Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Extreme Makeover Home Edition and the preview clip to the Grommesh Family show to air next!

At the end of Sunday night's Extreme Makeover Home Edition tv show, they previewed our upcoming show!  They announced January 2nd as the air date for the Grommesh Family episode taped in our community!  Finally our show!

Anddddd... my friends and I are in the clip!

Brian and Jessica

If you pay real careful attention, about the 9 second mark of the video... I am walking down the driveway behind Garrett and his wheelchair.  I am standing next to Brian with white sleeves under his blue t shirt and his wife Jessica. If you look closely, and don't blink, you may see a glimpse of me.  I sort of step out from behind his shoulder.  This clip is a very condensed one, so its just a few frames a second and goes by fast.

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There is my 2 seconds of fame!  14 minutes and 58 seconds left.  We'll see if it amounts to more than that during the show.  I guess no one ever said you get all of your 15 minutes of fame at once. *wink*


  1. That is so exciting! I have been thinking of you when I watch the show. I know that you are dying with anticipation to see it on air. I am too-what a great event!

  2. i slowed it down and saw you....i really saw you !!!
    hey, 2 seconds of fame is better than none.....

  3. So exciting! I think I saw you :) We will definitely have to watch this one. It will be fun with the insider's point of view we got from you. I can't wait till our episode airs!

  4. LOL Well, 2 seconds is more than I'll ever have and on TV too...very cool! ;D

  5. What a thrill for you to have seen this personally.

  6. It is one of my favorite shows. I get so thrilled for the families. It must have been wonderful to be part of this. I will try and watch. I saw you. thanks for sharing.

  7. I know a star! I know a star!!
    Vicky. Yep! She's my friend!!!
    I'm so happy for you...excited and can't wait!!!!!
    Love to you, Vicky!

  8. How exciting! They redid a home next door to a friend in Bountiful, Utah and it was pretty incredible. How fun that you could part of it.

  9. I marked my calendar. So exciting!!!


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