Friday, September 14, 2012

Old Faithful...

I miss my camera.  I'm reluctant to purchase a new one right now.  I'm feeling the urge to develop a broader knowledge base, and getting out of program mode on my point and shoot.  The irony to me is just how much time I spend editing photos to my satisfaction on the backside.  What if I just invested my time up front and learned to shoot photos properly in the first place?  What a novel concept...  smiles. 

Along with my camera I have also missed having my husband home this week.  Superman went to Idaho again for work, leaving early Sunday morning and is returning home today. The week has gone well- but this single parent gig has kept me on my toes every day.  I had infusion on Tuesday and even though it was just Herceptin which is pretty tolerable, it knocked me down more than it usually does.  

I awoke this morning to two texts with these photos.  Rick stayed at the Old Faithful Lodge last night and got up at 6 am to shoot the sunrise and catch Old Faithful in the act.  Beautiful... we never lacked for breathtaking views and sights while we lived in Idaho.  Its just the 18 hour drive between Minnesota and Southern Idaho that makes life challenging.  

Coming off of our big benefit weekend, I have had an intense desire to be quiet.  My heart has been so open, and I hope to be able to hear and know what I am supposed to do next.  

In the quiet unfolding of my days, I have noticed a residual grief clinging to me... my Dad's birthday would be the 19th of this month.    A year ago today,  Gitz started hospice and was preparing to make her way to her heavenly home.  And with the recent loss of Carole barely a month ago, maybe its just a season of "missing" for now.  

There is something really comforting about those geyser photos.  Something solid and sturdy about them.  Predictable, and yet mysterious all at once.  


  1. I am hugging you Vicky! I totally understand the need to be quite -- I pray you hear Him and will know the next step. One thing I can atest to, is that He does hear us and answers prayers. I also bless the ache in your heart that is missing loved ones.


  2. Bigs hugs to my sweet girl!!! I understand you absolutely!!! A little bit quite for your own, thats the best you can give to yourself!


  3. Gosh these memories are haunting you Vicky.
    You need to look at old faithful and keep the faith

  4. Beautiful pictures and writing!
    I understand the need for quiet. Enjoy it! It's a gift:)
    Praying for you as you miss your loved ones. When I get that way, I like to thank God for giving me the time I had with them. The time we have/had with them is such a blessing! I know you know that.
    Have a great week-end~

  5. Coming down off that Benefit night must have been huge. And with Rick being away it is no wonder things are quiet. Quiet time is good and sometimes a little scary. But your weekend will be busy with the boys I am sure.

    The photos Rick sent you are amazing. And I think its a fantastic idea to get more into photogrpahy. Another form of creative expression for you. You are creatively gifted as you see things some of us dont. How about a photo a day?

    And of course you must be grieving - it is perfectly normal to feel this way given what you have been through with one thing after another. You might be married to Superman but that doesnt mean you have to be Superwoman, lol. Just let it linger, accept it and it too will pass.

    Oh and I want to recommend a book to you that helped me so much - Dr. Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. It is old but a good one.

    Take Care and look forward to the photos.

  6. The photos are beautiful. I have never been there, so thanks for sharing them. Maybe they're comforting because of the name....FAITHful. Just a thought.

  7. Nice pictures!

    Also nice to have some quiet time. You've been a very busy girl!

    Thinking of you and sending hugs.

    PS--It seems like Gitz girl was just here. Hard to believe it's been a year already. I always enjoyed visiting her blog.

  8. I hope to visit there some day. Didn't know you lived in Idaho!....

    I'm sorry you've suffered so many losses in recent times... seems like yesterday your father passed...and I still make a crock pot BBQ chicken recipe your friend Sara posted on her blog. She had an amazing spirit... as do you.

  9. those area beautiful photos.....
    and there is a season for everything. so name this one as you please,
    and tread lightly with that open heart of yours.....xo

  10. Well, the good news about this learning your camera thing is that you have a teacher at your beck and call. Prepare to take so many pictures that drive you insane all for that one that makes you smile.

  11. Quiet times are nourishment for the soul. We all need them! And, we come out of those times feeling refreshed and renewed.

    I miss my Dad a lot too Vicky. I don't believe that ever goes away. There are so many things that makes me think of him and wish I could tell him.

    As far as cameras go, I too have often thought of stepping out of my comfort zone with my point and shoot. I haven't done it yet but when I see a couple of my daughters using them just fine, I tell myself that I could too. :0)

  12. I'm glad you felt the need to be quiet and needed that Vicky. Hope your new week is quiet and sweet.

  13. You're right about the sturdiness felt from these geyser photos. Really awesome. The quiet is good. I'm trying to sit in that quiet myself these days. It nourishes. You are a photography pro compared to me. Every one of my shots is blurry! lol

  14. Thank you for giving me an idea, Vicky and these are beautiful photos that do bring the comfort of things that we can count on in a world that sometimes feels as if it's a fun (not fun) house floor. Sometimes at night, when I can't sleep and I feel fearful of the what-ifs, I lay in bed and listen for the sound of a car on the street and it comes every so often reminding me that people have lives and things are happening even as I lay alone in the dark. It always makes me feel comforted, those sounds. Don't know if that makes any sense but there it is.


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