Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ice Time






Early morning.


Gear finding missions.

Bent over positions.

Skate lacing.

Parents racing.

Lights shining.

Some kid whining.

Frigid fingers freeze.

With mommy whispering "please."

Skates tied.

Tears dried.

Crossovers, swizzles, and stops.

Backwards, forwards and Superman flops.

One at a time,

Or all in a line,

Seek some skill.

Celebrate the thrill.

Its ice time.


With Rick in Idaho this week, I have spent 4 out of the last 6 days at the rink as hockey clinics have officially begun. I find myself doing daycare by day, homework and hockey at night and hopefully, blogging in between. I dread looking at all the "cracks" where all the things I have "dropped" have accumulated!


  1. Well, there are certainly no cracks here in your blog!!!! This is an amazing post!!!! I love your photos!! They tell such a wonderful story...and combined with your terrific poem? Wow!!! That's all I can say!!!! You are a heckuva blogger, Vicky!!! And I expect that you are extraordinarily good at everything you do!!!! Love to you!!!! And prayers for much strength while your husband is away!!! Janine XO

  2. Be sure you still try to make time for YOU:) Enjoy hockey season-I know you love it as much as they do! Smiles to you:)

  3. Vicky...These are great photos..and the story is so well told in photos and in your poem.
    I have never seen an ice hockey game...have only had ice skates on one time...thought I was going to die! My ankles burned sooo bad...I couldn't wait to get them, I am verrry impressed at anyone who can ice shape!!...(I'm not!) I love your blog, Vicky. Hugs and love from Jackie

  4. Janine, I think I'm blushing from all your kind words :) I assure you my kids will tell you there are many things I am really no good at... like tying their hockey skates!! Ha!

    Kaleena, Oh I am sure I will sneak it in somewhere :) I do end up enjoying it, but I am not quite ready for it yet!

    Oh Jackie, just wait! You will get quite the hockey education if you stick around :) We live hockey about 6 months out of the year... so get ready!!

  5. Excellent poem, Vicky. I felt like I was right there on the ice with you and I couldn't help's THAT time again ALREADY?! I think we met last winter. My blogging anniversary is coming up in December.

    Whatever fell in the cracks is the unimportant stuff. You are all about people, Vicky - your parents, your kids, your husband and life, and your friends. And those are the only things that last and the only things we can take with us when we go. :)

  6. I was born and raised in wisconsin and as a kid, went ice skating...but now as an adult I have nothing left in my ankles as far as muscle goes I guess, as it's impossible for me now to even stand up in them, let alone skate.....

    *side're a great mom !!....and those things lost or dropped between the cracks....oh heck, they always get found again and still need to be taken care of, so no worries :)

  7. Great poem. Lucky kids. Tired Mom. Hang on.

  8. Love this. Love your're doing a great job ...

  9. Robynn, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement :) You are so astute and I think you are right that I have made my life about people... hmmm... I hadn't thought of it quite like that... thanks sweetie :)

    Beth, I skated a bit as a child too, but I am really wobbly now. My kids can do circles around me :) Thank you for your sweet words!

    Bonnie, spoken like one who has been there :) Did you have kids who skated?

    Robin, I've been thinking of you and Mike :) Am hoping you all are finding peace and am also excited for details about the wedding.

  10. Ice skating always looks so cool to me but I've never been able to do it. I've always been so jealous of those that can get out there and not fall all over the place...looks like so much fun!!!!

    Hope you can rest soon :) I totally know how you feel!

  11. Ah Vicky, welcome to the life of a single mom. I am glad for you it's only for a short time and Rick will be home soon. It's quit busy when you work full time, have 2 kids to run around to different places and then... yes, to find time for yourself.

    I love your poem and hockey looks great fun.

  12. Stephanie, oh they fall alright!! The best skaters still lose an edge or get caught in a rut on the ice, but with all the pads the boys wear... they don't feel the impact and practically bounce right up again! Hope you are hanging in there as well :)

    Liss, I was totally thinking of you as a single parent! You make it look far easier than it is and I am in awe of all who do it full time!

  13. Hi Vicky,
    Saw you commented on my bosses blog (tainterturtles) and thought I'd stop by and say hi!

    Great ice time poem!

  14. Hi Crochet lady :) Thanks for coming over! I just came back from visiting and so enjoyed all your pretty work!

  15. Woman, you are SO stinkin' creative!!! I loved this post.

    And I will never tire of seeing little people on skates... they just amaze me.

  16. Gitz, so glad to see that sweet white pup show up :) I had such little time... I just left out a lot of words!

  17. Hockey is great! Great pics as usual!


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