Friday, July 11, 2014

uncovering grace

One of the sayings in hockey that we've always upheld is this:

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

If there is one thing I can tell you about Nolan right now, he is a hard worker!  

He is spending his summer, skating, working out at the rink with Joel- doing FP3, and then coming home on his own and stick handling, and shooting pucks.  Every day.

We aren't asking him to.

He is.

We aren't telling him to.

He is.

When it rains.

He is.

When its hot.

He is.

He is… one driven kid.

His big epiphany?

Working hard = fun.  

Up and down the driveway he goes, faster and more precise each time.  

And when you don't see him with a stick in his hand?  Its usually because he has a golf club in his hand instead.  His passion for golf is just as evident.

He plays in the FM Junior tour and plays in tournaments each week around town.  He has been close  to placing in the top 3 a couple of times.

And then I got the call the day before.  He had played in a Minnesota Jr. PGA tournament in Perham, and he won first place!  

Yesterday, he played in town again, and came home with the plaque for a 2nd place finish.  Several of our Moorhead boys have consistently placed in the top 3 this summer, and we're so proud of all those boys!  

I spent the beautifully sunny morning, yesterday, writing thank you notes.  Over the past couple of weeks, these lovely and thoughtful gifts have come through my door.  

My friend Kristin brought us a tasty meal two nights ago and the cute plaque below…

and I could go on and list each and every thing.

But, I'm always worried I will unintentionally forget to acknowledge someone… 

So please just know I am so thankful to all of you! 

Honestly, its felt like my birthday- way before next Wednesday.

One more thing- this friend did something so clever.  She held a Thirty-One bag party in my honor and then donated the funds to me.  Thanks Karla and Morgan!  Plus the bag?  Too cute!  

I also always hope the tiniest seed is planted.  That we all see- that the smallest acknowledgement- a note, a card, a gift, a meal, etc. can do so much to lift a spirit.  To refocus our thoughts on what is good, and well, and shed some light on the grace that exists in our days.  


  1. Congrats to Nolan! What a well-rounded athlete! It's no wonder you are so proud of him! And to be a kind, wonderful son is an added bonus! Have a great weekend Vicky!'

  2. Way to go, Nolan! And Vicky, I know I've said it many times, but you write so beautifully, so honestly, so in tune with what really matters in this life.

  3. What an athlete you have on your hands! Congrats Nolan!

  4. Wow, first place for Nolan? Way to go! Really love his dedication to hockey and golf. Hope you have a restful weekend Vicky.

  5. Sitting here reading this smiling from my soul. As the mother of just one son, I can already see Nolan's becoming a man. He has "it." :)

    Now, I'm off to write thank-you notes myself!

  6. oh oh oh I am proud of your Nolan...and I am not even a relative of any kind! what commitment he has...what control! just loved. its seems your July's are filled like mine. The oldest I gave birth too has her Birthday the day after yours on the 17th. she will be 26. the oldest of my heart will be 29 on the 23rd and I will turn 50 on the 27th...we just celebrated our 22nd anniversary..and then there is the other things this month holds... give Nolan a tight squeeze from me...oh yes he is a teen...well tell him...that he is an amazing young man....but then...I bet you already do tell him that! loved this!

  7. Nolan's dedication to both hockey and golf is a great way for a young man to build character. And, I can see Nolan in these pictures developing into a sincere and dedicated young man! How proud you and Rick must be! Hugs my friend!

  8. What an incredible job you've done to raise a son like that, Vicky. I admire you tremendously and applaud the work that Nolan does. Congrats on his wins!


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When you get lucky

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