Monday, April 7, 2014


“Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”
― Shel Silverstein

arm swelling

wound trying?

cancer dwelling


snow never-ending


wondering-where's spring?

first robin sighting

golden sun streaming

snow vanishing


fresh air breathing

gift receiving

joy releasing

gift counting

soul stirring




I was so astounded to see the beautiful lemon and sunshine yellow bracelet from my friend Cindy, show up in my mail.  She wrote a beautiful note and said I "inspired," her.  THANK YOU!

I have to admit, I'm still looking for "that" girl.  "That" woman.  I'm looking over my shoulder when I hear about "her." When Superman comes home from the store or a hockey practice and says everyone was asking about "her."  Or "me."  "Me," I think?  Really? Mostly I still feel like the girl next door, the stay at home mom, who writes a blog and lives her life full, and oh yeah, battles cancer on the side. 

So I put my bracelet on and let the word percolate, and steep into me, wondering what I might learn.  


And then I found this card in my mailbox… and laughed… thats been me when I think of spring.  But suddenly spring is making a little appearance.  The temperatures have finally hit the mid 50's and gosh do they feel warm.  

It was the inside of the card that really did me in however. 

My friend Linda who has a beautifully written blog here, wrote to tell me the college students in one of her classes followed my blog all quarter and they held a fundraiser for me! Thank you to everyone who conceived the idea, gave of their time and energy and all who contributed!!  So honored and blessed by you all! 

And there in her words to me was that word again, inspire.  

So I took a closer look.  


: to make (someone) want to do something : to give (someone) an idea about what to do or create

: to cause (something) to happen or be created
: to cause someone to have (a feeling or emotion)

What I have discovered, is that I grow inspired by all of you.  I'm surrounded by inspiration everywhere I look.  My "Choose Joy," pillow.  My baskets filled with cards.  The bookshelves filled with books.  The delicious meal cooked for us last week- so tasty- thank you Sharon!  My prayer shawls, the blankets on my bed, the gift cards, the fundraisers… the love and inspiration that comes through all of that does more for me than I can ever muster into writing a thank you note back to you.  My words fail, they simply are not big enough for the enormous amount of inspiration you all give to me.  

Tomorrow, Sanford (my healthcare provider) is coming to interview me for a story.  They're sending out a photographer and then I will also talk with someone and be interviewed so that I can share my cancer story.  I've been trying to prepare what I am going to say.  But one look at all the beautiful gifts that surround me, and my inspiration is everywhere my eyes land.

In the meantime, its a busy week.  Rick is going with my mom for an endoscopy test her doctor wants to perform tomorrow.  Her hemoglobin has dropped down suddenly and Dr. J wants to make sure she isn't bleeding internally.

I will head up to the clinic as soon as I am finished with my interview.

Nolan has also been honored to be asked to play with another AAA hockey team this weekend.  We will be going to Grand Forks Friday and staying till Saturday night, with a Sunday game tbd.  

Live inspired everyone.  Hope you discover what helps you live inspired! 


  1. I remember seeing a quote once, Vicky, that said this: "Be strong. You never know who are inspiring." You may not realize it, but have inspired many with your words, your strength and your heart. As you tell your story today, remember that your words are providing light for someone who hears or reads them. Warm thoughts and prayers are with you today, as always! Love and hugs, Eileen

    1. Such good words to take to heart Eileen- thank you. That quote takes on a new meaning to me today- thank you for that. Feeling your love and hugs and sending them right back to you from me~

  2. "To cause someone to have a feeling or emotion" - Vicky, your blog, your words and your outlook cause me to have courage for my own little corner of the world, for the challenges (admittedly they are small, but they're mine!) that I face.

    And you inspire me to pray more, hope more, to look for ways to care for the folks around me.

    Blessings on your interview; may you have just the right words. The Holy Spirit is our guide and I pray he guides and helps you each moment. What a wonderful opportunity!

    1. Thank you Susan- I too hope the Holy Spirit guides my heart to say what will help another's heart. I always think that my challenges don't diminish someone else's- we all have them- we just call them by different names. I pray you are settling well. I wish I knew Munich better than I do- but I believe in you and think you will carve out a beautiful life there as well. xxoo

  3. I love that Shell Silverstein quote. Good luck in your interview tomorrow. I know you're going to shine!

  4. You are such an inspiration to many of us! Your strength and faith have really been good for me! You make me stop and think how I should be helping others around me. Hope all goes well with your mother! Hugs to all of you! How exciting that he was ask to play on another team! Enjoy the week end!

    1. Hugs to you Verna~ thank you for your kind words! I pray you are well and enjoying some springy weather! xxoo

  5. Dearest Vicky,
    When my students and I saw that card with the baby's face on it, we couldn't resist getting it. And the message inside...priceless. I'm so glad to know it made you laugh and smile. I couldn't be more proud of those college students (who have so little) wanting to do something to lighten your load. You have inspired them, and me, to be gracious under fire, to look for the blessings in tough situations, and to trust in God that "All will be well!"

    You are real and authentic about the joy and the pain of this cancer journey, transparent in an
    age when so many folks are afraid to be honest about who they are. Yes, my sweet friend,Vicky,
    when Rick comes home and tells you what others said, they ARE talking about you:

    *You, bolstered by God Almighty
    *You, opening up your heart and mind to share this journey
    *You, appreciating every blessing in the midst of challenges many of us would find unbearable
    *You, reflecting and living the love of Jesus, really and truly.
    *You, as wife, and daughter, and sister, and mother, and friend living each day as a gift.
    *You, leaning on Jesus, for strength you never knew you had.

    You reflect His love for you and that is what is so astounding and so available to ALL of us.
    When we trust in Him, no matter the trial (and so many of us have had some "doozies", as my Grandma used to say) then He is glorified.

    So know this, sweet friend, when we see you, we see Jesus... the heart and soul and love of a God who loves each of us individually..God with a LOVE that can carry any of us through the fire, if we just let you have, rest in Him, as you have.. see the Grace in each moment... as you have!

    I am so blessed to call you friend. I only wish we could raise enough to cover EVERY medical bill. And I will pray, as so many others will pray, until you are well. And have two more days, and three more weeks, and forever!

    Love you to the moon and back, Vicky!

    1. I'm truly bowed down by such grace-filled words, Linda, wow! Thank you. Love you sweet friend!

  6. Every time I come here to read your beautiful words, I am inspired by you Sweet Vicky. YOU are strength and beauty and love all weaved in together. Sending you love and energy knowing you will find the right words for your interview. Praying for your mom so everything gets to be OK. Hugs to you, big big hugs. Spring is here indeed and it feel right xo

    1. Thank you Anyes- so kind of you to say such lovely things- I pray you know I feel the same way about you and your beautiful posts. Big hugs to you!

  7. YOU.. are what inspires.. You. Have a wonderful, family filled, SUNLIT weekend, friend.

    1. Thanks Karen- so sweet :) I hope you enjoy the very same!

  8. hugs - just big hugs!!!

    i am being inspired especially now in my new little house! I am looking for more ways and embracing them hard!!

    Love love love to you!

    1. So great to hear Tiffany!! Can't wait to see what more you've accomplished- its darling already and I just know this was a grace- inspired moment in your life!

  9. You do inspire others with your steadfastness in soldiering on. I do pray for your mom, as well as for you. But could I have your mom's first name so I don't have to say "Vicky's mom" when I pray?

    1. Norma, yes, my mother's name is Mary Ann and we're both honored to have you pray for us.

  10. First, I just loved how you set this post up. I loved the "shape" of your words, if that makes sense. Loved how you started out with just phrases of intense feelings and then went deep and wide with your thoughts.

    All your posts are my favorites. Love them all. And love you too!

    1. Julie, I have to tell you I love the feedback on my writing. I have days when I am truly focused on the writing, and others when I have something to communicate, but something about it doesn't feel like "writing." I'm going to go and ponder the "shape" compliment- I do think I know what you mean. Love to you sweet friend!

  11. I had another writing spurt today. Life is all about inspiring others. That is what God wants to do with each life He created, to inspire. No matter the circumstances, at some point, we/our stories will exist to inspire. Thank you for being so inspiring to me!!
    Much love!


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