Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome Home Grommesh family!! The Big Extreme Makeover Reveal!

I'm short on words.  My day started at 2:30 am yesterday after two hours of sleep, and I was dragging by the time I arrived Sunday morning for the big reveal.  But here's a few words... amazing, awesome, exhausting, overwhelming... my body is still humming and vibrating with stimulation even today.  And it shows in my photos... I was too far away, and too tired to work at getting closer.

But I also saw so many friends close up that I knew somehow I'd get photos.  And Jackie's photos say it all.  So enjoy, compliments of Jackie.  The tears that evaded me yesterday?  All arrived in a rush this morning after seeing the raw emotion of Jackie's photos.  Enjoy everyone.  I'll share more as my feet come closer to touching down on the ground.

Matt Cullen, #7 of the Minnesota Wild arrives.  Matt and the Grommesh family are well acquainted through Matt and his wife Bridget's foundation "Cully's Kids."

Bridget and Matt Cullen

This Adair thanking everyone in the crowd, right before the bus gets moved... its approximately 3 pm by this time.

Ty asking them if they are ready to move that bus?  We've been chanting it on and off for an hour now, but the family has only been here a portion of that time.

These next few are pure emotion, some of the few unstaged, raw moments... are you ready?

That bus moved!

After this, the family moved inside and Jackie said her camera card said "full."  Plus, the filming inside?  3-4 hours long.  This is when the crowd started leaving.  

The next two photos are mine from where I stood and what I saw.  I was battling a migraine, and just happy to even be a part of it. 

Last shot of the house before I left.


Last shot of the bus before I left, and so did the bus.

One last request we made of security... can we see inside the bus?  With a quick look around them and a small nod and smile, we get our 1 minute tour of the bus.  The driver is the one seated and he is plotting his map for the drive to Ohio.  There is only 1 extreme bus, and it travels back and forth between locations during the week of filming.

And then the bus moved, one last time as we stood waving.

I am still processing my emotions and thoughts and hope to come back soon and share more...


  1. Wow, amazing photos! What an incredible experience to be a part of!

  2. That was sooo cool to follow along on your blog - do you have any idea when that episode is supposed to air?

    Another girl whose blog I follow they're coming to her town too. Her husbands company that he works for doing plumbing has been selected to do the plumbing work on the house and he volunteered to work. - so odd that happened during while I was following along on your blog.

  3. What a nice ending for a deserving family. Thanks so much for taking us along with you, Vicky. I enjoyed it so much!

    Now, rest up and take care of that migraine. I get them too, so I know how you were feeling. Hugs!

  4. This is so nice.
    I happened to click onto the show yesterday but it was not the same people nor the same house.
    I was immediately so excited to think about you and your blog

    They sure put up a nice house and so quickly.This family should be EXTREMELY happy. I would be.
    Get some sleep:)

  5. WoW! WoW! WoW! Cannot wait to see this aired!

  6. I'm so sorry about the migraine :(

    I just finished watching EHM on my DVR from last night and couldn't stop thinking about you guys and how exciting this is going to be when it airs!!!

    It's just amazing what they can do in a week.

  7. How totally awesome, this whole thing... and YOU got to be a part of it!!..

    Migraines suck, been there, done that. Imitrex has helped me some.

  8. The photos are over the top FANTASTIC!! Thanks so much for sharing this possibly once in a lifetime experience with us!!

  9. So very neat that you could share that experience here on you blog. The outside of the house is fantastic. Totally love the style.

    When does the show air on TV?

  10. I saw a little clip on WCCO several days ago. How cool to be a part of that whole makeover. The pictures you took of the family show the true emotions. How wonderful.

  11. Hello Vicky!!!!,

    I followed all your six posts and this one, curiously and anxiously.In the beginning I couldn't synchronize with the subject line but slowly found it to be so exciting. It reminded me of my childhood habit of visiting and looking at Bollywood film shootings in our neighborhood locations.
    All the photographs in this series are just perfect,amazing and self explanatory of the whole event.Emotions in your photographs really liquefied my heart and soul.

    These are really life time experiences and you are lucky enough to be a testimony to it.
    It seems to me to be a TV serial with Mr.Ty seemingly being a known celebrity.Am I right Vicky ?.

    Anyway, Congratulations for the job done exceedingly well.

  12. You've shared an amazing story with us through both word and photo ... thank you.

  13. Karla, Jackie had great photos and was really generous in letting me use them. I hope you are doing well. I missed you at Carrie's dad's funeral, but Carrie was so glad you were there at the prayer service- I heard it was a beautiful service, much like the funeral.

    Stephanie, thanks for connecting me with Stephanie, she already responded and I am going to share some insight with her.

    Kelly, thanks for coming along with me :) You guys all make it more fun for me with your encouragement and enthusiasm.

    Dr. Yadav, thank you for your kind and encouraging words! It is a popular television show here in the US and yes, Mr. Ty is quite popular.

    Eileen, thank you, I am better now with some rest and the adrenaline is finally subsiding a bit more.

    Vic, they were so gracious and humble and very appreciative. They are spending their first night tonight.

    Missy, I know... ME TOO!

    Gitz, I know... one week... its still surreal. I go by the house everyday and still can't believe it :)

    Jen, it airs sometime in November or December.

    Lisa, I know, Jackie did such a great job getting the raw emotion.

    Susan, thank you for coming along on the journey with me :)

  14. WOW!!! So cool!I love all of your pic's and the bus driver is hilarious!

  15. I still think it is so awesome that you got to be a part of everything! The new house is beautiful!


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When you get lucky

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