Wednesday, January 28, 2015

50 years… and an update.

A panoramic view of the Moorhead Sports Center where the Moorhead Spuds defeated the Roseau Rams in front of a packed arena.

The first Moorhead Spud Hockey team from 1965.

The first high school hockey team to go to the Minnesota State Hockey tournament, with head Coach, Terry Cullen. 

The Horizon Middle School 6th grade orchestra played the national anthem on this momentous night.

The mini-spuds, aka our Rookies, waiting to go out and play in between periods of the high school game.  (Hi Brady) 

Another panoramic of the big social after the Spud Game.  It was so well attended and the committee that organized this big event did an outstanding job! 

It isn't often we can get the 4 of these guys in one place at the same time.  In fact, we're missing one- Chris VandeVelde is playing for the Philadelphia Flyers, NHL team, and wasn't able to come home for the event.  

But from left to right we have Matt Cullen (Nashville Predators,) Brian Lee, Ryan Kraft, and Jason Blake who all play/played in the NHL.  

Last Saturday was such a memorable and celebratory day for Moorhead Hockey.  From the youth level which starts with Rookies who begin their hockey careers at the ripe old age of 4- all the way up through the high school level, and up even further to the very top level- the NHL- Moorhead hockey was well-respresented all day.  

Colton's team played a game early afternoon that we got to attend.  Then Nolan's team played, right afterwards and the rink filled with fans coming to watch.  Nolan's team also won their game.  Nolan had one of those "dream come true, moments."  Former High School Hockey Coach, Dave Morinville, was at Nolan's game and saw him score a goal.  Dave came to us and mentioned what a sweet goal that had been.  I told him that group of Bantam AA boys, have always talked about their dreams of someday playing for Coach Morinville.  Even though Morinville has retired, those childhood dreams of playing for the Moorhead Spuds, live on in those boys.  

We then went to the Sports Center and watched the Moorhead Spuds defeat the Roseau Rams in front of a packed house of fans from across the generations of Moorhead fans and players.  

I felt like Rick's ability to shoot photos throughout the day, and physically carry and set up all his equipment, time and again, was an answer to prayers.  He seems to have turned a bit of a corner in managing the nerve pain from the shingles virus.  

While Rick shot pictures of the speakers at the social, I marveled at how I knew so many of the people in attendance.  It truly felt like a reunion.  A family reunion of sorts.  There isn't anything we wouldn't do for one another- in and outside of hockey. 

Like Cinderella at the ball, shortly after midnight I began to fade fast.  My energy drains quickly in large crowds, and I'd surrounded myself with them, all day.  Prince Charming was right there beside me, and we slipped away into the quiet of the night.

Mom moved Monday!  She is back in her room at Bethany Towers.  Between her hospital stay, and the care she received at Elmwood Square skilled nursing at Bethany, she hadn't been in her own room for almost 4 weeks.  She was so relieved to be back surrounded by her belongings.  I spent all of Monday morning packing, unpacking, arranging and sorting.  I got the phone transferred and left as both of us began to wane in the energy department. 

So the next challenge has arisen- figuring out how to pay for her ongoing care.  With only her house left, we're seeking out all of her options to ensure she gets the level of care she so deserves.  


  1. morning by morning new mercies i see...i feel like those lyrics from "great is Thy faithfulness" describe your daily existence. thankful with you that Rick is healing, that your Mom is back home, and that you are not alone as you consider how to fund Mom's ongoing care. the Lord's very wise words to us (i'm telling myself this too) were: each day has enough trouble of its own. i think your days have had excellent, happy moments too--yay! He will help you know what to do about Mom. enjoy today. love you!

  2. Gorgeous hockey photos. So glad to hear Rick is healing and your Mom is back to her room! I must say, you probably held on longer than I could have in all that crowd and activity... although I might have been able to do it when I was your age and if my kids were involved. I don't do crowds, even on a good day.

  3. Vicky... keep all of you in my prayers. So glad Rick is on the mend and your Mom looks happy.

  4. That looks like quite a weekend! I am so glad Rick was improved enough to be there with you and working. Your mom looks good! Will be praying about these new challenges. Been thinking of you often the last few days.

  5. Good times for the boys and so happy for you and your mom that she was able to to home. May answers about how to continue that be forthcoming. I know you are surrounded by able advisors. And so good to hear that Rick is getting better. Looking forward to hearing how YOU are. ((((Big hug))))

  6. I love the moments. I love that despite are seeing every moment. I love how much you love your mom... and her well if anyone has there plate more then is you! I love your hockey family and how your boys are doing...but the line that caught me...totally caught me was this, "Like Cinderella at the ball, shortly after midnight I began to fade fast. My energy drains quickly in large crowds, and I'd surrounded myself with them, all day. Prince Charming was right there beside me, and we slipped away into the quiet of the night."
    Because this is what love is...sometimes it is two very tired hurt souls...slipping away in the night.
    Hang in there beautiful you!
    much love and prayers!

  7. Busy weekend...glad your guy is feeling better! I'll continue praying for strength and endurance for you...and that all works out financially for your mom!

    Jan ♥

  8. Hello sweet friend,
    What an amazing and full plate weekend you had. I love, love, love seeing the pictures of your hockey family and knowing that your Rick took them while feeling just a bit better. We are cascading him with prayers along with you that the nasty shingles would start to ease and give him a break. Don't you just love it when you see the results of prayers in action!

    Being from the west coast, where we have hockey teams but we don't live and breathe hockey like you amazing Moorhead folks, I treasured the history lesson, seeing the faces (ah, Mat Cullen again), looking at the oldsters and newters. Such a legacy! And to think that Nolan scored a "sweet goal" in front of all these legends. Yup, I agree...a hockey family on the ice and off.

    And your Mom, moving in with her belongings. Another answer to prayer. And you sweet Cinderella :), surrounded by love at the ball, another answer to prayer. We are all praying 24/7 for your stamina and joy and strength and health...another day and week and month
    and year. Prayers flowing and prayers being answered by the bucketful!

    It makes me so happy to know you were there, dear friend. What joy for you as a Momma to see your precious boys skating and doing what they love!
    Sending you love to the moon and back!

  9. Always, always love feeling a part of your precious family. I'm so glad to hear Rick's feeling a little better. And your mom--look at her smile--it shows even in her eyes!

    I'm praying for you, my friend.

  10. So good to hear Rick is feeling a bit better and your mom must be so relieved to be back among her things. Its amazing, isn't it?.. how we can get involved with a sport through our kids and they become your other family due to all the travel and game time you end up spending with so many others.

    It's cold and snowy here, I'm guessing you've got more of the same there too. Stay warm!


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