Monday, January 3, 2011

Its a wrap... EMHE final thoughts...

Did you get a chance to see the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Show last night?  I think I've expanded on my 2 seconds of fame, to maybe 3 now of me standing in the driveway, (smile).  Was Garrett Grommesh not Mr. Personality plus?  I think the portrayal of the family was spot on.  Wouldn't every community benefit from an organization such as Hope, Inc?  I love that the whole organization was started by just a mom and a dad, who wanted something more for their boy who happens to be in a wheel chair.  Makes you wonder what you can't do yourself?

It was a 5 tissue show for me.  How they take 500 plus hours of footage and break it down into a 44 minute show is beyond my comprehension.  I love that as much as I could place myself in so much of the footage- I knew precisely where I had been standing when certain scenes were shot,  so much of the show was still a surprise for me.

Here is link to the show from last night, its on Hulu.  Plus there are 3 bonus scenes that were deleted from the final airing of the show.  Our local newspaper provided both a pictorial tour of the house as well as a video tour if you'd like to see as well!  See it here at Inforum.

Bye Ty... 

I think its a wrap for the Grommesh show, and hopefully closure for their family.  But the builders have indicated if they were asked, they'd build another house for the show anytime.  You never know, you may not have seen the last of Fargo-Moorhead on EMHE...


  1. I thought of you so much last night watching and kept looking for you. AMAZING!

  2. I couldn't find you, but I cried pretty much through the whole show.

  3. This was amazing!!!
    It was a box-of-tissue show for sure. Thank you so much for the link to ABC.
    You have a loving and wonderful town....

  4. All of us saw you on the show! You looked great! I had lots of tissues too, it was a great show. Really heartwarming!

  5. I don't watch television but I know this was a life changing experience for everyone involved.

  6. This certainly was a special thing done for this family.
    Where would one get a room such as this ?
    and an elevator.
    That's all I can say.... Wow!
    Nice Christmas present.:)

  7. Thanks for the links Vicky. I love hearing about this family and their charitable way of approaching life and others.

    Great picture of Ty!

  8. I didn't get to see it - I don't remember what I was watching - I think it was something new on the OWN channel. I love her channel now :) I'll have to check out the link so that I can see it though - I was excited to tune in when it aired.

  9. I saw it and what an amazing family. He is such a little go getter. We must have went through a box of kleenex here. what I love about the show is how the communities get so behind a family. it is wonderful. hugs.

  10. I am SO annoyed right now! I dvr'd it, watched it live and then watched it AGAIN specifically looking for you. HOW DID I MISS YOU?!?!?!


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