Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Benefit and an update

She came to my door last spring in tears, wanting to talk.  She'd been faithfully praying for God to help her find a way to help us.  As an RN (currently the Charge Nurse) in the Radiation Department at Roger Maris, Heather already saw me through both radiation to my brain and spine.  Plus, she has been a friend since way back, above all else, and is a hockey mom just like me.

So the answer she sought came to her as they were driving back from the cities.  But she just needed her husband to be on board.  Not only did he like her idea- he fully embraced it.  For 4 hours they drove and talked, their ideas taking flight.

She sat at our kitchen table and poured out her story and there wasn't a dry eye left when she finished.  To say we are humbled and honored, well it doesn't begin to tell you how we feel.  The urge to say no was strong.  How could we go to our very same friends and ask again?  Its hard to swallow.

But how could I look a faithful and true sister in Christ in the eye and tell her no?  What if this isn't just about me?  If I truly believe in God's plan, and am surrendered to his will, what greater good might be served?

So we are humbly and graciously going stepping forward in faith again.  We also requested that a donation be given back to our hockey program.  The Tobolt lease program allows all of our beginning hockey players to "lease" equipment for a nominal fee of 50 dollars.  When they are finished with it at the end of the season they turn it in and get their 50 dollars refunded.  We would love to be able to help them purchase some new equipment!

My radiation oncologist, Dr. Ethan Foster is coming to play the piano.  As if being a board certified radiation oncologist weren't awesome enough- he is a concert pianist and wanted to help- and he plays hockey too.

It is rumored that some Moorhead Spuds, Concordia Cobbers and Fargo Force players will be on hand...

And, there was a brief mention made- that Dr. Panwalkar had said he would come.... so all of you who have wanted to know who he is- just may get that chance...

So Saturday September 8th there will be food, games galore, a dunk tank, ballon animals, hockey, open skating, the band Catalyst will play starting at 8- and there will be a bar for adult beverages.  Sounds like a party to me!

The part I hadn't anticipated, is how much having things like this to look forward to, keep me going.  I have an additional incentive to stay strong- to be well- to fight.

I finally figured out how to get ahead of the pain.  I dose regularly with Advil and its been enough to keep me comfortable.  And honestly, Saturday was the worst pain day, and when you all interceded on my behalf and the prayers were flowing?  Well I awoke with a renewed sense of energy and decreased pain after an amazing night of sleep.  So grateful to all of you! "Draw nearer," is what I heard Him say, and my eyes have been firmly fixed.

I'm a bit groggy today- but I made it.  I have some big thank you's to say.  Nikki for taking Nolan to orientation and successfully navigating the long list of things the boys needed.  Susan took the boys golfing, and later had Nolan over- I know Dairy Queen was involved so all was good in his world.  Darla brought me to the hospital and picked me up afterwards.  She also brought Crosby home for me.  And Grandma entertained Colton all day.  Not once was I worried about who, or where, what, or when.  My "angels" have more than earned their wings in my book.

My MRI was only 30 minutes long and although I wasn't asleep like usual when they came for me, I was able to make it through just fine.  Now I wait.  But I feel at peace.


  1. So thankful for this update. So thankful for your angels as I wished I lived closer to be one. Grateful to God for hearing all of our prayers as we continually lift you up to the throne room. Grace and peace to you sweet Vicky. Love.

  2. I was hoping to hear an update, and it does my heart good to hear that you were able to feel some pain relief as we prayed.

  3. So thankful for this note of encouragement for you and your family.

  4. I'm glad you gave us this update. Will just wait to hear the results. Thinking of you Vicky.

  5. Enjoy your Saturday, Sep. 8th with all your offings for that day . It's nice to know that your radiation oncologist & cancer oncologist both joining you that day. He being a good pianist is so delightful for me. This simply reflects your gorgeous personality & character !!! I'm so happy for you.

    Best wishes & Blessings !!

  6. What a wonderful person and a great event. One of my dearest friends in the world will be in your neck of the woods in a week dropping off her son at St. Olaf's. I wish I could be in her suitcase and go to your event or that she could stop by and hug you, from me, and bring your hug back. I'm sorry I've been so out of pocket. I have been battling windmills here and migraines. I check Facebook, don't post about the migraines, and sit up at night - like now at 2am - and want to kick myself for being so behind in knowing what's going on with you. Please accept my apology.

  7. Oh, Vicky..."Draw nearer." Such beautiful words.

    Enjoy your party!


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