Thursday, August 18, 2011


These past two weeks are practically a blur. Each day would have been a blog worthy day in itself, but I'm sharing a few highlights in one post instead.  Skip ahead to the bottom if you finally want to hear all about my scan results... didn't mean to leave anyone hanging...

Last Thursday, the day before my surgery on Friday, was the golf benefit...

We had a perfect day for the golf benefit and I managed to take a couple of photos with my camera before everyone tee'd off.  I was crying tears of gratefulness, before I even got out the door that day, and wondered how emotionally, I would hold up.  But my grin was pretty much permanent from that moment on and I just felt lucky... completely totally indebted to so many and like the luckiest girl ever.

Our extended hockey families represented well at the golf tournament!  The Staffords, Tami D, and The Watelands, along with friend Ryan J...

The "Refs" and Cooper were the winners... Each of these guys ref hockey and ref games all the way from youth hockey up to high school, and even the WCHA.  

The Connelly Family- Grant in white was on Nolan's hockey team.  

This is part of the Golf committee- Kelly, Shelly, Kim and my sister-in-law Missy.  You guys rock!  Everything ran so smoothly and was so fun! 

Our thanks also to the Johnson family who allowed us use of the Ponderosa Golf Course and helped ensure our day was a big success!  

I went home and rested a good hour or so before it was time to go to Gio's for the silent auction and karaoke to begin.  I was completely blown away by the amount of items, and the complete giving nature of so many people.  Rick and I were drooling at so many of the cool items, totally making a list of what we would have bid on.  Like this cool hockey stick chair made by Todd... 

Sweet Angie put together this cute and delicious package of baked goods and dishes.  I was so happy to see my mother-in-law come home with this!  

Kevin and Kim put together these baskets with wine.  And the wine?  Well they brew it at home!  They even customized the labels to say "Fight Like a Girl."  One day, I just have to try a glass of the wine.  

Ben and Jen donated this awesome Sioux Logo sign.  The Sioux logo is being retired amidst much controversy, which makes this piece especially collectible. 

The tables lined the outer walls of the room and wrapped almost all the way around.  This is just a small sampling of the items and I was completely surprised and overwhelmed at this continued outpouring of goodness. 

Looking for a fresh fundraising idea?  This could be it!  I had to leave early and missed the singing, but I am told it was a fun time!  Had I stayed my 20 bucks would have slid quickly across the table- you'd be so happy with my decision to NOT SING.  All too soon it was 9:30 and with a 5 am wake up time to get ready for surgery, I knew I had to go.  I hated to leave, but I am told a good time was had well into the wee hours of the morning. Thanks to Julie, Jen and Angie S., for all their work in collecting the items, and setting them all up- you girls are simply the best!

I rode the current of good will right into the surgery the next day.  I am convinced it made me sail right through the whole thing.  The anesthesiologist spoke to me briefly Friday morning.  She had a few extra minutes so she started to share with me about two women she knows and how positive they were and how cancer was helping them see things in a whole new way.  I smiled... and thought to myself... oh if she only knew...  she could say she knew 3 people now.  

Saturday, this is what awaited me when I arrived home from the hospital...

These, well these need no words.  Only words of thanks because they seriously made my day and continue to lift my spirits daily.  Everyone who visits, comments instantly on how good the house smells and how breathtakingly beautiful both my bouquets are.  Thank you Matt and Julie...

And thank you to Dustin and Heather and John and Linda.  Linda is also a breast cancer survivor and her daughter Julie, (my sister-in-law) was Nolan's age when Linda was first diagnosed.  I know this journey is all too familiar to them, and they have been a huge encouragement to me this entire time! 

So I didn't mean to leave you all hanging as to what my scan results were last week.  On Saturday, Dr. Bouton shared with me that there seemed to be some inconsistencies in my lengthy ct scan report.  From what he briefly read, they were reporting 4 new lesions in my liver.  But the breast seemed to be about the same, and the spine looked about the same.  

4 new lesions was all I needed to hear to know I would be taken off the study.  BUT, I also knew I needed to wait to see Dr. Panwalkar on Tuesday.  Truthfully, I didn't disbelieve the results, but something seemed off.  How did I go from 0 to 4 spots in my liver but my spine and breast tumors looked stable?  It didn't add up to me, but I knew Dr. P would get to the bottom of it.

So I arrived for my appt. on Tuesday expecting to be told I was off the study and had to start a new chemo.  I figured I would be allowed to even postpone chemo that day and schedule a new day for it since I wouldn't be so confined by the rules of the study. Chemo just 4 days after mastectomy just seems so daunting.

BUT I WAS WRONG...  and this is where I fully know this whole experience is so much bigger than I. Someone flagged my CT Scan so Dr. Panwalkar would pay special attention to it.  He did.  He disagreed with the radiologist and took the scan back to the first radiologist who did my first scan.  They concurred- THERE ARE STILL NO LESIONS IN MY LIVER!  I still have 1 cyst, but otherwise my liver is clean and free of cancer.  My spine is stable... the lymph nodes are stable!  Wow...

I am still on the study!  

I looked at Dr. P and said "Well, I guess I'll be doing chemo today..."  We all laughed... I was both bummed, and completely elated to be doing chemo on Tuesday.

Yesterday was one of the toughest days I've had in a long time.  I was flat on my back sick from chemo and even Zofran failed to keep the nausea at bay.  I ached from head to toe.  I completely threw out any vegan eating and turned to comfort foods, including drinking Sprite.  A good night's sleep was finally the solution.

Whew.  And today I went back to see Dr. Bouton.  I woke up feeling better and took my meds right away.  I ate some toast and felt fine.  I told Dr. Bouton I am doing well.  He checked me over and said to  come back in a week to get my stitches out and my drain out.  And then he said, "you're not just doing well, I'd say you're doing very well."  

Funny how those little things put an extra beat in your heart and you stand just a little taller.  So grateful to have you all standing with me! 


  1. Hi Vicki...such good news for you, I am elated too! I love your cute ruffle blouse and the flowers are so pretty. My sister has just been told that she is full of cancer, not long to live, no surgery for her. She did have one chemo and it seemed to have helped a bit...long journey ahead. This is my 3rd sibling to be full of cancer, the other two passed away. So, your good news makes me so happy for you. Keep it up! ;D

  2. So much love and support to buoy you through the tough times.

    I'm so happy to hear that they were on the ball and had flagged your first scan results as questionable. HURRAH! WHAT GREAT NEWS! I'm doing a little happy dance for you.

    Keep up with the great attitude, your love of life, your immense appreciation for everything little thing, and your clean eating, and, of course, your great medical care. You really can defy the odds - if anyone can - YOU can.

    A gentle hug dear Vicky.

    I'm still dancing :)

  3. Ok, I have to admit I cheated and read the bottom, then went back and started at the top. :) My heart just couldn't take not knowing and I am SO SO THANKFUL and PRAISING HIM that your scans were good. So relieved friend. So grateful.

  4. we will continue to stand with and for you....for however long you need us.....xooxo

    and now go raid that jewelry box :)

  5. Ooh, Vicky.. good news indeed.

    sorta makes me want to strangle the person(s) who concluded four lesions, but they weren't. *sigh*

    So glad they're not.

  6. Oh honey, I am so happy for you that the scans were good!!!! Thanks to GOD!!!! I continue to follow you on this journey and pray along with everyone! You ahve wonderful friends and support and that is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  7. Hipp-Hipp Horray!!!
    So happy to hear your news!
    Were continueing to pray each day for you.

    ~*~Happy Dance in progress~*~

  8. Wonderful news Vicky!!! All the prayers being said on your behalf are definitely being answered. I remember that my Dad was told too that he had spots on his liver. It really brought him down. But, at another cat scan, they found none! Go figure!

  9. Wonderful news . . . continue to pray for you and your family!

  10. Rejoicing with you in your good report!

  11. I am not sure when I stumbled upon your blog, but I have been following along silently for a few months now. I was 29 when I was diagnosed with stage 3c breast cancer, did chemo, had a double mastectomy and hysterectomy (because of being BRCA1 postitive), then radiation. Our stories are obviously not the same, no one's is, but I have felt some of the same emotions, have experienced the post surgery 'new body' feelings, etc. Just wanted you to know that you are an encouragement, your faith in God and constant coming back to Him reflect well on the Father. My sister is currently going through treatment for stage 3c ovarian cancer and I read something this morning that I had planned to send to her, but when I got on here to read your blog, it came to mind that it might encourage you as well. Anyway, Ps 121:5 says that the Lord is your shade at your right hand. A friend texted me earlier that she looked that up and it literally means that the "I AM has come to stand beside you to aid you and His presence casts a shade upon you." Praying that you feel the shade of His presence today.

  12. You are so blessed to have so many people there helping to keep you strong!

    Great news that you are still in the study and that they took a closer look at the test on you liver.

  13. Vicky!!! So excited my sweet friend! I'm sorry you had a rough day after chemo though. I love you to the moon and back...big and wide! xo

  14. I scrolled to the bottom to see what your results were. I cried with joy...absolute joy, Vicky.
    Our God is an awesome God. He reigns from heaven above. Our God is an awesome God.

  15. wooooo hooooo!!! the nausea will pass. the news makes enduring it, well endurable! sweet dreams!

  16. You know, Vicky, I got through chemo, through surgery, through radiation, etc., but the waiting on reports of scans???. . . . . . a whole nuther set of anxieties that only the grace of God gets you through. As I read your experience with this, I felt it --- right in the pit of my gut --- all over again. I am just so happy about your results that I have tears going down my face!!!!! Thank you, Lord!

    And the nausea???? Jenn said it simply, it WILL pass. I know how you feel about the toast and sprite. For me it was cream of wheat and warm sprite. Days and days of it. Love you, Vicky, and I'm praying daily for you.

  17. Keep it up Girl!! You are doing so good!

  18. Oh my God you scared me.
    I was not liking what I heard till you came back and said it was all good.
    You are a real trooper and you are going to win!

    Keep your chin up and go get em girl!

  19. Wonderful news Vicky! The power of positive thinking is at hand. You are a true inspiration. I'm sorry you were so sick from chemo. That is just plain unfair.
    You are fighting harder than anyone I know....we are all behind you.

  20. This is incredible news! Cheering for you in Georgia~~~~

  21. Rejoicing with you that your scans came back clear! That's wonderful news.

  22. Absolutely wonderful news! You are certainly in great hands!

  23. Thinking of you as you recover and rest this week after so much going on last week! Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my little blog.


    Sigh, for that. For good news and for hope and for your continued strength.


    Prayers keep on coming your way from all of us. Hugs, hugs, hugs...


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