Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What makes you...


Thanks to Kelly at My Voice, My View for passing along this blog award. I am not always the best at keeping up with these when they come along but occasionally they come along at the perfect moment such as this one!

10 things that make me blissfully happy...

1. Sunshine, sunny days, sunrise, sunset. Sun = blissful, happy. Its my drug of choice.

By the way, does anyone remember the movie Sunshine from 1973? It was a beautiful but sad movie based on tape recording journals by Jacquelyn M. Helton who died of bone cancer at age 20. She left these recordings behind for her 2 year old daughter. In the movie her husband sings "Sunshine on my Shoulders," a John Denver song, to her. It is the ultimate tearjerker and while I was young when I saw it in a re-run, it has stayed with me for years. Please tell me someone remembers the movie?

2. Crawling into my bed with freshly laundered sheets. Its a pure bonus if those sheets were hung on the line to dry outside.... nothing beats the scent of fresh air.

3. A good story. Either in a conversation, a book or a movie. I am sucked in and won't come up for air if the story captivates me.

4. Travel. Anywhere. Anytime. I've been to Russia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and Mexico. I've been to most of the states in the United States. But my travel partner has recently been struck by a bit of claustrophobia and that includes airplanes. I have my passport ready just in case. Anyone want to go somewhere with me?

5. A certain blond-haired, brown-eyed, seven-year-old named Colton. Colton smiles with his whole face, from his dancing eyes to his dimpled cheeks... he lights up when he smiles and instantly lights my world.

6. A certain brown-haired, brown-eyed, nine-year-old named Nolan. Nolan lives most of his life at 9.5 on the intensity scale. He is a study in contrasts, loud one day, and sullen the next. But he doesn't hold back in passionately pursuing everything he loves.

7. The first sip of my morning coffee.

8. Sharing the early morning with my husband and our coffee and the newspaper.

9. Watching Mark Ladwig and Amanda Evora skate in Sunday night in the AT&T US Figure Skating Olympic Send-Off. Did you see them?  Do you see why I am so excited?

10. You. Yes, you reading this. Blogging has certainly been a life changing experience, but the reward has been getting to know all of you and having you enrich my life. Bloggie friends=blissful.

Thanks again, Kelly!

I am choosing...



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  1. My passport has expired but I can get another. Were are we going I need and adventure. I've been to all places you listed except Canada and Mexico.

    I love your list :)

  2. My passport is itching to be used! Where will we go?

    I love all your sensibilities dear Vicki.

  3. I'm a lot like your travel partner I fear...but when The Husband drags me onto an airplane, he simply drugs me. I'd recommend it if said partner is open :)

    I am smitten by this post Vicky, the sheets...oh my goodness YES! It's bliss.
    Right now, they must be clean and flannel. I'm freezing. hugs.

  4. Liss, Ooooh yes! Promise to bring your camera? Have to admit Australia is definitely on my list!!

    Bonnie, yes, where to? You know I am going to say just one thing... someplace warm!

    Beth, that does not surprise me about you at all :)

    Robin, I think I'd have to drug him long before he made it to the plane and this could cause a bit of a problem :) Stay warm Robin :)

  5. Vicky, this was such a special treat on an otherwise routine January day ... thank you for your thoughtfulness ... your "happy" list passes the happiness along ... I'll be pondering mine for a bit

  6. It was fun to read your happy thoughts.

  7. Vicki, so sweet! Thanks for choosing me! xo

  8. What a nice list! You are such a traveler. You must have such great memories of all those trips. I hope to travel abroad someday. I know I would just love it. I also love a good conversation. I'm always on the lookout for one :) Visiting here makes me happy too!!

  9. I so remember Sunshine! They must have played this movie quite a few times when we were young. I remember I couldn't watch it because it was so sad! This movie and Brian's song were the real tearjerkers.

  10. I LOVE your top ten list...I can relate to almost everything on your list. You made me smile tonight Vicky.

  11. I've never hung my sheets to dry but you might have convinced me(even though I don't have a clothesline :)

  12. You are a loving wife and mother.
    It has always shown...I've never met you, but can't wait to meet you one day. My passport is being processed as I type this.

  13. The thought of sheets hung on the line just caused me to let out a contented sigh... that really is a delicious feeling.

    I'm sorry I don't know that movie, but since I was born in 1973 I wasn't really old enough to watch it... :)

    As for what makes me happy? YOU. YOU being my friend makes me blissful :)

  14. Susan, I look forward to seeing your list! Glad to pass on a bit of the happiness :)

    Crochet, thank you :)

    Chelsea, hoping more peeps find their way to you :)

    Kelly, thanks :) I hope you get a chance to travel abroad some day too! I was just out of college for a chunk of my travel and would love to now revisit with a different frame of mind.

    Karla, thank goodness someone knows what I am talking about! And Brian's song is another one that I could never get through either :)

    Tainterturtles, I love typing your blog name... Kelly's list was very uplifting and I found myself really inspired... glad my list translates as I had hoped. Try it if you'd like to join in, it induce's a good mood!

    Stephanie, I don't either at this current house... but I may have to fix that! You'd love it if you tried!

    Jackie, are you planning a trip? I have a list of blog people I'd love to meet as well and you are so on my list!

  15. Gitz, ahhhh, you know you are sooo on my list too!

    I know, I was only 6 in 1973, so I am fairly certain it was re-run for several years and that is why I saw it... maybe it was just a local thing :)

  16. I am so shy of doing tags, but I always love to read when others do it. This was so good Vicky! Got to know you and your likes a wee bit better :-)

    I love sunshine too! Recharges my batteries instantly :D

    I haven't heard of the movie Sunshine (sorry)but if I ever come across it, I shall definitely watch


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When you get lucky

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