Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Word Girl"

She called me "Word Girl." 

I think I'd add that to my list of things "to become."

And yet,  I almost completely forgot.  Molly Guthrey a writer/reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper, interviewed me about my Ali Edwards "One Little Word" choices over the years.

Here is the story in the paper if you'd like to read:

Molly also chose a word and writes about it here.

Thank you for all the prayers and words of support on Friday the day of all my scans.  The frigid cold has kept me inside the house other than venturing out to the clinic.

Tomorrow, while school was closed by the Minnesota Governor because of the near record-setting wind chill temps they are predicting to be near -60 (shudder) I will be going back to the clinic to begin some physical therapy on the arm I had radiated.  Pictures coming soon.  I have some swelling in my fingers and knuckles and the beginning of what looks like lymphedema.  In my write right hand. More details soon.  


  1. Dear Vicky, so happy you are making the rounds, girlfriend. The one-word challenge is powerful and also lots of fun besides. My friend Sheri called it a "guiding word" and I really liked that concept. I hope your upcoming appointments go well. Thinking of you as always.

  2. vicky, i believe you've been spammed by the first commenter. love that you and your journey are getting more press! keep shining His light through your jar of clay--beautiful things are happening!

    1. Yes to the spam. not the right place for such a declaration.

  3. Loved the article - it was "simple" and straightforward and just wonderful! Love that I can now say "Word Girl is my best friend…!!!!!!!!" :-)
    PS - Two or Three days by yourself….ten minutes with the one that knows you better than you know yourself…!!!! :-) That is my simple story… :-)

  4. Hi Vicky, I'm so proud to "know" you.

    Be blessed this week, stay WARM whenever possible, and we, your people, will continue to pray and lift you up to the Father.

    and I'll say it again ... stay WARM!!!!

  5. I enjoyed the article and hearing more about your word. Looking forward to a warm-up towards the end of the week. In the meantime, stay warm.

  6. Continuing to whisper your precious name to our sweet Savior. Love.

  7. What a wonderful article....nicely written and so transparent of your feelings and yourself. You are the strongest person I know Vicky. Tomorrow's cruel temps look challenging....please be careful my friend.

  8. Great article and photo! Please be safe and stay warm in those brutal temps... and don't lick your lips while you're outside!

  9. Dearest Vicky,
    Oh what a stunning picture of you with that luscious, pink scarf and inviting grin on your face. And I LOVED LOVED, LOVED the title of the article...Moorehead, Minn Writer...It reminded me of your post on your word "become" where you talked about the dream of being an author. You are on your way, Vicky! I am a voracious reader and you are already one of my favorite authors. :) :)

    Loves to you, no matter what the temperature is outside. May you know in your heart-of-hearts God's enduring peace and love and that All is well!

    Warm hugs and prayers sent from Spokane to you sweet friend.

  10. Vicky - you are an inspiration.

  11. You have another post up, Vicky, but I'm not allowing myself to read it until I read this one. I am so struck by you, always, but your grace-under-pressure attitude and walk continue to speak to me over and over. How THRILLED I am to see you featured - and what a GREAT article! - and to know others will find you because of it and they will walk with you, too. They will find comfort in your words, your WORD, or find a word of their own. Here it is the 8th and I'm STILL looking for a word. (And I got a kick out of the other article about her juicing day! hahaha Who of us hasn't spent a juicing day like THAT?) But you have been much on my mind. I've been really sick and haven't been reading much of anything except for the occasional pop-in on Facebook. So good to read this interview and to know what it means to so many. XOXO


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