Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Normally we would have garland or Christmas stockings and lights strung along the railing by now.  We do manage our fair share of "family time," its just that we spend it at the rink!  Getting all 4 of us in the same place and near the same time is crazy hard for us these days.  So we have delayed our Christmas decorating a bit.  


One day in the future those jerseys will be replaced with decorations.  It'll be picture perfect- with blinking lights, adorned tables and walls, and Christmas hanging from the rafters.  And I'll be wistful and nostalgic for the days when the boys used my staircase railings to hang their freshly laundered jerseys to dry.  

I'm taking time today, an ordinary Wednesday, to notice the bounty all around- especially clean hockey jerseys hanging from my railings.  


  1. Lovely adornment...
    Hugs to you and your sweet family.

  2. I was going to say.. they are clean! and Neatly hung!.. I'd say that's awesomeness right there :-)

  3. oh yes, each phase should be embraced and savored for before we know it - its over! This is such a sweet sight - hopefully it smells clean ;)


  4. Yes! Love it. The memories you are making are now - perfect decorating can come later. It's the now - the kids- the chaos - that is the real now.

  5. Beautiful and clean and smelling like fresh laundry, the perfect compliment to your hockey team :-)

    You still have plenty of time for decorations xo

  6. Well there is decoration .... and then there is decoration.
    To each his own lol
    I think every one is behind in their decorations I just have some toys out.
    This time of year they get a whiff of fresh air.

  7. Vicky, I'm a huge advocate of easing into Christmas slowwwwwly, and letting Advent truly be absorbed to the fullest before finding my way to the lights of Christ. You're right on track as far as I'm concerned, and those hockey jerseys are symbolic of the rich life you live. :) That's what Christmas is all about anyway -- the richness of love, coming into the world to lead us to the Father. Weee! It's all good, and sometimes loud and obnoxious and full of hockey chaos. :)

  8. Isn't it nice doing normal "mom" chores??? Love your creative clothing drying idea! Gotta love those jerseys!!!

  9. Looks great! :)

    I hope the hockey season is going great there! Thinking of you.

  10. At my house it's ballet tights and airy skirts hanging from the living room curtain rod. <3


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