Friday, October 21, 2016

tackling cancer with the Spuds...

My heart started to pound a little with nervousness.  Mr. Cole wanted to talk with Rick and I, as we arrived for school conferences for Colton.  Could we step inside the conference room?

I try to not be overly concerned.  

But Mr. Cole assures us it has very little to do with Colton, and everything to do with Rick, and I.

In honor of "tackling cancer," night at the Spud Football game, would I like to carry the football out to the coach at the start of the game?

It was Jim Gotta who carried the ball the game before.  And before that, Chase Morlock- both football heroes from Moorhead.  

And now I was being asked? 

It's clearly written all over my face how honored I was.  The boys too,  didn't hesitate to walk with us.  

It was pretty chilly last night.  But when the National Anthem finished playing, we heard our names and began the walk from the goalpost out to where Coach Feeney and his players awaited us.  

I handed the ball off to Coach, who then leaned in and hugged me.  Then Joey, a senior football player, handed me the beautiful pink roses and hugged me as well.  

We turned for Rick's Dad, Jim, to take our picture and then scurried off the field so the football game would start.  

So proud to be a Spud.  

It was Erin, the PA I saw last week for my doctor's appointment.  My tumor markers have started to climb.  We simply watch the way they trend, and with increases the last 3 times or so, it's likely time to scan again soon, and re-evaluate treatment.  

So we're coping with it all in the best possible way- we're running away!

Yep- all 4 of us! 

We're Pittsburgh bound in a few days! 

We'll have a house full of friends and family watching Crosby for us, as we load up the truck and go.  

My one word for 2016, is choose.

When I think of "expanding" my time- living the length, the width and the depth of all my moments is exactly how I will "choose" to live as full as I can.  

Trip photos to follow soon!! 


  1. Have a great trip trip - live it full and wide!

  2. Wonderful moment and family picture. I just can't believe how tall the boys are and looking like men! And RUN RUN RUN! Go have fun and enjoy every moment with just your family. We'll all be praying for the next step and the next treatment decisions. XOXO

  3. Continued prayers coming your way! Have a fantastic time with family!

  4. Continued prayers coming your way! Have a fantastic time with family!

  5. Vicky, what a special honor! Yep, I see it in your smile what it meant, to you and the boys. That quote is truly beautiful and something all of us need to be mindful of. Thank you for sharing it. I'm going to be looking more and more for the width, too. Have a wonderful trip and see you on the return!

  6. Praying for God's continued blessings.

  7. Oh my dear soul sis,
    I love that you were given the honor of taking the ball to the football coach.The boys look so proud of you! And speaking of the boys, I am used to seeing Nolan look so much older, but Colton has
    shot up too! Handsome young men with such good hearts! And your upcoming are surely experiencing the width of it, my dear friend. You choose JOY and gratitude at every turn, and that is living your legacy to the fullest.

    Praying right this minute about those climbing tumor markers. I won't stop praying.
    Best idea ever... I LOVE that you all ran away together for an adventure and I can't wait to see your pictures!!!

    Sending you love and hugs and prayers!!

  8. What a great honor to bring the football out! Hope you have a great time in Pittsburgh. You continue to be in my prayers, dear Vicky.

  9. Praying for you!! And loving this post, as always~~


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