Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tiny treasure.

Guess what we found? In our driveway. Alone. And he wasn't SLOW! Yep, a turtle. He was moving at a decent clip for a turtle, but thank goodness, dad was faster. He managed to scoop him up in a tupperware tub and we all jumped in the car and drove him down to the river. Along the way we managed to deflect a few questions about keeping him/her and assured both boys he was not in fact a snapping turtle... cuz, well... we just know... (although some extra care was taken not to get too close to his head.) We carefully walked down to the river's edge and in a few quick moves across the mud he entered the water and swam away. It was a beautiful night, cool enough for long sleeves, warm enough for no jackets, and turns out it was a perfect night for turtle rescues!

In other news:
******* Its Gunnar's birthday today!*******

Happy 11th birthday Gunnar! We can't wait to come and bring you a present and hang out with you! Have fun on your special day today! XOXOXO


  1. That is SO cute! I would love to have a little turtle crawl into my driveway. Those little gifts from "somewhere" are so sweet!

  2. It was so cute to see how excited the boys were. I hope they never lose that wonder and curiosity about the things around them... even the small ones like turtles!


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When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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