Wednesday, April 16, 2014

gripping tight...

Jesus Calling, Sara Young, "Trust Me… and don't be afraid.  Your routines are not running smoothly...  Let Me lead you to the rock that is higher than you and your circumstances.  Take refuge in the shelter of My wings…" 

Spring resides IN my house, but outside?  

(Thank you to Nancy for the beautiful tulips!)

Not so much spring… this story is getting old.  

(April 16th, 2014)

Thankfully, the hockey has been great.  Nolan's new AAA team was undefeated in their first 3 games of this past weekend's tournament, which put them in the championship game last Sunday.

Nolan scored just a couple of minutes into the game and we got off to a quick lead.

Here he is celebrating with his team mate. 

Then he quickly buried another in the net for a 2-0 lead.

More celebrating...

But then, the other team scored a few goals too.  Nolan closed the gap with his third goal of the game, and got a hat trick.  But, with minutes left in the game we were down 7-6.  One quick time-out and we pulled our goalie for an added attacker.  We just couldn't bury it in the net.  They scored an empty netter, and we ended with second place.

It was on the ride home Nolan told us about his injured arm.  He had gotten his hand bent back by a defensemen he hadn't seen coming his way.  By Monday morning it was swelling and painful.  He went to the athletic trainer at school who suggested we get him in for X-rays the next day.

We were so well taken care of at Sanford Orthopedics Sports Medicine.  Dr. Noonan wasn't able to clearly delineate whether Nolan had fractured his growth plate or not, based on the X-ray we had done.  We decided to put the cast on his arm to immobilize it, and stop all activity with the arm for the next couple of weeks.  We will re-visit, and do a new set of X-rays the end of next week.  

This is one sad boy, who bravely played hurt and scored his third goal with an injured arm, in the hopes of winning the game.  The next few weeks will be a tough lesson in learning to adjust in not having the use of his arm, and not being able to play hockey like he so loves to do.

Yet, in the grand scheme of things, we are grateful parents, who know how much worse this could have been.

Sara Young- "When you are shaken out of your comfortable routines, grip My hand tightly for growth opportunities. Instead of bemoaning the loss of your comfort, accept the challenge of something new.  I lead you from glory to glory, making you fit for My kingdom…"

We're gripping tight, it may be with our left hands, Nolan and I, but we're gripping tight. 


  1. Wow, that is a tough lesson. I am with you, so glad it wasn't worse.

    Your tulips are beautiful! Your yard, pfft not so much. I sure hope you all get a terrific summer, because your spring is getting off to a rough start!!

    I am lifting you up to the Father, even if I am sometimes absent here :-) hugs to you, Vicky!

  2. Beautiful tulips, Vicky! I guess for now, you'll have to celebrate Spring on the inside of your house, while you wait patiently for it outside. Poor Nolan! It will be a hard few weeks for him but I think he will realize that even though it is disappointing, he'll be okay. It will be a time for rest and reflection for all! Hugs, Eileen

  3. You are kidding me… you still have SNOW!?!?!? I cannot imagine. I have not been complaining about the snow like my husband does, he was SO ready for it to be over. But now… now I am ready for summer and it is slowly coming our way. I cannot imagine still having that much snow. I love our sunshine right now, windows open and a light breeze coming in as sit down for my Daddy time in the morning, not to speak of flip flops… oh sorry, I didn't mean to make it all worse for you ;-)

  4. There are so many disappointments in life. Good thing this one (Nolan's) is minor, even though I'm sure it doesn't feel that way right now.

  5. Prayers for quick healing for Nolan! Love the tulips :-)

  6. This will open Nolan's eyes and heart to possibilities of deep understanding about some of life's hardships. I'm sorry for him to have to be out, though. And I'm so sorry you are still having WINTER! That is just wrong on so many fronts. I would be certifiable. ENOUGH already! May the sunshine arrive soon and stay there!

  7. My dear friend,
    Yes, gripping tight! Jesus Calling just gets to the heart of it all. Every time. WOW! Nolan played his heart out and made three goals...what a triumph. They came in second! And I am so sad he is injured and so grateful since it could have been worse. He has such a great role model in his Momma for how to keep positive even when "Shaken out of our comfortable routines."

    And that picture of the SNOW in your back yard. YIKES! Like Robynn, I would be certifiable.
    Praying for sun, and seeing the grass and robins again...SOON!

    May you have a blessed Easter, dear Vicky.
    Loves and prayers, always prayers!
    Your friend Linda

  8. Praying for quick healing for Nolan. And for Spring to come your way too! Love your tulips, I can hardly wait to see how mine will do. Happy Easter to you and your family! Love and hugs, Verna

  9. Oh, I have my own memory of not getting to go to camp when I was around his age because I broke my ankle the night before. Instead, my friend went ahead without me, and it was torture. Camp was in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana and I had SO looked forward to going and had spent months preparing. I know the pain, but I also know that he will emerge stronger. Those photos are great and it's inspiring to see him looking so strong out there on the ice. He will come back even more emotionally ready. Watch out Moorhead hockey! And bless you, mama Vicky. :)

  10. This was a sweet/bitter sweet post.... Perfect! and the hands at the end...I hope you and Nolan both have healing..and I continue to pray...and i continue to smile at the gift you are! Easter is right around the corner. Spring is having a hard time getting here this year. May this weekend give you precious memory moments... May the sun shine on your corner of the world...may you laugh and your spirits soar in such a way...that nothing matters but all those beautiful moments. Much love to you...SWEEEEET beautiful Lady!!! :)

    1. Happy Easter, Peggy Sue :)
      Thinking of you today and sending you JOY, PEACE and LOVE as Easter is almost here! May you also have precious memories this weekend, sweet friend!
      God Bless!
      Love, Linda

  11. Dear Vicky,
    You have been on my mind and heart all morning. Your word for the year "becoming" was ringing in my ears. It seems to me that some of the lessons of Lent and Easter are all about about "becoming" more like Him. May we too have a rebirth and resurrection of our minds and hearts.
    You are role modeling this as you become more and more what God meant for you to be. :)

    You are such a blessing, dear Vicky. May you know God's peace and love today... and always.
    All shall be well!
    Love you to the moon and back!

  12. hey vicky, we are leaving for burkina and holland tomorrow. i'll be gone for a whole month. it'll be busy, besides not having access to internet while in the slums of burkina. wanted to let you know i might be silent for a bit but i will probably still think of you and pray for you. much love and will read your reports when i get back.


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