Wednesday, January 6, 2010

But then this happened...

Just because I chose the word reach for my one word challenge doesn't mean I knew what I was getting myself into. I'm beginning to think our words choose us. I wanted to "reach" beyond the cliches... like reach for the stars, and reach for the sky. Especially as I think of January, and I know I am digging deep, in snow, and whiteness, and blah... I wanted to reach outside of all of that.  But then this happened...

I started my morning with what can only be called my favorite early morning reach... my trusty coffee mug filled to the brim with as dark and rich a blend of freshly ground bean as possible, and usually a swirl of vanilla caramel running throughout...

and as I sat reaching to come up with a blog post this morning... I heard a surprised yell... and wondering what the heck all the noise was about... looked down inside the mug to find this...

I screeched too!

Oh, one word challenge, you were not supposed to reach me first!!!

And this is what I get for picking the word reach...


  1. Before I even saw him, I thought you should never have put that vanilla caramel swirl in there. Guess spider's like sweets in coffee too!


  2. It was filled to the brim when you got it, and discovered that the tiny little thing was sitting there when you reached one third! Gosh! It drowned in hot coffee! I hope your digestion is fine!! Take care :)

    When the weather outside is bad, creepy crawlies do get in, and get in and you'd find them in the most unusual of places! Poor thing just warmth. Got too much of it I guess :)

    Words and books do choose us. I believe so too :)

  3. Even spiders need caffeine....some mornings worse than others....

  4. Clever girl! Putting the photo waaaay down there...and I scrolled down...and it scared the
    bee gee out of me.
    Vicky!! My goodness...I actually jumped!! Not funny! (Well, yes it was!)
    Great blog! :))

  5. Ugh! I have to say that cup would have probably been broken and in the trash while I was running :)

  6. Bonnie, yes I typically like a bit of coffee with my sweetness :) And the spider... well I guess we're all just looking for something warm these days!

    Tranquility, I think rather, the spider crawled in after it was two-thirds gone. I thought I CHOSE my word... but it may have chosen me after all :)

    Kristi, yeah, who knew we could have something in common with spiders? At least this one has good taste!

    Jackie, not what you were expecting eh? Me either!

  7. Stephanie, the next time I looked the spider had fallen into the coffee and Rick threw it down the drain on his way out the door! Those jumping spiders are tricky, you never know when they are going to jump up at you :)

  8. Wow, to think you almost slirped a spider.....ick.

  9. And thus you prove once the life of a fabulous and observant blogger, no experience is wasted!!! Hilarious as it is horrid, Vicky!!! Love the way your mind works...Love this post...Love you! Janine XO

  10. Eight legs in my coffe are nine too many. Glad you looked and oh BLECH!!!!! Suddenly, all this horrid prep I'm drinking has perspective. At least it doesn't have spiders in it (well, that I know of. If it does they're ground up fine and isn't that the main thing?) :) Hi sweet friend. Nice to see you!!!

  11. What???? A spider!

    But it's winter. Shouldn't that spider be in hibernation? Shame on him.

  12. I'm sipping my coffee reading this and I immediately looked in the mug! Eeeeeeeek!
    The little thing was probably just trying to stay warm...wrong choice of hideouts...hummmm there's a lesson in there somewhere :)
    (Snow is predicted tonight!!!! Say a prayer for me to get soooommmee I'm ecstatic!)

  13. I would never have been able to stick around to take the photo! I hate...HATE spiders no matter the size!
    Hope you're digging out. I just finished 3 hours of shoveling...and that was AFTER someone had come with a bobcat!

  14. somebody was looking for a warm place to spend the winter and was probably wondering what the heck you were doing there....

  15. I just had a panin attack for you!


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