Friday, June 25, 2010

A pocketful...

I am carrying "peace" in my pocket with me today... the cool smooth stone is a tangible reminder to take a deep breath, and know... all shall be well.  Thanks sweet friend for knowing the perfect thing to send to me.  

What kinds of things bring a little peace to your world?


  1. Peace...I have never been more thankful for knowing and trusting in the Peace that passes all understanding, than the peace that comes when saying goodbye to a loved one and knowing they are in a better place...a place of peace.

    Blessing on your day and thanks so much for your kind comments and prayers.


  2. What a thoughtful card and stone ... may your heart be filled with peace.

  3.'re too sweet. (My mom painted the picture on the card...xo)

  4. What lovely gifts, my friend.
    You deserve the lovliest.
    I send you a smile...and I send your Dad a hug and kiss. Please, give them to him for me...please.

  5. Turning off the news and this new music gives me a lot of peace lol

    Peace is good but joy is better even when there is less peace meaning with more things going on around you to stimulate you.
    When you have joy around you I think this is the best feeling.:)

  6. I love that you and Robin have such a lovely connection. Love you both to bits.

  7. Beautiful! And such a comforting stone! Love you much...and am keeping you, your mom and dad throughout the day in my prayers! But you already know that...You're in my heart! Love, Janine XO

  8. Jen, continuing to hold you in my prayers... blessings to you.

    Susan, aren't they beautiful? Thank you, blessings to you.

    Robin, I am so drawn to the card, and now I know why... I was thinking it would look so nice in a tiny frame on my table... I'm touched by both of them, truly.

    Jackie, thank you, I will do that for you :)

    Vic, I completely understand what you are saying... turning off the news makes things much more peaceful for sure :)

    Gitz, I love that YOU and I have that same connection too :) I hope you are feeling less sick each day, I've been thinking of you...

    Janine, I was so touched that both you and your son were praying for Dad and for us... thank you Janine so much for all of your prayers and support!

  9. Ah Vicky - Blogging and posts like this bring me peace.

  10. That's really a beautiful thing to have with you Vicky.

    Oh, how music brings me peace.


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