Sunday, September 14, 2008

Search your heart Sunday

I am without pictures today. How about a story instead? My good friend Amy shared this with me and asked me to spread the word about this amazing family and their current plight. Honestly there is very little more I can add to this story which is being so eloquently told here: and here: So if you are up for both a tragic and yet inspirational story check this one out. Prepare to be devastated. But also be prepared to be inspired.

If you consider Brynn is the youngest of 5 girls you could probably tell a story just about that alone. Add in the fact that both her parents are deaf and that gives another whole dimension to this story. On so many levels this story does not disappoint. The grace and spirituality of this family. And as the story unfolds, the response of this community.

I was struck by the fact that in almost a month's time this little girl's blog has received over 30,000 visits. Amy's daughter, Caleigh who is the president of their k kids club at school helped her classmates raise 4,000 dollars! So I challenge you... read the story and then search your heart. Offer a prayer, think good thoughts, make a donation or whatever is in your heart.

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When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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