Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For our Sweet Sara...

If you are a Gitzen girl fan, you are going to love this!  So honored Shannon posted a link with a sneak peek at a portion of her story that will play in full at the inrl gathering through incourage, April 27th and 28th.  Follow the links over to incourage to get all the info.  Won't you join us?

Awhile back, Shannon asked me to make a video for her about Sara,  or talk to her about my thoughts about Sara- and oh my cow- I forgot!  Like completely!  So NOT like me.  And now when I see this?  It suddenly bursts out of my head that I was so excited to have the ability to say what Sara has meant to me in my life... and yeah... I forgot!  Dang chemo brain!  Luckily- she was surrounded by people that "GOT" her.  Each one of them connected to her in a powerful  and unique way.  Through them, you'll KNOW her, you just will.  Just watch this sneak peek... Sara's story inspires.  You'll see why she is who I want to be when I grow up...

Chemo round 3 (6 doses) of Halaven is now done!  I had an early morning of chemo and it went quickly. My chemo nurse mentioned she grew up on a farm in Western North Dakota, and I had to ask where...  She replied "New Salem."  I about fell over.  It was my Dad's hometown and we've made many, many trips there over the years.  If you've ever driven through western North Dakota on I-94, you've undoubtedly seen the giant holstein cow up on the hill.  I didn't know my Dad would be with me at chemo today- it was sweet with a side of longing mixed in.

Day 16 of my Pay it Forward contest...  I'm so honored for all the votes done on my behalf!  Thank you for showing me so much love!

Just 4 more plays and I will go over the 900 mark for views on my video!  I'm going to embed it here so if anyone has missed it they can see it one last time and maybe we will top 900!


  1. you're chalking up little victories one by one! yay for no more Halaven!

    i'm voting as many times as i can and am excited to see what happens. if you don't win, at least more people are aware of your story and will be praying for you.

    the little snippet about Gitz?! oh my. just seeing matthew struggle to describe her over the lump in his throat brings back the emotional connection that she shared with all of us. we were so blessed to have had her for as long as we did.

  2. Hey Jenn, thanks for your ever gracious words :) Although I have finished 3 cycles of the chemo- I am hopefully not done with it for good :) Will have scans at some point but rest assured I'lll continue on with either halaven or some other chemo agent :)

  3. Hi Vicky! Thank you for sharing this! Sweet Sara is how i found you! She was incredible and always infused so much faith and hope in me! And she always ALWAYS responded to comments - what a wonderful spirit she was!

    So happy for your 900 views!!

    Thinking of you often!

  4. Always good to hear that progress is being made.

  5. Soo happy for your 900 votes. Keep on going.:)

  6. Have watched your beautiful video a few times, let's get it to the 1000. So well done. And glad your father was with you. Can we post the videos on our blogs, would that help?

  7. I watched it and also put it on my facebook page.

  8. I always enjoyed checking out sweet Sara's blog. She was such an inspiration and so amazing.

    On another note, wow, that story about the nurse is so cool. I'm sure I've seen that big cow up on the hill many times while growing up in ND!

    Thinking of you and sending hugs Vicky!

  9. So looking forward to seeing the 90 minute story of Sara. I loved the line "She chased community...." Sometimes that's just what we have to do.

    And I never tire of watching your BEAUTIFUL and beautifully DONE video. I just want to hear that you won but, as your first commenter said, "Even if you don't win, more people will know about you and be praying for you." THAT IS a win. Love you.


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When you get lucky

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