Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August retreat...

After the pace we kept these past few weeks, our energy drained this weekend and we retreated to the lakes. It was a late start for us, but we arrived in time for a quick campfire and roasted marshmallows before we fell into bed. The boys have preferred to camp out in the same room as us so its been cozy.

I even forgot my camera.  But my cell phone filled in nicely.  Rick took the boys on a fishing, tubing, jet skiiing adventure while I read upstairs inside.  With the windows open I could hear their conversations and felt close by.  I read uninterrupted for hours.  We left our cell phones in the kitchen, our computers behind, and slid off the radar quite easily.

I'm a week and half out from surgery.  Each day I do a little more.  My skin pulls tight when I reach too far, stretch too far, the incision lets me know when to stop.  So my left hand prevails with some wimpy right hand help.  

Clothes continue to be a challenge, although not so much in how they look, no.  Its how the seams inside the top rubs underneath my arm where the incision extends into my arm pit.  So far I have a trio of tops that work, concealing somewhat the bulky drain, or my JP, and not cutting too tightly into my armpit.  Fashion has taken a back seat to comfort for now.  Which seems to fit my stay at home status with the boys.  I still can't drive- way too much pull on the stitches- but hopefully by Thursday when they come out I will get the go ahead.  We're ready for a bit more freedom!  

Hey, another bracelet photo!  This is the lovely Rachel from Alaska, who is the granddaughter of Willy and Terry Shercliffe.  They sent me the actual photo and I told them it was too bad I couldn't scan it and use it.  Looks like someone figured out how to scan and I am so glad to add her in with the rest of you!  Thanks Rachel!

Aren't they pretty?  As if her home made chocolate brownie cupcakes, a card and generous gift of money weren't enough, my Godmother and Aunt Carol brought these over as we were dashing off to the lake. I'm so touched she thought of me when she saw this and ran it right over...  

I am still so moved by everyone's gracious and generous acts.  Having masses said for me, being put on prayer lists, writing personal and encouraging notes, delivering meals- (all of last week my book club friends delivered food to us), cleaning my house, offering to do laundry.  

5 months in and you all haven't left my side.  Thanks for making a girl feel special and most of all very loved... 


  1. Vicky, those sunset pics are just gorgeous!

    How wonderful you have a place to escape to where you all can just "be" - and enjoy all the healing nature offers.

    You are very easy to "fall in love" with Vicky and if love could heal you would now be cancer free.


  2. First of all, you dont have to worry about bringing your camera everywhere, those phone pics are unbelievable. Looks like a great place to wind down. Hopefully, things are progressing as you had hoped. Yep, still on my prayer list, be well.

  3. What a beautiful and peaceful August retreat, Vicky. Loving energy is always sent your way along with prayers for healing and strength

  4. you being at the lake eases my soul for you. praying many good-soul days ahead for you, sister.

  5. Off the radar is a wonderful place to be...enjoy those moments, my sweet friend.
    The photos are beautiful.
    Much love to you,

  6. You see and share so much beauty and bring rest to us as well.

  7. So glad you could get away, Vicky! The pictures were just gorgeous!!!!! Sometimes I miss the northern lakes, sunsets, and beauty!!!! Florida is a whole different view.

    I know all about that after surgery and trying to find the clothing that didn't "bite me."
    My best friend became my "grabber" -- a contraption that looked kind of like a cane. You squeeze the handle, and it picked up whatever was on the floor. I didn't realize I dropped so much stuff in a day until I couldn't bend over to pick it up. I don't know what this thing is called, but I didn't go anywhere in the house without it for weeks. I remember doing a post about that thing just after my surgery.

    Always praying for you, Vicky! Thank you for all that you share with us. I always go away uplifted!

  8. We are all with you Vicky...Cyber space and all!!! Thinking of you.

  9. I just keep thinking this, Vicky: Vicky is a writer! I know you haven't always believed it, but it's so true, so obviously true. I love reading your work. And it is work. I know it isn't always easy to get blog posts out. I am challenged with this too and I'm not dealing with a major health concern! I am so proud of you and what you are accomplishing here by sharing so thoughtfully your journey. XXOO, Roxane

  10. those were beautiful shots taken at the lake and peace is what you need to recharge and feel better.
    so sit and enjoy and absorb the beauty

  11. Love those beautiful sunset shots! Hope the healing goes well and you feel more comfortable soon.

  12. Sending you another hug....because I can.

  13. i'm so glad you took what energy you had left and went to the lake...what a great place to relax and sleep and just be.

    those darn stitches....i hope by now {today is thursday} they are out and your mobility is better....


  14. Those pictures are gorgeous. You have a great photography eye.

    You make us all feel special because we can call you friend :)


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