Thursday, July 8, 2010

For you Dad...

Dear Dad,

I miss you already. You slipped quietly away from us, from this earth, after a day that frustrated us all in our inability to keep you as comfortable as we would have liked. You were such a trooper, so strong and determined, you didn't want to leave us that day. It was the only day you spent in bed... ever.

But you waited. You waited for your son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughters to return home. And when they arrived it should not have surprised any of us, but you walked on your own accord to the living room, sat in a chair and for half an hour you made us all laugh. You wore your Twins shirt with pride that day, and teased your grandchildren while making plans to get Dairy Queen treats. Little did we know, less than 24 hours later, you'd be in your new heavenly home.

While you've left us physically, I still feel you everywhere. Your scent clings to your things in the bedroom in the apartment. We've filled the apartment with your beautiful wood work from dressers to desks. The scent of wood shavings and sawdust will forever remind me of you. Going to find your suit in the basement of your old house, was almost more than I could bear. But seeing the "chip clip" you used to hold the plastic together over your suit made me laugh, resourceful you at your best.

As much as you fought through your illness to stay with us, and refused to acknowledge your imminent passing, I have no doubt God blazed a trail for you right up to heaven. The sunset Monday night was a spectacular sight. I have never seen the whole horizon glow as golden and bright as it did that night, just hours before your passing.

Dad, I hope its okay... we picked pine wood for your final resting place... I know you never cared to work with pine because of how hard it was to rip through the knots with your saw. But it was rustic and sturdy, with an understated beauty, and it reminded me of something you may have made yourself.

I love you Dad...

I have always been proud to be "your little Snicklefritz..."



Thanks to Rick, for being there for me and for capturing this sunset in all its glory...

As I sat writing this morning, this showed up in my email. Thank you Brian Andreas for giving me the perfect words to go forward from here...

StoryPeople... Story of the Day...

I carry you with me into the world,
into the smell of rain
& the words that dance between people
& for me, it will always be this way,
walking in the light,
remembering being alive together


  1. Such a loving tribute to your Father Vicky. Deep condolences. You were so blessed to have been alive together.

  2. What beautiful words...

    I'm so sorry to hear of your father's passing. Sounds like you've had a wonderful life as father and daughter, such a gift.

    It amazes me, what the sky shows us in times of trouble and even loss. Perhaps your father was showing you all the glory that was his life with your family.. and that he is OK and at peace.

    When my daughter was in a coma after a bad car accident.. I had gone home from the hospital to change clothes after a very long day. There was a sudden and fierce thunderstorm lasting only about five minutes.. and then the most glorious rays of sun through the clouds and beautiful sunset. It felt as if the world was telling me it was going to be OK. The world was right. :-)

  3. Vicky-

    This post was beautiful. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful father and family to lean on. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care,

  4. I am so sorry Vicky. What a beautiful post. Your words help me to keep my father closer in my heart too, "remembering being alive together."

    I think it's nice that your dad was able to sit and bring smiles to everyone's faces just before he went to Heaven.

    I'm thinking of you...

  5. Beautiful words and visual memories to mark a most sadful day Vicky.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad, Vicky. You wrote a very loving tribute to him with heart-filled words.
    What a blessing that he was able to get up out of bed and spend some time loving time with his family.

    My thoughts are with you, your Mom and the rest of your family.

    Hugs my friend, Eileen

  7. Vicky - with tears in my eyes I am so sorry!!!! I'm sorry for your loss and your families loss and all you are going through.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!

    Hugs my dear friend!

  8. My heart goes out to you ... to all of you. And it did a little lurch at "Snicklefritz" as that is what my father called me. Gentle love to you as you adjust.

  9. Oh, my heart's friend. He blazed across the sky... Perfect words for a perfect truth. My heart is so with you.

  10. Vicky......I'm so sad for your loss of your dear, wonderful, and incredible father. I feel I got to know him in some small way through your expressive and beautiful writing and surely it must have thrilled and gratified him beyond words to have a daughter as lovely and gifted and LOVING as you are.

    I can't believe that sky on the night he passed. It does seem made just for him and fitting that would be. There are so many fathers who are not like him and he deSERVES to be honored.

    I wish I could offer something besides typed letters on a white page. They seem like nothing. These are the times when we blogger friends wish we could climb through the internet and hug those we have come to love.

    My prayers will be for you and your family as you deal with the grief and loss. But I know we do not grieve as "those who have no hope." Praise God for KNOWING where your father now is and that he is well and whole.

  11. Oh Vicky
    I am so sorry that your Dad has passed away. I am thinking of you and I will write to you.

  12. Vicky, I am so sorry to here this sad news.

    You will always miss your dad but remember that memories of the heart can never be taken away from you.
    Your dad will always be there for you in spirit.

    People pass away but love never dies.

  13. Oh my!!! He died around the same time my Dad did on Independence weekend or thereof.
    I am soooo sorry.
    My Deepest condolences Vicky.
    But at least you had time to talk knowing the time would come soon.
    I will light a candle for his soul.

  14. Vicky, they have special boxes to put the coffin in when its placed in the ground. I got one for both my parents and they are sealed in wonderfully. My Dad's cost 400 dollars. My Moms was different and cost 800.You might be interested in this idea I thought it was great.

  15. Vicky,
    I know how hard it is to say goodbye and yet have that bittersweet gladness of the hope of heaven for the one you love. That sunset indeed looks like a blazed trail for your Dad's spirit to make it's journey home. What a beautiful gift for you to remember. May your memories in these next days of grieving be sweet, like sugar stirred in to smooth out the bitter taste of goodbye.

    I sincerely hope you feel the peace of God with at this time. His is truly the peace that passes understanding.

    Know my thoughts and prayers are with you.


  16. Vicky, I am so sorry for the loss of your dad! This was a wonderful post. It brought tears to my eyes. I could feel the love you have for your dad while reading. I will be praying for you and your family.

  17. Vicky...God bless your dad. I will pray for him, and your family too. Your dad returned home to his real father.

    Please be sure to get your rest.

  18. Vicky,
    As I wipe away a tear after reading your post my thoughts are with you, Rick and the boys in your time of sorrow.

  19. I really like that you wrote this letter to your Dad. I think sincere messages like this surely reach the recipients through strong intentions and love.

    Absolutely phenomenal photos!

  20. I am so sorry for your loss and it shocks me in and out. I didn't expect it so soon. My deepest condolences to you and your family. May God give you the strength and serenity to sail through this traumatic time. I am sure where ever you dad is right now, he is watching you and shall make sure nothing goes wrong with you. Take care Vicky..

  21. This is such a beautiful and loving tribute. I am so sorry for your loss.


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