Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Hope is the whisper..."

"Hope is the whisper in our soul that tells us all will be well."

My sweet friend Shannon sent this beautiful verse to me with abundant words of encouragement.  I love that she could "see" me in this card.  I think when we see a piece of someone else in something, its because that something is a reflection of ourselves.  

My cousin Jennifer sent this in a card to me also:  "The most beautiful stones have been tossed by the wind and washed by the water and polished to brilliance by life's strongest storms."  

I think its beautiful and true and remarkable that someone- that she- would see those words and think of me.  

You all do so much for me.  

It was a rough week last week.  

I sailed through the first few days of radiation last week. Until the day I went to swallow my vitamins and each one felt like a shard of glass ripping through my digestive system.  I felt each one burn all the way down.  I swallowed the first of my lidocaine and antacid mixture and felt the instant numbness take over.  Sweet relief.  But short lived.

I have been in digestive discomfort the better part of the past few days.  By nightfall, I am swigging away at the lidocaine in the hopes that I can fall asleep and numb my mind as much as all the heartburn and acid reflux.  We had hoped the full effects of the radiation wouldn't settle in until the end of treatment, but with a week to go I am a little apprehensive going into this coming week already experiencing so much discomfort.

I will see Dr. Foster after treatment tomorrow.  I know he has seen worse.  I know he will do something to help.  One more week.

One of my bright spots in the day is going to get the mail.  No matter how many bills and appointment reminders come from Sanford, every time a card comes, I am instantly filled with joy.

This is just a sampling of the cards that were at hand and I am sorry if I left anyone out.  I am hopeful to send some thank you notes out soon!

I only met Cindy a few weeks ago.  It was such a pleasant surprise to have this show up in the mail! Thank you Cindy.

My Superman brought this in Saturday morning.  The timing was impeccable... and the sentiment was perfect.  John and Heidi- you completely made my day with this!  My kids still don't understand the nature of the party- but rest assured- I'm so there!!

Sunday afternoon I was deep in sleep.  I am finding a portion of the day spent resting in bed and I'm just going with it for now.  But when 3 cute girls from the Moorhead Spuds Girls Hockey Team show up at your door?  You don't want to miss it!  I was seriously caught off guard in a good way- and did not want to burst into tears in front of them, but Rick and I are so awestruck.  THANK YOU!  I read through the names, some unknown, some very well known to us, and we are deeply humbled by our hockey community and their ongoing support and generosity.  

The girl's team also brought this beautiful Easter Lilly and signed their own card to us.  I noticed right off that it was pink!

I believe the radiation treatment will work for me.  I believe that going through some discomfort in the short term, will benefit the long term.  I believe hope still whispers in my soul.


  1. I have been thinking of you often this week and will be holding you in prayer during the week ahead. Many prayers for healing and relief from pain and rest.

  2. I hope they can give you something to help you through this next week. I will be praying. XO, Pinky

  3. Thinking of you and hoping your next week surprises you in a good way. Go Wonder Woman!

  4. i believe you are incredibly strong
    i believe in His Hope and Joy
    i belive in promises unbroken
    i believe in miracles and prayers answered!

    All is well Vicky!


    P.s. I started a blog :)

  5. So much hope whispering for you, dear Vicky ... so much.

  6. You are so strong Vicky. Sending you all my energy and much more so you have enough to keep going through next week.

    Thinking and praying for you always.
    Hugs xoxo

  7. You keep it up Vicki! You will make it through... You will make it through each journey to health. My prayers are for you and your family, for strength through each of these journeys to health, happiness and peace.

  8. Hugs and thoughts and prayers are with you! Hang in there!

  9. I believe in YOU, Vicky!! Sending you hugs, love and peace my friend.

  10. You've been on my mind, and I'm hoping this week goes much better for you. I hope the pain in your throat and any other pain subsides and you feel much better.
    You're in my prayers, and sending hugs your way!

  11. You were on my mind so many times this past week and I said lots of extra prayers. God knew that you would need them!

    Love that Wonder Woman shirt - how fun!

  12. Tears were hot in my eyes today as I read this, because I remember that "brick of fire in my gut" that was there from the beginning of chemo to the end of radiation. Nothing helped for me. It's not easy to go through, but I'm glad to say it went away after all was said and done, and there were not lasting effects later on.

    Praying . . . always praying, Vicky. Hope is our Rock, isn't it???? And it is sent to us in so many ways. I remember all those pink Warriors who rallied around me and held me up, showing me the footprints where they had valiantly walked and telling me I could do it. Now, here I am, doing the same thing for others. But ultimately, our hope is in Him, who knew where we would walk long before the worlds were made, and gives us the strength to take every step! Love you, girl!!!!

  13. So "hoping" that any discomfort and suffering are in service of healing and renewal for you Vicky. It is simply inspiring to hear about the wonderful people who reach out and support you. Do take care of YOU!!!

  14. I am praying that every day gets better and better for you. I will be thinking of you all through the week Vicky. You will get through this week...

  15. I'm joining the Vicky Whisperers band wagon.

  16. Hi my love...How I'm lifting you up, carrying you with me in these moments. How I wish I could carry all of it for you. Your words, sigh, how I love to see them here. You can do this. I know it. I'm so proud of you for resting, for taking the time to heal and for the trust you're showing in the moments.


  17. Big Bear hugs Vicky. I think of you every day. My neighbor also has breast cancer and it's a tough battle.
    Nothing to say except keep looking ahead for better days.

  18. Oh, so much pain and so much goodness.

    You are strong and good and you will make it through this!

    Love and thoughts and prayers to you, Dear Vicky!

  19. Hi, took me abit to get the comment form to work. I'm Dawn from Wisconsin, found my way here thru Lily an old blogging friend. I'm recently diagnosed also Stage 4 Breast cancer that has spread to my bones. I'm currently in hormone treatment for about 6 months and have until end of November to complete a study i'm in. I'm doing overall ok, not great but ok. I look forward to feeling better. Some days are near normal, some are rough. I hope to get to know you thru blogging and encourage and lift each other in prayer as we walk this journey life.

  20. ..and I believe in you.

    Try a tablespoon of honey mixed with a tsp. of braggs apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water (like a tea). Drink it for Reflux healing. Also, drink lots of cold water, and chew gum. That's what works for me... not the RX stuff.

  21. Thinking of you Vicki. It is tough and you are amazing. Glad you are resting and my fingers are crossed that your doctor has been able to help relieve the discomfort of the treatment. Every day is a step closer to being well again. Nothing is going to stop you. Take care and lean on everyone around, you are supported by lots of caring people. Lilly

  22. Always thinking and praying for you Vicky!! Go Go Wonder Woman!!!

  23. God love you, Vicky (and I KNOW He does). I'm SO sorry you have experienced this hard side effect and are having this terrible stomach pain. I will be praying for strength to endure the treatment till the end of the week and for the healing it will bring. Big, gentle hugs.


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