Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm being sneaky today...

Do you want to know why? Follow me over here to find out... c'mon, I dare ya!! Just click the box below...

Secret Sneaky Friend


  1. These are great!...what a lovely way to find out more about blogging friends. The interviews were wonderful. I spent a good deal of time over there and enjoyed reading the interviews. You are a dear friend to so many bloggers, Vicky. It's wonderful to surround yourself with caring and loving people. Much love to you.

  2. Yikes! I completely forgot to publish your interview!!!!! I am sooooooo sorry!
    It is up now. I hope that your readers love getting to know you as much as I did!
    Thanks again for being a guest on my blog. What fun!!! :)

  3. Oh Vicky - now I get it. I knew it was Jill from Sneaky Momma by the logo, but when I clicked your interview was nowhere to be found.

    So I just came back and will try again. Isn't Jill great? She was the one who helped me put my vision for my blog into effect. She's so knowledgable and fun to work with.

    Now I will go and read the interview!

  4. Absolutely terrific!!! Great interview, Vicky!!! Congratulations! Love you! Janine XO

  5. Haven't seen that before in blog land. Fun!

  6. Great answers! Don't feel bad about the pedicure...I've never had one either! What hole have we been hiding in, right?! I seriously feel sorry for little 1st grade Vicky! I had the same experience. Couldn't find my name on the board either. You see, no one calls me Kaleena and I had NO CLUE that my name was spelled like that. I'm 27 years old and I still have a hard time remembering that Kaleena is my name. Everyone IRL calls me Kay.
    Great getting to know you better as a Sneaky Friend:) Smiles and hugs to you:)

  7. I love when Jill does her secret fun! Don't worry I don't do pedicures either...I've had one...I'm too ticklish :)

  8. I have never been to that blog so you really pulled a fast one on me!! When I clicked, I saw your smiling face and initially thought you were changing to another blog. Surprise...I found out more about you!! Great interview!

  9. Jackie, right back at you :) Every kind word is a reflection of who YOU are!

    Bonnie, Jill does amazing work! I was equally excited when I first saw the work she did on your blog and was so glad you found her! Her work complemented your work so well!

    Kristi, hoping we get to see you too! Let us know what works for you :)

    Stephanie, you'd think I'd try one at least... maybe someday?

    Crochet, I know, Jill thought it up and its been fun plus you meet a lot of new to you blogs :)

    Kaleena, that too funny! My middle name is Kay :) With a beautiful name like yours I am surprised you have a shortened name!

    Janine, thank you for leaving such sweet comments on Jill's blog for me! I was truly touched you took the time to that! Love to you Janine :)

    Alicia, see... sneaky right? I'm glad you figured it out and took the time to read the interview. i"m also glad you go introduced to a new blog :)

  10. I clicked the first time I saw this and there was nothing there... glad I came back :)

    And girl, go get a pedicure. HEAVEN.

  11. Gitz, I'm glad you came back too :) I know, I'd probably love it, but it never occurs to me to get one!

  12. Vicky that is so cool!!!!! You have certainly found your purpose in the blog world. Now, if i could just find mine?!?!

  13. Bonnie, I'm pretty certain what you do so well through your blog is teach. You are always so informative and love addressing the tough topics. So many times you have sparked a lively discussion about something and not been offended when others dissent... that to me is filled with purpose!


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When you get lucky

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