Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nolan, the locksmith and the FBI...

We'd suck at being burglars... Breaking and entering is not our strong suit. Okay... ask me how I would know this?

It was the stunt that nearly put me over the edge last night on a day that had been nothing but a comedy of mishaps all day... otherwise known as "one of THOSE days."

The fighting and bickering amongst the boys was constant. Nobody, wanted to go hockey camp, maybe even me. Its beens 4 long weeks of car pool in and around road construction, several times a day and nobody was all that anxious to climb in the car again. So because we were already running behind, it was the day the baseball gear was left on the seats in the truck.

I tried everything I could to push it, pull it and drag it to make room for the all the boys and their hockey gear. It took 3 of us, but we got it to budge finally. I was hot and tired. It seemed to follow me the rest of the day.

After an hour of running to Walmart and back and 14 phone conversations about it, I discovered the tension rods I bought for the shower at mom's new apartment...  already came installed with her showers... she just didn't notice them. I'm hot, tired and insert crabby here now.

The next call comes when Rick realizes that not only can he not coach Colton's t-ball game, but he can't run Nolan's practice either. With half an hour to spare we had to line up rides for Nolan, coaches to cover, and I had to move the baseball equipment again! I am hot, tired, too tired to be crabby in fact, and now hungry... Enter the FBI... yes really. The coach filling in for Rick is an FBI agent... I mean if you can't count on the FBI, who can you count on?

With Nolan safely to his practice, and Colton with me at his game... I began to think I was home free... which one should really never think...

While I am sitting at Colton's game I get a text from a friend. Nolan is at her house, because he is locked out of our house... hmmmmm... I know I left the door open for him...

But since this is Nolan...

I return home, having just sat through a gale force wind and the most I've had to eat is the sand thrown in our faces from the fields... only to discover when I open the garage door... that by "locked out," Nolan means he not only locked our outside door, but he locked the door leading from the garage to the house... we are screwed.  Safe, but screwed.

Grandpa has the only spare key... on his key ring at the lake an hour and a half away. Okay... tired, hungry, hot, gritty, thirsty... and HOMELESS!!

While I am trying to google from my phone "how to break into your house...," hubby enters.

In one fell swoop he loads us all up, gets drive through pizza, brings us home, remembers cold gatorades in the fridge in the garage... and calls a locksmith.

Locksmith guy shows up... in 2.8 seconds and 60 bucks later, has us in our house... I offer him my first born son in trade... literally... he declines...

I am home... I am now grateful, relieved, full of pizza and gatorade, and happy to crawl in to my bed.  Sense of humor, fully intact!

Please dear lord, tomorrow we have to move my parents from their home of 44 years, into their new apartment... please let this day have been the challenging day!!


  1. How ironic that the quote from your last post showed up under the locksmith photo and said, "Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions ...". Ironic, considering the stress of your day. Blessings for a peaceful move although it must be a heart issue for all of you.

  2. What a day!! You write beautifully Vicky - the description and building of tension as you deal with all the twists and turns is wonderful! Hope today goes well.

  3. Hi Vicky

    I will be thinking of you today with the big move ...

    take care

  4. Sounds like my day a couple of days ago! I was ready to pull my hair out!!!

    My thoughts are with you considering the move too. Hope all goes as smoothly as possible.

  5. Been there, done that, on all counts (I have 3 boys). Especially like that part where you try to coerce the locksmith into taking Nolan in trade.

    I wish you luck in helping your parents relocate. I know how tough this is.


  6. Oh dear, what a fiasco! I guess those are the kind of days that make you really appreciate the laid back, kick of your sandals on the summer sand kind of days.

  7. Oh, my sweet girl! Thank God for swooping in husbands and drive thru pizza!!!

    Just know my whole day tomorrow will be spent thinking of YOU. Love to you friend. Hug your mom and dad for me.

  8. Bless your heart!!!!! What a day.

    I swear we need to live closer by bc we live lives so similar we'd have to laugh over it :)

  9. What a day! I will be praying that the move goes much better than this day!

  10. Oh, my, Vicky!!! So sorry!!! What a horrible day!!! But praying that the move will go well!!! And sending you big, big, big encouraging hugs!! And hope that you will be able to enjoy your 4th of July! Love you! Janine XOXO

  11. lol yup things come in threes. After that you should be safe lol

  12. Your sense of humor rocks! When the going gets tough, the best way out is with humor. Loved to read you after so long, and I hope all goes well with the shifting tomorrow. Loads of love :)

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