Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Soul Patch..."

It isn't often that a gift lands in your lap that is so nearly perfect you didn't know that piece of you was missing until just at the moment it squares up in your lap.  You see, along with those Twins tickets we received a few weeks back?  Was a set of keys... to a cabin... on a lake.  But not just any lake, it happens to be the very lake, (out of 10,000 lakes in Minnesota) that I spent a good portion of my childhood at.

In fact, Rick and his family camped at the same campground that we did, even though we didn't know each other then.  Laying eyes on this lake?  Felt like coming home, like all the way, completely home.  For over 20 years, I spent summers at the lake with my family in and around the Detroit Lakes area.

When I was really young, we started out in a pop up camper and rented a weekend spot at Lost Valley Resort, for the summer.  For vacation, my dad would take a week off from work and we would spend all week at the lake.  I was in heaven.  It didn't matter to me that we used an "outhouse,"  I could pinch my nose closed and hoist my nightgown all in one swift move... Laura Ingalls had nothing on me.

Oh the things that stay with us.  Like trips to the resort store for maple nut ice cream, and jolly ranchers for a penny.  The distinct smell of hotdogs and s'mores made over the fire.  The way a sunburn stings and how my mom would let us cool it off in the lake late at night sometimes under the glow of the moon.  I can still hear the laughter of my cousins who camped nearby, and the roll of the Yahtzee dice as they clacked against the picnic tables.

Its abundantly clear, I have and will always be a water-loving, lake-swimming, sand-digging, rock-skipping, sun-worshipping, boat-riding, summer girl at heart- who has longed for a week at the beach.  We've been spoiled with Rick's parents lake up by Park Rapids, but we never have much time to spend.  By the time we start to unwind and relax, its time to go home.

So I decided to ask for help in making something happen for us this summer.   Maybe in our network of friends someone would know of a place we could rent ?  Less than 24 hours later we had an offer that took our breath away.

So we've become a lake family, in a whole new way.  We have packed a few things and jumped in the car and in 40 minutes or so we feel like we are lightyears away from home.  The cabin is cozy and has every amenity-you wouldn't need to leave it, but then the loons call from the lake and you can't help but go out and explore.

I don't know how to begin to say thank you to our friends.  To first of all have the generous and giving spirit to turn over their lake home to us, but also to trust us with something so special to them, is very humbling for us.

AnnVoskamp mentions her "soul holes," in her book "One Thousand Gifts."  Cancer may be my soul hole, but I feel so "alive" and am busy filling my gratitude journal with oodles of new gifts through my lake-filled eyes.  It indeed has been the patch to any hole in my soul.


  1. WOW! Looks like the perfect spot for family togetherness. Glorious photos Vicky. So happy you are getting some R&R time by a lake you know and love.

  2. What a blessing, Vicky! It looks like a beautiful area and a perfect place to put your feet up and just enjoy being a family.

    Hugs my friend!

  3. beautiful! i love to concentrate on soaking in all the memories, so i have something to go on in the dry spells.

  4. Looks like a beautiful place to be! So happy you all found some time to be "home" and relaxing. Thinking of you often!

    Your pictures are beautiful...might need you to mentor me ;-)

  5. Dear Vicky,
    What lovely pictures of this soulful place. You are surrounded by generous, loving angels, aren't you? You are in my prayers during your surgery and recovery.

  6. What an awesome gift. The perfect respite!... such beautiful photos, Vicky. Beautiful family. *love*

  7. What a blessing! From the photos it looks like you are really enjoying your time there.

  8. these photos patched my soul... we are twins when it comes to lake loving. i could picture me there with you... hope you always feel me walking right beside you.

  9. oh praise Him all His mighty works. there is no language where You can't be heard. Your song goes out through all the earth: HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH! --chris rice

    that's the song that came to mind when i saw your youngest shouting with his arms way up in the air. what a perfect way to spend the week heading into surgery. so glad someone turned the camera on YOU also!

    will be remembering you as you anticipate surgery, but just enjoy this day to the fullest.

  10. What a beautiful place to relax and enjoy being with your family, my dear friend. The friends who shared this idyllic place with you are wonderful!
    I grew up on a lake, and those memories are lifetime ones. The photos you shared speak volumes.
    Much love to you,

  11. what a sweet treat! love how your living every moment to the max and focusing on all the gifts and blessings - you are a trooper!

  12. wonderful memories.
    Where there is hope there is time and a future. Hang in there.

  13. what beautiful photos of your soul patch and your courageous spirit ...

  14. Vicky wow what a beautiful place to be at and enjoy. the photos are stunning, sending big hugs your way.

  15. Oh Vicky I am so happy for you. You are a true water girl. :)
    I will see you today, AND best of luck tomorrow!

  16. AMAZING!! The pictures say so much. Gorgeous. I'm so happy that you had this beautiful time with your family. The boys look terrific and you look so cute in the float.


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