Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thank you Beth!

Ta da!  Look at the new header I won in a giveaway from Beth over at  be yourself... everyone else is taken.  Not only is she a talented photographer, she writes beautifully and you find yourself drinking in all her words and leaving refreshed.  To see more of her creative work be sure to check out her photo digs at ruby luna photography.

What a great way to start off my week!  Thank you Beth.


  1. you are so so welcome !!
    I loved that I was able to get your whole family in there....well, hubby was a bit difficult as there weren't many photos of him, but it worked out great that it looks like he is looking up at the boys on the pier....

    and of course you with dakota...that photo melted my heart....

    sometimes making something for someone else can be quite a challenge, but this turned out exactly how I had pictured it in my head...

    I'm so happy that you're happy !!!

  2. Ok, so NOW is the post where I should have put my previous comment: I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!!


    Beth, you did such a great job capturing their spirit and the spirit of Vicky's blog. Lovely!

  3. That IS a beautiful header - it has an inviting mood to it that pulls you in. Love it.

  4. Oh Congratulations! The new header looks fantabulous! =0)

  5. Beth, I so trusted your vision and just look at what I got! Thanks for your thoughtful words on Dakota :) I love how you included all of us... yes even hubby as he is usually the one behind the lens :)

    Gitz, you're so sweet to come back and leave it here :) I love that I can just enthusiastically agree with you because I had no part in it!

    Bonnie, I agree :) Thank you.

    Erica, thank you!

  6. Beth & Vicky the new header rocks and it has a beautiful winter feel to it.
    LOVE IT.

  7. are so deserving...and Beth: You are GREAT!
    Vicky, I had to shed a little tear... one of love for your Dakota. That is one of my favorite photos...and so glad it is on your header.
    And how perfect is "Where We Love and Play" for your family.

  8. That is a beautiful header, what a fantastic prize!

  9. Liss, I think you are right, its wintery but cheerful at the same time.

    Jackie, I know, I think she got us just right :) A gift really, in more ways than one!

    Crochet, I think so too :) I feel so lucky to have won it!

  10. What a beautiful family story revealed in your new banner ... congratulations to both the designer and you.

  11. Love, love, love it! I am jealous...does Beth do freelance work? I will have to check out her site.

  12. Beautiful header! Isn't Beth just wonderful? Congrats!

  13. S. Etole, thank you for your thoughtful words, I enjoyed visiting you blog :)

    Melissa, she said she would love to do a freelance banner for anyone who would like one... 25 dollars and you should just email her if you are interested!

    Caroline, thank you, yes I think so too!

  14. Ooooo! Nice one! Beth did mine too! My photos, her blending and spacing and everything in between. She is a humdinger (that's good) of a lady!

  15. This may be one of my favorite banners in all of the blog-world.
    Love it
    All Things Heart and Home

  16. Oh, it's beautiful!!! I love it!!! I'm off to visit her!! Thanks Vicky!!! Love you~ Janine XO

  17. That sure is a rocking header! I was wondering how you made it! It's an all time classic :-)


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When you get lucky

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