Thursday, September 12, 2013

being willing...

I wish we had thought to take some before pictures.  But my friend Barb, started planting a seed for change a couple of weeks ago. 

It started with her problem-solving about no computer in my bedroom and she was wondering if she could do something about that?  Rick and I sat down and realized that either we could dock an iPad in our room, (Barb's idea) or he and I could share his work laptop.  

With the amount of fatigue I am battling, plus some new found problems with my feet, sigh... I truly am letting go of some of the life I had planned... for the life that is waiting instead.  

So lucky for me,  Barb grew creative in how she wanted to provide some comfort in my room along with some fun.  

And in keeping with my word of "embrace" for the year.  I just let Barb create the vision in her head for my room.  I could see her creative, designer side flourish on the spot.  Her enthusiasm danced in her eyes.  Her passion for decorating was evident in every breathe she took- every word uttered.  

It took just a few hours on Saturday and Sunday for her with a little help from Superman to create this cozy, yet bright and fun space for me to use to write and blog or relax, without feeling like I needed to just be in bed.

This ledge above our bed has mostly remained empty, but Barb added lights and color and mirrors in a way that perfectly fit the space. 

We also put a new comforter on the bed- it surprised us both.  We had thought it was going to be a red stripe,  but coral it is.  Instead of getting overly concerned with the color, again- I am just embracing the splash of color it brings and the blessing I feel of something new.  

Barb outdid herself in creating a peaceful and relaxing place for me to rest.  In fact the biggest surprise and blessing, has been how much the entire family has come to hang out with me.  Colton sits in the chaise, Nolan curls up on the bed or sits at the desk.  Both boys have done homework while I read.  

In the meantime, my mailbox has continued to receive blessings that I have a hard time finding enough words to express my gratitude for.  I wrote out notes again this morning, but wanted my friends, Anne and her Aunt, in Massachusetts, to know how much they touched me.  

It still amazes me every time I hear from a reader that I don't know I have.  It truly blesses me.

Was doubly blessed yesterday to receive the surprise gift of yummy pumpkin bread and a huge batch of soup!!  Thank you Rachel- truly made my day!

I'm leaving later this afternoon for my brain mri.  I will have sedation and then a scan an hour later, and then home and dozing my night away.

As always I have my prayer list going with me for the hour of sedation prior to the scan.  Anyone have a request for prayers I can add to my list?  Sorry its such late notice.  

I will see Dr. Foster in the morning for results.  I welcome extra prayers that my brain shows signs of healing and that Dr. Foster's radiation treatment of my head has indeed obliterated my spots! 

"We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned... "  Amen. 


  1. Oh, my stars! I am in LOVE with that wall color and the pretty bedspread and white furniture. I so love pretty, non-traditional colors in a house these days!

    Will be praying for you this afternoon. And if you want to pray for me, I've been having these irrational panic attacks. not sure where they're coming from, but they have certainly not only caught me off guard but are troublesome.

  2. First, I am praying - RIGHT NOW - for your scan. For calm to settle like a refreshing cool breeze. For peace to envelope. Most especially for good results and progress.

    Thank you to your dear friend for her beautiful gift to you and for a space that not only do YOU feel comfortable but that your guys want to be as well. She did SUCH a lovely job with her creativity and kudos to Rick for the heavy lifting. It's wonderful, Vicky, and you deserve every good thing that is there. Blessings to all and waiting to hear. Love you.

  3. How beautiful, Vicky! The colors are so serene! You are very blessed with wonderful friends who love you so much. How nice that your boys are right there with you now.

    Praying for you and sending love,


  4. Praying for a clean scan. And what a blessing your friend is to you. She has created a lovely haven for you and your family.

    1. Ditto what Sue said ^^^ what a blessing and so very lovely of your friend :-)

  5. I'm doubling up the prayers today, sweet Vicky.

  6. I just had a break in my school day and ran home and saw this. Praying for you right now. I read that last line about being "willing to let go of the life you had planned" and just thought, but Lord, I don't want her to have to let go of that life....But was reminded almost instantly of the Bible study lesson that we had last night at church on Abraham and how God tested his faith by asking him offer up his son Isaac. Our study was on worship and how in this story, the worship was the offering. Our leader reminded us that sometimes, worship is sacrifice and urged us to ask ourselves the question--what would my worship look like if worship meant sacrifice? We talked about how full of faith Abraham was--not grasping Isaac tightly to him (and we would think that he would have that 'right', after all, Abraham was so old when Isaac was born), but getting up early the next morning and setting out. He obeyed and yet he knew that God was going to provide. I see such beautiful faith in you as well, Vicky. Your words show your readers how you are choosing the worship of sacrifice and trust. You have been on my heart this week, praying for you and your family. And I love your newly redecorated bedroom too--it is beautiful.

  7. Praying, Vicky. Love your new little "nest." I practically live in my BR anymore so know how much it means to have peaceful, yet creative, surroundings.

  8. Did you realize the stripe on the comforter blends with your new blog look just perfectly? It looks SO cozy and inviting in your room!! What a Dear Friend Barb is.

    And your sentence..."I'm letting go of some of the life I'd planned...for the life that is waiting instead."

    The absolute essence of Surrender--my word for last year.

  9. Dearest Vicky,
    This quote is so relevant to my life and as always God uses you to shed His peace and light into all of our lives. What a blessing you are. And Barb, if you are reading this, you have brought tears to my eyes
    with your "Serenity Retreat" for our dear Vicky. And how wonderful that your "spot" has brought your boys closer to just "be" with you.

    I am praying BIG time for your feet and MRI. So are other prayer warriors in Spokane.

    Sending you LOVES, hugs and prayers!

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  11. The bed and the "Vicky Nook" look beautiful! Prayers headed your way, along with fingers crossed.

  12. Keeping you in my prayers. Changing the quote a little ~ "We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to EMBRACE the life that is waiting for us."

  13. You are always in my prayers but darling don't let go.
    Never do that.
    I have seen miracles and I pray for one for you.
    While you have eyes to see, a heart to beat, air to breath... this is life and you have it to fight for. Illness is always a battle.
    You can still seek out other things out there, other people who may be able to turn things around.Doctors only tell you what is but they don't know everything as it is impossible to.
    There are always new things to try.

    The room idea is spectacular.
    Your children and husband are a blessing.
    Hold onto the strength being sent your way by people who care.

    1. So well said and I thank you for such encouraging words.

  14. Your new space is beautiful, I love coral, to me it's a color of warmth and healing. Turquoise too.

    Praying that you get awesome MRI results and that your feet heal too... sending love your way...

  15. Praying for your every step. Thinking good thoughts for your MRI.

    What a blessing your friend is. I love the look. I'd even hang out in there with you all myself. It looks so cozy and peaceful. Such a gift!

  16. How nice to have something fresh and new! What an amazing gift from someone who loves you so! I adore the blue walls, and the coral stripe. Happy, peaceful colors.

    My heart is with you as you wait for yet more results. Your words always make me pause and think... Prayers...always.

    Love to you, dear sista!

  17. I dont know what to say...once again... "we have to be willing to go of the life we planned" I have learned this...and yet...and yet..your words are so eloquent. Know I am one of your prayer warriors...and will be!!! sending prayers, and love, joy and all that's good your way!!! BTW the room looks wonderful!!!

  18. 'let go'...sigh My brain goes faster then I can type.

  19. Vicky, love the room and am so happy for you. I'm sorry I didn't get here before you left for infusion to wish you well but I am thinking of you, hoping some plans will remain intact, like our next coffee date. :) If not, you know I'll go overboard to reschedule. Thinking of you as I get ready to nod off for the night, hoping you're tucked into your new soft bedding and that your body and mind are at rest and healing...

  20. I will be praying for you while traveling to Colorado tomorrow. (((Hugs)))

  21. What a beautiful room and a lovely post filled with such gratitude.

  22. Hi! Oh, I love your new space! Its so important to have that! and i love hearing that your kids come hang out with you - so fun!

    Been praying and will keep the prayers going!!

    By the way, that is one of my most favorite quoates! I had so many plans for my life, and it hasn't gone according to my plans at all! I am still learning to let go and let Him -- I dont want to get in His way!

    Looking forward to an update!

  23. Beautiful corner Vicky, it seems everyone love it and loves being there with you, the perfect combination. Sending prayers your way and hugging you softly xo


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