Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hockey Day Minnesota

Take 3 NHL Minnesota Wild hockey players.

Add in two NHL hockey players from our town.

Mix in one big announcement that our town and high school hockey team were chosen as the backdrop for Hockey Day Minnesota 2011, to be broadcast on television, February 12th.

Squeeze in the zeal of our hockey community.

Presto, you have one monumental day.

Such an honor for our town to have two former players represent us so well in the NHL, with a third one to join soon.

Lots of media on hand...

A large crowd in attendance.

Chris Vande Velde, has recently signed to play with the Edmonton Oilers and will report to their AHL affiliate In Springfield, MA.  In the meantime he works out at the rink.  Its an odd juxtaposition to have our young boys running stairs along side the pro players.  How cool would that be as a young player to hang out and be coached by your idols? 

Brian Lee, finished his season last year with the Ottawa Senators playing defense.  We're excited to see where he may land next year.  

Matt Cullen, in an ironic twist was traded from the Carolina Hurricanes to the Ottawa Senators too.  We had two former Moorhead players on the same NHL team!  Matt donated 30,000 dollars to our youth rink to build the outdoor rink where our Moorhead Spuds hockey team will play Hill Murray, February 12th, 2011. 

Brent Burns, defenseman for the Minnesota Wild.  

Colton getting autographs.

Games galore was sponsored by Well Fargo and the National Guard.   Nolan and Colton racing... Colton ended up with a huge burn on his backside... owie...

Nolan and his buddy Caleb racing cars... 

Wells Fargo stagecoach rides!  

What a great day for the State of Hockey!  

I was also in close contact with my mom yesterday. Dad had a good day. He has decided to allow more morphine to be given, which in turn has eased his breathing and relaxed him. He rested and read and listened to his music in comfort yesterday, and listened to our hockey tale at the end of the evening. Your prayers, and kind words and deeds, continue to encourage and humble me...


  1. Can't imagine a more perfect outing for your boys - fun activities, hockey role models up close and personal, and the promise of amazing hockey activities in the future ... lucky boys.

    Glad to hear that your father is allowing the treatments that will make him more comfortable.

    Such a strange juxtaposition for you of fostering growth and development on one hand and the letting go of a full life on the other. Talk about difficult 'middles'!! Take care of yourself Vicky.

  2. I'm still praying for your dad and family. I'm glad to hear that he enjoyed your hockey tale. So did my gang! Great pictures. That must have been a fun day :)

    Sending you hugs...

  3. You've been on my mind - glad to hear he is comfortable!!!!

    If you need an ear you know where I'm at :)

    Love the hockey pictures - that is soooo cool and as much as your boys love it I know they had the time of their lives!

  4. What a great day for all you hockey fans!

    And also your Dad, Amen for good days.

  5. What a good-looking bunch of young men (your boys included)!

  6. There is so much story going on here as you walk through these days on such different levels. It's like watching the tide coming in and going out.

    {I'd like to be on that stagecoach!}

  7. It's 97 degrees at my house and Im reading about hockey. Very cool.
    How great for the kids to hang with all those pros.
    Only in Minnesota.

    Glad your Dad was feeling good.

  8. Gosh doesn;t this make you feel good inside?
    Your boys are digging in Mom and this is very good.:)

  9. Hope your dads days continue to get better... this was such a wonderful re-cap! Exciting news for Moorhead! :)


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