Saturday, April 28, 2012


Ever since my epic Monday I've been resting this week.  Quiet.  Reflecting.

I knew today would be "epic" in its own way too.  Shannon's beautiful story of our Sara debuted on the (in)RL webcast event at (in)courage.

Shannon also lovingly made it possible for me to view and attend the conference.

I watched it first with my friend Amy.

And then two times by myself.

I almost took a photo of the pile of kleenex I went through...

I both leapt for joy and grieved over the Gitz sized hole left in my heart.

In fact, I thought of her all day last Monday at the State Bank Pay it Forward ceremony.


in the three short years that I knew her... she grew me into who I am today...

And whenever someone sees "something" in me, or my writing... truly... it grew from what she taught me.  In a way, you see her.

These were some of the things said about her by those who knew her and loved her in our blog community:

"She poured into others."

"She made peoples hearts her intent."

"She served others.  She needed to be served, but she served others."

Plus so, so many other profound statements.

I'd like to think each of us lucky enough to have had her in our lives, carry pieces of her with us.  Her story lives on in us and through us.

Shannon brought all those pieces together and wove them into a beautifully crafted tapestry of the story of Sara's life.

I was a hot mess afterwards.  And then I simply remembered to do what Sara embodied the entire time... to choose joy.  I chose to go back and let my heart fill with joy.

What will you do to choose joy today?

You can still register and attend the (in)RL conference today!  Go to (in)courage and check it out.


  1. Vicky, I, too, have learned that choosing joy means changing everything. There is this mysterious thing that happens when we see all things in the light of joy. I can easily excuse anger in my life by calling it "irritability." Cooking dinner can often be one of those times for me. And I have to make that conscious decision every.single.time to "choose joy." I REALLY have to commit to it when I struggle with a vacuum that always gets clogged!!!!! I think of Sara often, her impact on so many lives, have gone back and read her blog from the very beginning, and wished I had met her earlier. Joy makes our steps lighter, our way lighter, and draws community into our lives in ways we could have never done before. And YOU, my friend, have learned the art of choosing joy, and I for one have been so moved by that. You have taught me much! So yes, the circle of learning, teaching, passing it on, just keeps on spreading wider and wider!!! In honor of Sara and all of us who have learned how to choose joy, I will be joyful as I cook my dinner tonight, no matter how badly it all does not come together!

  2. vicky--can you just watch the conference at home or do you have to do a meetup?

    want to see sara's story, and bob's out of town til monday. thought i'd give this as a little gift to me. wondering, though, if i can wait and not spend the money and watch sara's story after the conference.


  3. I think you might enjoy reading this : )

  4. Needed this reminder to choose joy today. Thanks, friend.

  5. Choose Joy...I love it! It's just so true...and for me I wouldn't want it to be any other way! :)

  6. Something we need to consciously do. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. first thing to know is that choosing Joy is indeed a choice, regardless of circumstances. Not easily done, but so worth the choosing and the effort to do so.

    I didn't know of Sara until her passing.. seems like everyone who's path she crossed was enriched in some profound way. Sort of like you, do the same, you carry her torch on...

  8. Vicky, I know I'm not the sharpest tack in the box so it's no wonder but I can't find what it is you watched. I would love to hear any tribute to Sara or read about her. Can you link me somehow? I followed the links you posted but none of them took me to the event you described. If not, PLEASE do not worry or stress yourself out in ANY WAY. Just having known her was a privilege that will last a lifetime. Big hugs.

  9. Sara also loved you! Thanks for continuing her dream of touching people's lives! -- Laura (seeet Sara's sister)


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