Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Day 2

Day two of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  Thinking I wouldn't have much of a view, I stood across the street from the home yesterday watching for it to be moved.  As luck would have it, I only stood for about a half hour when they announced they were ready to "move that house."

Thinking they were going up to north Moorhead, I was both surprised and then elated to discover the house was going to pass right by me.  There was much speculation about who was going to drive the big semi, with many assuming Ty would jump in at the last second...

But before any moving could be done, the crew had to be taped... numerous times... chanting "move that house."  Over and over we watched them without any movement from the semi.

I leaned out to take a photo and looked up shocked to see this taking MY picture... I leapt back thinking I might be ruining his shot, and heard him laughing at my reaction. 

Under those signal lights is the big camera that takes the long shots of the house coming down the road.  8th street in our community is a busy thoroughfare and was pretty wild to see it all blocked off at the noon rush hour. 

And then suddenly, the all clear was given, and the house began to move.  The crowd cheered on both sides of the street, and I assumed the driver was Ty because of how crazy the crowd was going...

This is the main director dude, and one day I'll actually find his name and tell you his story which I got today... but on with the show for now.

Here is comes, right at me... 

But wait, thats not Ty...

Because THIS is Ty... hi Ty. 

I actually have video of Ty videoing us and taping us for the family to see.  

And then... Paulie and Eduardo, and  Paige show up.  

And we're walking along the house and cheering as instructed by the main producer dude.

The whole thing took about an hour and then the house continued on its way out of town.

day 3

I actually had to "work/babysit" this morning and it was late in the afternoon that I snuck over to the site for a bit.  More photos to follow... 


  1. What an awesome thing to be part of..I would love to have been there! Come say hi :D

  2. Every time you tell a story I picture myself there with you. And let me tell you, woman, we would be laughing our heads off and loving this adventure. :)

  3. Julie, its been very fun and so good for our community as a whole.

    Gitz, girl, you know we would have us some fun :) I am going to picture you with me too and everyone is going to wonder what I am giggling at standing there by myself :)

  4. I bet you and your neighbors are having a ball! Pretty fun stuff.

  5. This is so much more than the making of a TV show! Must be interesting to be behind AND in front of the cameras Vicky - what a lucky family.

  6. So fun! Great play by play!

  7. So much excitement .
    Just to see all this happening.
    Wonder what all this costs?


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When you get lucky

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