Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not just another day.

No. Nothing ordinary about it. Because, its the first day. Of school. And it went well. Despite the storm that raged all night and dumped oodles of much needed rain and brought a midnight call from our renters needing help... something about water and smoke... not a good combination. Oh, and the small hand... that shook me awake at about 3 am and then 4 am saying "mommy, the thunder woke me, and now I can't sleep... can I get up?" I must have spoken actual words out loud that made sense because in the morning I found a rumpled heap of blankets with pillows mixed in and a boy snoring softly in the midst of it. This same boy who minutes later got soap in his eye while showering and sobbed most of the morning... perhaps because his eye hurt or maybe due to the handful of hours of sleep from the night before. But we made it. Tonight we will hear how the rest of the day went. Hopefully with fewer tears. Tomorrow we will start all over again... another first day... of Kindergarten... probably a little more tears... but if we're lucky... only a few of mine.


  1. Totally sympathize! :) I cried all morning and mine was just going to 2K! What a big boy. I hope he had a great first day!

  2. They look so cute! Hope their first day was a good one!!

  3. Well the official report from both the boys was "It was fine, mom. Fine." And thats it. They're such boys... I obviously think this is a way bigger deal than they do!


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When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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