Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Of mice and ... shrieking women

I laughed last week when Rick said he thought he heard a scratching noise coming from the inside of the hall closet and was looking for a mouse in the wee hours of the morning.  I was convinced it was the tassels on the corn scraping against the window, and with a smirk on my face contentedly went back to bed.

Gosh I hate it when he is right.  I found out the hard way, as in the -oh my freaking out heck, something furry just ran across both my bare feet ... #$%@^%... kind of way.  I so wish I were kidding when I say that.

But there I was, in the laundry room folding clothes to put in our suitcase.  I was standing with my feet under the ledge of the counter I use to fold my clothes on, and something moved as I took a step back.  In a flash I saw two beady eyes and saw a blur of fur as I felt it go running across, BOTH my BARE feet...  and I screamed.  And screamed.  And jumped on the counter shrieking for Colton to bring me the phone.

I called my husband... and he LAUGHED.  Then told me he'd be home AFTER lunch to take a look.  No way could I sit there for two hours with that monstrous hairy thing on the loose.  Did I mention how ginourmous that thing was?  HUGE, I tell ya.

So next I texted a friend whose hubby was home.  He graciously came and searched the basement, brought some traps, and provided me with enough sanity to leave my perch on the counter.

But no way in heck would I go back downstairs.  I had the biggest case of the heebie jeebies I have ever had.  Well Nolan was not afraid and went and got the suitcase, and some clothes to pack for the weekend... but then SHRIEKING began once again.  Poor Nolan, he said he was fine till part of the floor MOVED.  Thankfully, hubby arrived shortly thereafter.  The mouse hunt was on.

I heard toys rattling, furnitures moving, the lining on the couch ripping as no object was left unsearched.  After another sighting of the beast, it was finally contained in the office.   After nearly a day of wreaking havoc on the house, the big hairy mouse was trapped in a live-trap, and ushered outside a couple of blocks away, to his new home in the field where he belongs.

Would you like to see the little ginormous furry mouse? If you squint your eyes and look in the left hand corner of the wall you can see the gray blob with the c of a tail sticking out.  Ew, ew, yuck.

I think I had the bags packed in 2.7 minutes after that and we hit the road for our Labor Day Weekend adventure.  But just to be on the safe side, we left 3 traps in the basement... thankfully they were empty when we returned.  But the closet with the scratching?  I won't be going near it anytime soon.


  1. I'm with you Vicky...climb to the highest perch and scream!!! I DO NOT like mice.

    When we lived in Colorado and were surrounded by alfalfa fields, we were always finding mice in the house. Yuk! We finally put an outside trap for them and caught at least 5-10 every few days! No joke!!!

    Hope you had a nice getaway. :0)

  2. Little field mice are bad enough, but can you imagine the fear in you if it had been a rat. I shiver at the thought!

  3. I think it is the surprise factor with those little critters - and that they respect no bounds and would climb up your shin or in your hair given the chance. Hope he does not think of your place as 'home'!

  4. Dangit! I saw the photo before reading the paragraph that there was a photo and I saw that icky icky hideous creepy awful thing!!!!

    Heebie. Jeebies.

    And make no mistake, if that sucker was in my house it would not be released into the wild where it could find its way back. It would be dead.


    By the hands of anyone else but me.


  5. You tell this well ... :-)

    Looks like he's hiding his head, too.

  6. Oh dear, your bare feet! We live in an old farm house next to a field and mice just seem to arrive at our house like it's a hotel. Every autumn we have to put out a lot of traps. This afternoon I saw one run across the kitchen floor. Time to dig out the traps.

  7. Oh Geez. He's and etsy bitsy little thing.
    Shame on you.
    I have so many of them here, compliments of my cats. lol

    Well now I have a lot less since one cat is gone. He used to eat the heads and leave the bodies at the front door. Or he'd bring them in his mouth and then scratch to be let in. Poor mouse.
    Take another look. They are just little creatures who want to live as much as every one else. lol

  8. Hey vicky.. Im so glad you stopped by.. and thanks for the sweet comment.. I am glad if i can be an encouragement to any woman.. I remember a time (still now, from time to time) when i would feel down and it was hard to find someone that was encouraging..so I hope i am able to help someone..

    glad to visit with you.. cya again soon..

  9. Eileen, I am suggesting the outdoor traps again, thanks for the reminder. They'll be looking for a warmer place to live shortly and they are not welcome here.

    Wanda, I know, just the thought gives me double shivers :)

    Bonnie, exactly right... the surprise plus they know no limits and will freely roam. Nolan needed a new pillow case in case the mouse had walked on it :)

    Karen, as in fake or as in a real "satin" mouse?

    Gitz, this is where the hubby comes in... me I'd settle for dead too, but him, um no, not if he can help it. So I settled for far from here and pray that stinker doesn't find his way back.

    Susan, ha ha, he does, I bet he is :)

    Oh Jen, no, eek no. I don't know if I could ever get used to them...

    Vic, I know, he is a wee little thing. But it was over when he ran across my feet... seriously done.

    Karen, I hope to get to know you better and visit with you again soon :)

  10. I would have fainted. He looks kinda cute there...

  11. Just seeing them gives me the chills - you know how I feel about them!


  12. I would scream too...but the older I get the softer I get. I'm afraid I would have found a way to trap it and let it outside. I don't know what's wrong with me, I stopped in a parking lot the other day to give a bug the chance to fly away. He was hanging onto my window for dear life and my heart just ...well, I've become a lunatic. Don't tell anyone.

  13. ...but still trying to figure out what is that in a mice that a woman can't stand ?

  14. OHHHH...poor little mouse, he was probably just as scared as you were.

    I remember sitting in my sisters dining room when she opened her bread drawer when one jumped out and she gasp, saying mouse.... he came running across the floor...before I thought I picked up my foot and down it came, right on top of him...... (I did have shoes on tho) then I looked at her and said... NOW YOU CAN GET HIM AND TOSS HIM OUTSIDE AND HOPE HE DOESN'T COME BACK IN AGAIN.

    I don't like them either, but I love mouse traps and their help. Dealing with them in a trap is much better then when they run across our bare feet.

  15. Thanks for coming to see my blog. I was surprised because I didn't leave a message although I DID read this post -- I didn't comment because I grew upon a farm with mice usually in the house. They never bothered me. I don't even get freaked about rats which I used to see sometimes [not in my apartment] in NYC when I lived there. Cockroaches were definitely not friends but they didn't freak me either. Now snakes would be quite a different story. We each have our buttons.

  16. EEEEK!!!! I'm freaking out for you now!!!!


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