Friday, September 19, 2008

The "catchingback"

Its well established that Nolan loves sports... ALL SPORTS... and has been waiting to become old enough to play football. Although its become evident to us that his grasp of the sport is fairly limited. For the longest time we have had questioned Nolan about the "position" he would like to play and he has always responded he just wants to run the ball in for a touchdown. In exasperation with our line of questioning one day he finally responded... "Dad, I just want to be the one in back who cathes the ball... you know the catchingback!" And no matter how many times we've tried to explain the various positions he adamantly refuses to acknowledge that a wide receiver or tight end or quarterback even come close to what he wants to do.

Of course it hasn't really mattered since the kids don't have an opportunity to play football in Moorhead until they are in 4th grade. But then we discovered a secret... there was a place the kids could play and were having a blast doing it... Fargo. Fargo parks and rec. has a flag football program starting at 6 years old. And they put all the Moorhead kids on a team according to their school. So far we've played two games. While technically not keeping score, we "won" the first game 35-0. Last night's game was a real contest however and we squeaked by 7-6.

As for the catching back? It didn't take him long to figure out that if you wanted to have contact with the ball more than just a few times... that the appropriate position would be quarterback. I will reluctantly post a few dark pictures but between figuring out one of Rick's cameras and swattng mosquitos I was a poor picture taker! Lets just say after last night many of us were left with the feeling we had room for improvement.


  1. We have a lot more in common than you realize. My son also plays flag football. We had our first game this past Sunday, with a win. My husband coaches. As well we had a pet turtle and gave it to our friends....LOL

    Thanks for stopping by and feel free to do so again, I will go check more of your blog out if you mind.

    That prayer was great wasn't it!

    God Bless

  2. Thanks for the comment. I will stop by your blog again as I've enjoyed your recent posts and find myself saying "me too" the more I read! I hope you have a good weekend and good luck to your husband and son if you have a game again this weekend!


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When you get lucky

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