Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Take one 8 year old boy. Add in one 7 iron, 95 yards, and one yellow spongebob squarepants ball. Mix in one big swing. Add in a pinch of luck. What do you get? A hole in one!!!!!

Nolan, Colton, and Gunnar played in their end-of-the-year golf tournament at Village Green yesterday. Nolan took first place in the 8 and under division thanks to the help of the hole-in-one.

But that wasn't all. Gunnar easily beat his previous scores by a good 10 strokes and finished strong. And Colton, the only 6 year old playing with the 8 and under age group only missed third place by one stroke. The weather was perfect. Grandma Carole and Aunt Missy were both on hand. Rick took some time away from a very hectic work day and helped out. It doesn't get much better than this...

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  1. WOW!!!! We are so proud of all of the boys. What a great day!


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When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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