Monday, December 13, 2010

gearing up

This weekend we were treated to some great hockey by both of the teams our boys play on.  Nolan's team played an undefeated team on Saturday.  Nolan scored the game winning goal, his first goal as a Squirt A, as we beat Brainerd 3-2. Sunday they played a Detroit Lakes team that is perhaps more of a B squad, as we beat them 11-2.  Nolan had one goal and one assist in that game as well.  Its good to see him skate with some confidence and fit in with his team.

Colton's team was short on players, so got to skate double shifts.  I lost track of his goals as he had many scoring chances in his cross ice mini-game. 

Even though these pics are from last week, anytime you get to play goalie for your team is pretty special. For one thing you get to bring home the stinky, um, awesome, goalie gear for a week of practice before your game. If you are extra lucky, one of your coaches was actually a top-rated goalie back in the day and has lots of pointers for you.

                                                       Colton getting geared up by his Coach/dad.

Ready for action

Last minute advice from dad...

Waiting to take the ice... yes there are always this many people at the rink.

The point where my camera batteries die.  Colton getting advice from a "real" goalie.  

Colton is a very "cerebral" player.  He is skilled in his moves, but he is not very aggressive when he skates.  Playing goalie, is actually a pretty good fit for his demeanor.  The bigger question will be whether or not mom and dad can handle the pressure if he decides to pursue playing in goal.  YIKES!


  1. I was walking by our high school and the hockey team was loading up their stuff and i was just blown away by the amount of STUFF! You'd think they were going away for weeks!

    What great pictures, especially the one with his coach!

  2. Oh toughest job is being the goalie and the forward.
    They are the ones always getting blamed for the win or the loss of the game.
    One for not scoring and one for letting them in lol

    Tough job being a goalie. Yikes is right. lol
    But it teaches the team that this is all team work. It's never anybody's fault if you lose because it's always "the team".
    Defense has to watch the goalie and midfields need to help the strikers.
    That's soccer talk lol

  3. Yikes is right ... and so much responsibility! Vicky, you must have sleeping accomodations at the rink, you are there SO much!

  4. OH, I know that YIKES. Sometimes I can't even watch when they are under pressure.

  5. Great job to the boys, it is awesome they love made me chuckle when you said the stinky stuff....I remember getting whiffs of my brothers hockey made me laugh. have a great week. hugs.

  6. I love boys and hockey..I wish I could come watch them play! ;D

  7. Nice photos! Take a deep breath mom, Colton will do just fine!

  8. As much time as that sport takes, I have to say, that as bored as I am right now "in between activities", I think it looks like so much fun! Does Colton ever not smile?? He always looks like he's enjoying everything he does. :)

  9. I love feeling like a "hockey mom" through you :)


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When you get lucky

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