Friday, September 16, 2016

so much love

I feel so loved right now... just look what love can do! 

I thought I was going to Vi to have Stella, my poor wig, cut and shaped again, on Wednesday.  I simply sat down in the chair and pulled crumpled Stella out of my hockey bag.  

That's when my friend Sue, came to me and let me in on a little secret, in the video below!

Did you see that?  Could you hear what she said?

I'll rephrase it here- essentially, Stella is going into retirement.  My sweet friend, Sue, had an amazing idea.  She shared the idea with a beautiful group of women- hockey moms, football moms, friends, neighbors, survivors, etc.  So they all came together and contributed funds to the purchase of a new wig- for me!  And friends, can I tell you how spoiled I feel?  Because this beautiful hair piece?  Is made with REAL hair!  Its soft and light on my head and such a pretty color!  I'm beaming.  I was so overwhelmed with the awe and surprise of it!  I never dreamt I'd have a piece made with real hair!!  This hair I can wash, and blow dry, and curl and style and spray to my heart's content! 

I think the only thing that kept me from sliding into the "ugly" cry, was simply the pain meds dulling my senses just enough to keep me pretty even keeled.  But that smile says everything.  

Vi is adding a few highlights in the front for some added dimension, and on Monday we'll go in for the final fitting.  I could truly start wearing it now, if I wanted.  

I don't know how, truly, to begin to say thank you.  These acts of kindness, of pure generosity- from a community that has seen me through, time after time.  My gratitude fills and spills, over and over again. I am one blessed woman.  

Thank you Sue for all of your brainstorming, and organizing, and the time you take to help me, and spend time with me, and truly uplift me.   A friend, Cheryl, said "Sue has such a servant's heart."  I couldn't say it any better.  And then to have all the wonderful women step up and so generously give of themselves.  Thank you to everyone! 

(Sue, on the right with her daughter, Julia.)

I sent a quick note to Dr. Panwalkar's nurse the other day for a new pain med script.  It was Dr. Panwalkar who called me back, within a few minutes.  His concern and compassion crowded every word.  He bumped the dosage up, and gave me enough pain meds to see me through.

It may take some steady pain meds to help ease the burden a bit, but I am more convinced than ever that love will ultimately see me through.  Love is what beats cancer, ever single time.  And you all just gave me a big dose of love! 


  1. happy tears here!!! i love your tribe. it is STRONG. it is GOOD. it is KIND. it is FIERCE. it, above all, SEES YOU as you are, not just as a label. i LOVED being able to hear your response!

    way to go, tribe!!! you certainly know how to LOVE WELL.

    1. Such a great way to put it Jenn! Thankful you worded it all so well- I'm lacking words, despite how immensely blessed I truly am.

    2. Boy, did Jenn ever shay it PERFECTLY!!

  2. You look stunning. That smile says it all! So happy for you!

    1. Thanks Annie- seeing you pop in here also brings a huge smile to my face- so thankful for all you do!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kathy! The same right back to you!!

  4. Your new hair is GORGEOUS! Seriously looks like it belongs on you - how exciting!

    So glad Dr. P was able to call in more pain meds, and I am praying they help.

    Also, never made it to posting about your new family pictures, but they are just stunning and a treasure.

  5. OH VICKY SO happy for you!!!! It's beautiful!!!
    Much love and Prayers!

  6. Add my love to your daily dosage! You look radiant.

  7. Oh honey,
    Tears are just streaming down my face. I just want to hug all of those dear friends of yours who were SO KIND and SO generous...and you look gorgeous!! Most of all, you know and LIVE
    the truth that LOVE ALWAYS WINS! And you are surrounded and marinated with love from all over.
    As my beloved Bert also said, love beats cancer every time. And you, my dear, are so loved!!

    Sending you, my precious soul sis, huge hugs and continual prayers.
    Love you to the moon and back- always!

  8. You look beautiful, Vicky! Your video was a perfect way to begin my day! Just shows how truly loved you are. God bless.

  9. Beautiful!
    You are surrounded with the BEST friends.
    Much love to you, Vicky.

  10. oHHHH, Vicky!!! Joy is all over you!! What a kind love-gift from your friends. Stunning, absolutely stunning~~~~

  11. Love it, you look beautiful! Wow, so natural.. you go girl.

  12. I love your friends and you look GORGEOUS in that new wig! Just a darling style and it suits you to a T! Looks like it was made JUST for you. I'm so sorry your pain continues and may there be an answer and a complete abatement very, very soon. Sending love and a big hug.

  13. Oh Vicky, this new wig is truly YOU.....I love the hair length too. Keep smiling please because you look beautiful.


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