Friday, December 11, 2015

New York

“I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, and the world's greatest chocolate chip cookie, and my heart does a little dance.” 

This was the view out my hotel room window.  We were on the east side of Midtown Manhattan in New York City.  

 We had a good chuckle when checking into the Tuscany, where we were staying.   We weren't presenting, at the conference, and so the woman checking us in said she saw that it seemed our group all had the standard corner rooms on different floors.  But when she went to check me in she said, "Ohhh, but apparently Vicky is a VIP, and she actually gets a suite!"

So we ran right up to my room, laughing at the thought of ME being a VIP.  So the suite was really cool!  I had a fun sitting area with a sectional couch, a big tv and a corner table and chairs.  There were two huge walk in closets, one set up with an ironing board, iron, and tons of hangers.  The bathroom had a brand new tiled shower with several heads that were so therapeutic, I didn't want to get out.  I would venture to say, those of us with Metastatic Breast Cancer, were the VIP's given the fancy rooms.  I would have to say the Pfizer and Avon Foundation, was very generous and accommodating to our needs.

We met each morning down here in the lobby for coffee.  The modern decor was seen throughout the hotel.

And yet, just next door, was a classic brownstone where someone resided.  I loved the hotel being tucked into a neighborhood like this one.

So with the whole late afternoon stretching out before us that first day,  we were off after throwing our bags in our rooms.  It was drizzling outside, and yet the temps in the mid 40's felt warm.  I was so enamored with every little thing, I could have stopped and shot photo after photo, despite the fact we were on our way to find something to eat. 

But first we spent some time in Time Square, trying to take it all in.

And the something to eat?  Did not disappoint!   How about hand made gnocchi?  So yummy.  

To finish off the meal we shared a vanilla bean panna cotta for dessert.  

And then we were off again.  Headed out to find our next big adventure.

And suddenly around the corner, there it was!  The Gershwin theater, where we would see Wicked, that night! 

Jenna did such a great job getting our seats!

We couldn't take many photos, just a few before the musical started.  But when it did, I was completely entranced!  I could easily go see it, again, and again.  

But in true New York style?  Who would have guessed, the biggest adventure was still awaiting us just around the corner?

As we exited the building,  numerous taxi's were waiting, as well as a bunch of  bicycle pedi-cabs.  It was the young driver of one of these that won us over.  He felt he could get us back to the hotel in 10 minutes!  So why not?  We climbed in, and quickly figured out we'd better hang on!!  We had no earthly idea of the path he would forge- right through the middle of traffic!  He didn't pick a lane- he would zoom all the way to the left across ALL the lanes of traffic, and then as we shifted all of our weight trying to hang on- a car would start to move into our path, and next thing we knew- we were careening sharply back the other way.  His turns were wicked sharp, and left us clinging and lunging and squealing and laughing till our sides hurt!  We'd try to squeeze in our shoulders as we seemed to be in the direct path of taking out a mirror on a parked car, but he'd veer off sharply just when we thought we were toast!  

So TWENTY minutes later, he pulled in front of our hotel and took this photo of us.  I haven't laughed this hard in soooo long.  It was the perfect ending to our night.  And we had SO much more to look forward to.  I collapsed in bed, and happened to see that I had walked 9,999 steps that day- 1 step short of 10,000 (4 miles) which is a small miracle for me.  But then, who could have anticipated how much more would happen the very next day?  

Dr. Panwalkar met with me Tuesday, and brought Ravi, a 3rd year med student with him.  Dr. Panwalkar took his time in responding to my question about what treatment to try next?  He said he'd need to give it some thought, and mentioned one we've done before... but it was evident he needed to mull it over.  So in the meantime, I agreed to give the weekly taxol another try to see if I could tolerate it any better- and I'm still doing the Perjeta and Herceptin, along with it.  I have scans in a couple of weeks and will see Dr. Panwalkar right after Christmas.

So Dr. P walked us out of the exam room and then grabbed my arm before I turned, "I won't see you before, so Merry Christmas," he said.  It caught me off guard, and without saying a word I reached up just as he leaned over and hugged me, as I whispered, Merry Christmas to you, and yours, Dr. P."  And with that, he was gone.  It was the part of the appointment, I hope stays with Ravi, when he is someday seeing patients of his own. 

So I'm feeling pretty yucky, but hope that it will pass in a few days.  We have a big weekend of hockey, and I hope to make it to the boy's games.  

More New York photos soon...


  1. Along with the yucky, let's hope for the lucky.

    Your NYC trip looks so amazing. I've lived there and love to visit. The energy is so vital.

    Love to you throughout this Holiday Season!

    1. Kass, I can only imagine living there! The energy is so palpable, and yes vital. We saw just a fraction of it, and I'd happily go back again and again. Much love to you friend!

  2. Vicky--I want to hear every-little detail!! So good!! (I was in NYC in October and saw "Wicked" at the Gershwin...sooooo good!!) I'll be waiting for more. Hope you feel better very soon.

  3. xoxoxo
    so much in my heart and thoughts and prayers - always in my prayers!!!

    love you!

  4. I love your trip and can't wait to hear more! It thrilled me that we have walked the same streets and though we are separated by time and distance in both, I have also stood in Time Square and it was like a visit to picture you in the same spot. And you describe the City as it is and such a seemingly living breathing organism on its own. What energy it exudes and obviously infused you with to walk one step short of 10,000 steps!

    And I am thrilled that you were a VIP to them because you are to all of us! They treated you right! And may I say that if Matisse were alive he would paint that nighttime street photo you shot with the lights reflected in the wet streets and the red umbrella featuring so prominently. It LOOKS like a Matisse.

    Without a doubt you have taught Dr. P so much and I'm glad his young assistant could see the warmth, relationship, and very personal touch that exists between you two. We need so much more of that from our too often detached and even short with us doctors. Dear God, please bless Dr. P.

    I read your last sentence as "I feel LUCKY and I hope it will pass soon." Seriously, I read it three times and I kept wondering if it was a typo and what you could mean by wanting "feeling lucky" to pass. Guess my brain just wasn't willing to have you feeling "yucky". I'm sorry you do and imagine that as much fun as you had you're exhausted and now facing chemo side effects, too. Praying you make it to these games, dear Vicky, and for sweet relief. Love to you. Thank you for this great recap and I'm so glad you got to see Wicked. It's my one-and-only Broadway show I've ever seen and I was thunderstruck by how over-the-top amazing and beautiful it was.

  5. This trip looks like so. much. fun. I am so glad you went and had such a fabulous time. I am looking forward to hearing more about it!

    I love your observation about the medical student. During my initial big surgery and diagnosis, I had a lovely medical resident. I have thought about her so often and know that she must have had great teachers who taught her to care about the person and not just view them as a patient.

  6. This travel report on NYC thrills me! And the last bit about your wonderful doctor warms my heart and causes me to give thanks for such a good fellow, watching over your care.

    Ultimately our amazing God is guiding and caring for you, and once again I am reminded to lift you, your family ... and Dr. P up to him. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing more about your trip :-)

  7. I am loving your New York experience! Thanks for sharing. I'm just two hours up the road, and once not too long ago that very tree was one that lived about 1/4 mile from This Old House. It was a big story at the time for this little town, as you can imagine. I can't tell you what prompted me to put that image up there... I wanted to surprise you with a new look for when you returned from your trip... I sat down at the computer and asked - what should be here - and THE TREE was what came to mind immediately.

    1. Love hearing about the tree coming from near you before- so cool! I thought of all my East Coast blogging friends, knowing I'd be "near-isn" to so many of you. Such a great part of the country to visit! And the tree thing- I'm telling you- no coincidence! Something much bigger than me at play!

  8. Hi Dear Soul Sis!
    Oh how I smiled and laughed and chuckled as I read the first part of your post, especially your ride in the bicycle pedi cab!! :) It reminded me of your description some time back of the old truck screeching around corners, headed for the cliff and turning just in time to avoid disaster. You invited us to join you on that truck...and we all hopped on with you. And there you were in New York, dodging cars and rear view mirrors... and LAUGHING!!!! I just love that you were laughing and having the best time and seeing Wicked and being treated like a VIP!! I agree with Robynn. You ARE our VIP and God's VIP!!

    And then you graciously shared about your time with beloved Dr. P. Truly, he has a fan club amongst your prayer warriors! I'm so delighted the intern saw such loving care given to a patient. I'm quite sure Dr. P has no idea how many of us are praying for him, along with you.:)

    I am so sad that you are feeling yucky again, but so grateful that God gave you a break
    to see the Big Apple and stay in a "suite." A suite for a sweet!!

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend!
    Love you to the moon and back!

    1. Dearest friend, I'm so glad to have you along, always- around the corners, and over the bumps and through the thick and thin of it- where would I be without you? Am ever grateful for your gracious and loving words- I always appreciate the time and energy you pour into your comments- so, so many of us love to come here just for YOU! Love you!

  9. Reading this with goosebumps and feels like I'm right there with you--experiencing it all! I've been to Manhattan a few times (Guideposts office is there). So, so, so thrilled for you.


    1. Julie, I had no idea the Guideposts office was in Manhattan- so neat to know that! So glad to have you along with me, too!

  10. Vicky if you have a hot spring or mineral pool nearby,it might help as it pulls out toxins from the body. Also tap water still has tons of stuff in it bad for you. I was just thinking maybe distilled water with some good vitamins dissolved in it might help your body detoxify so it can handle the chemo.It might make you feel better. Hard to get pure water these days and this is why people are getting sick especially children. I hear in the mid west the water is not very good.xoxoxoxxo

    1. Vic- so great to hear from you! Yes- there is so much to consider about what is around us and what we are exposed to. Thanks for the useful tips!!

  11. Oh how I wished you were going to be in NYC. I would have come to see you!! Anytime you are anywhere near me, let me know!
    Also, if you want a trip to Philly (with your fam), please know we will put you all up. Our house is small but we can so make it work. You'll get the master and we'll sleep in the smaller guest room. Who needs space ;-)

    1. Sweet Maddy- goodness, so gracious of you! So great to hear from you and if we're going to Philly some day we will gladly let you know :)


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