Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A good laugh

Last week Lilly posted this hilarious story as told to her by her butcher. Its good for a laugh if you need one, as are much of Lilly's posts. Really, go check it out. At the end of her story she asked everyone to contribute their own pet-sitting/house-sitting gone wrong stories. I couldn't help but think of one that I directly overheard myself.

But first, this is my own pet bunny, her name is Frisky and she was all white. And my brother Lee, had Smokey who was all black. We had the rabbits for several years but as they grew bigger and bigger, they were less easy to handle and we eventually gave them away. But oh how we loved them when they were little and I have a soft place in my heart for rabbits.


So anyone up for a laugh? I was getting my hair done one day many years ago and the guy in the chair next to me was telling this story. He had recently purchased a new house and as a single guy moving into a new neighborhood with lots of families and children and pets, he so badly wants to fit in. Finally, one day his opportunity comes. He is asked to care for a neighbor's house, their dog, and pet bunny while they are on vacation. This is his chance to make a good impression and he willingly accepts to housesit and pet sit.

Day one, the dog comes running up to him with a DEAD bunny in its mouth. Oh he was freaking out! This was no way to make a good impression on the new neighborhood and just wait till everyone heard what a crappy job he had done. So he comes up with the idea to clean this poor bedraggled bunny up. He washes it, dries it with a blowdryer and gently lays it inside the cage. He is hoping the owners will think it merely passed away on its own while they were gone.

The neighbors return. He doesn't hear a thing for a few days. Finally he approaches them. Oh they were sorry they hadn't talked with him yet, but they were in a state of shock. Had he heard the news, they asked? Their poor children had been traumatized upon their return.

You see the bunny had died moments BEFORE they left on their trip and they had ceremoniously buried it in the back yard... only to return home and find it all cleaned up and IN THE CAGE in the house!!!!

My stylist and I had tears streaming down our face as the guy told this story! He told it in such earnest and we were trying so hard not to eavesdrop...

So this is my bunny story. Like Lilly, I want to know, do you have a good housesitting/pet sitting gone wrong story to share?


  1. Oh Vicky...I'm laughing too hard at this story about the bunny back in the cage!!! That is one of the funniest things I have heard happen to anyone!!! Oh dear...oh dear....what do you say? What do you do? (I would keep my mouth shut....and not know a thing about the bunny!!) That was terrific....and I NEEDED that this afternoon......needed it real bad (real good!)
    Thanks, my friend.

  2. Oh my gosh...that is hilarious! The poor guy sure got a welcome to the neighborhood but not what he expected I am sure!! Unfortunately...or maybe I should say fortunately, I don't have any super bad pet sitting adventures. Pretty hard to beat that one!

  3. Jackie, so glad it gave you a laugh too! That story stayed with me and I've told it many times :)

    Alicia, I can't say that I have either... that pretty much takes the cake :)

  4. too funny....
    I've read this before on a joke page....what's the chance that he is the real "guy"

  5. Beth, well since I overheard it in an eavesdropping situation, perhaps it was a joke he was telling that both K and I mistook for a true story! Wow, that never occurred to me, he was so earnest in telling it :)

  6. Vicky, both your story and Lilly's are very funny.

  7. That was too funny! I'm going to check out Lilly's now. Thanks for the laugh. BTW my hubby has several stories of fiascoes that occurred while he was watching our children alone in their toddler years. They make me wonder if the verb 'watching' may be a bit misused in the telling... :0)

  8. That is HILARIOUS!!! Poor guy, kudos to cleaning up a dead bunny-yuck!

  9. Liss, Yes, Lilly's was really great too:)

    Anita, oh I'd love to hear his stories, although it may make us both cringe :)

    Melissa, I know! Can you even imagine picking up a dead bunny? I shudder at the thought...

  10. Oh my goodness!!! I just braced myself all through this afraid it would be too sad for me! But I'm giggling and I can't wait to tell Mike this story!

  11. This is absolutely hilarious!!!! Oh, what mischief!!!! I'm holding my sides...what a predicament!!! What a solution! What an outcome!!! I'm speechless...ROFL...Thanks for a wonderful laugh, Vicky! You're the best!!! ~Janine XO

  12. Robin, I know, I kept waiting for it to turn ugly too and I think that is why it was both a relief and funny at the same time.

    Janine, yes, predicament is exactly right :) I'm glad it gave you a good chuckle :)

  13. Thanks for the painful laugh, Vicky! lol Sounds to close to something I might do for me to REALLY enjoy it! But then, you know me and the animal stories. Now I have to check out your friend! LOVE your sweet little girl face!!!

  14. Thi pic is too cute! Love it!
    I also love the bunny story! I hope I never have a bunny story! LOL


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