You express it all so beautifully. You ease me with such grace from smiles to sniffles...I think I may need to pass you the baton ;-) I love you, dear friend. You are wonderful! ~Janine XO

  11. Perfect days for boys! Great post!

  12. Oh, friend. You are managing your changing world so beautifully. Know that if you ever need an extra ear, I have two of them for you. Love you muchly, and can't wait to see the pictures that come out of his new camera ;)

  13. Vicky, you are such a good mama. I can tell your boys mean everything to you. As a mom, it's exciting to watch your kids grow and develop, but at the same time it's hard because time is moving so quickly and you can't stop it!

    Even if your boys flinch, always give them hugs and kisses.

  14. You and your husband have indeed come a long way when you left your comfort zone and came to explore the unknown. Your boys are very lucky and shall be proud of your achievements, when they are old enough to understand.

    The ice-cream and Pizza looks so delicious! makes me want to have some too!


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