Saturday, May 14, 2016

Happy Golden 14th Birthday, Colton!

Colton, you were "golden" way before you turned 14 years, on this 14th day in May.  But you are so excited for this day!  You just want to take some buddies golfing and then go out for pizza.  You simply wanted "time" with your friends doing what you love to do. You didn't even ask for anything from us for your big day- no gifts.  Of course, that makes it all that much easier to get a little something for you.  True to who you are, your eyes light up and I'm really lucky, because you're nose  crinkled for me too.  While sorting through some old things you really liked the old clock radio that Grandpa Willard used to have.  When you discovered we found one you could also charge your phone on?   Pure bonus!  

Going back through your early years is such a treat for me.
You were such a "big" baby we called you "Bubba" for the longest time, but to see your long and lean limbs and torso these days, Bubba just doesn't cut it anymore.

You are your mother's son.  You are the peace keeper, the calm maker and the care taker.  You have bonded to me fiercely and are the first to throw your arms around me unabashedly.  I love how open and generous your spirit is.  You're the first to curl up with me when I rest and then you look at me with your big doe eyes and long lashes and say so sweetly "Can we please watch my show?"  It doesn't matter what I am in the middle of watching, how can I resist those eyes?

Those same eyes that laser right through when you are mad.  Your nose crinkles at the top, your eyes light on fire and then your nostrils flare- we call those "Power Ranger" eyes and whoever is your target is in trouble when you reach your boiling point.  But less and less often those big doe eyes fill with crocodile tears first, and if they start to spill, mom is still the first thing you seek.  My heart still beats an extra beat when I see those tears that melt me on the spot.

More than anything, you're funny as heck and crack us up with the things you say. I went back and found this little gem from several years ago.  We called it... 

Dear Colton's future wife,

When Colton tells you one day that "meatloaf" has chocolate spread over the top of it, could you just go along with him?  Oh, and nod your head when he tells you his mother made it with ham? I've stood on my head so many times trying to get the boys to try various dishes I make for supper.   Colton has always had an aversion to meat.  But I am learning that if you give a dish a creative name,  like "sugar-and-chocolate-covered-no-thats-not-meat-underneath-surprise-loaf," you stand half a chance that they will take a bite.  So what if he only heard the "ham" part of the hamburger.  And I can get by with calling brown sugar and ketchup "chocolate."  Please, future wife, forgive me. 

The little turkey ate 4 pieces and swears its his favorite meal EVER.  It was such a hit, just wait till you see what we're having tomorrow night...  "hey-thats-not-tuna, noodle casserole,  with yep- those-are-green-skittles-inside."  

Flash forward to today.  He is still thin as a rail, although he has shot up to almost looking me right in the eye.  While he still leads with his whole heart, some things have changed.  Golf and pizza are waiting until tomorrow. But for his meal with his family today?  We're going to Buffalo Wild Wings.  The kid has suddenly gone crazy over eating, meat! 

To the moon and back- Bubba Jack- love you- all the way there and back.  

Tonight, my friend Roxane and I are headed off to the Carmel Monastery for a couple of days of retreat.

I always bring along prayer requests that the Sisters so graciously receive.  Does anyone have a request for prayers? Please leave in comments below.  

I'll be back in time for a doctor appointment and infusion on Tuesday...  and hopefully picture galore from Carmel.  

~all shall be well~ 


  1. Vicky, I'm writing from the tennis tourney. We are waiting for Beth to play a consolation match. We'll be on the road to Carmel soon! I had to giggle. My dad called Christian Bubba too, because of his size. When Christian could talk he thought it was a game and started calling my dad Gampa Bubba. So that's what we called my dad when our kids were around him. See you soon friend! 😉❤️

    1. Love the Gampa Bubba story! Will be ready to go! Soon :)

  2. Please pray for Kayleigh who yesterday, on her 7th birthday, was diagnosed with a fast growing, inoperable brain tumor. From a medical standpoint, the prognosis is incredibly bleak but the family is praying for a miracle and trusting God through it all.

    1. Prayers for Kayleigh and the whole family- oh my heart I'm so sorry for such hard news. I wish I had words that could convey to you the level of sadness I feel, and yet the only thing I truly know how to do is give it all to HIM. Praying for hearts and minds to endure, for peace to enfold all, and for love to surround no matter what. Will cover you in prayers and share with the Sisters who will pray as well.

    2. My dear Soul Sis,
      Oh my goodness. Colton is 14. I think one of my favorite photographs
      of all time is the one with Colton, chubby cheeks and all, sitting on those stairs with his read sweater, blue jeans and bare feet. That look in his eye just says it all...he is all heart! I can just imagine you reading I'll Love You Forever to of our favorite books too.

      Happy Birthday, Colton! You hold your mama's heart!!

      And you are off to the Monastery. Praying for peace, joy and a deep sense of His presence for you, friend, as you rest there! As aIways, I would so appreciate your prayers for Amy and Annora. Thank you!!

      Love you always to the moon and back!

  3. My sister, Mary is having a biopsy of her breast Monday, praying for good news. Could you include her? You are in my prayers daily. Have a great retreat!

  4. Colton is precious.
    His eyes light up because they reflect his heart....and he has his Mama's heart. I just know that.
    Love you, Vicky.

  5. Happy Birthday, Colton! The photo of him on the porch, with bare feet, is my favorite!

  6. ohhhh, this post. So full of heart. Loved watching Bubba grow up.

    I love you, Vicky. You're an amazing mama~~~ I can tell.

  7. Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Colton. The boy after my own heart, too, and the one who still reminds me so much of my Hunter. Such precious times and a spirit that encourages and brings joy. I love the relationship you have with your sons and how each is unique and they complete the puzzle in their own irreplaceable ways. And what a great story and a clever mom you are. I would have never thought of chocolate and skittles with my picky eater! Say this too late for a prayer request but I love - always love - thinking of you at the Carmel Monastery. So looking forward to that post. I've traveled with you in my heart, as you know.

    Love you, friend.

  8. Happy birthday to a very special young man!

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  10. That was such a lovely post that you have written. Each and every word touched my heart. I too am planning my son’s birthday in a grand way. We are planning to have a lovely bash for our son in one of the top-end Chicago venues and we plan to invite all his friends and our relatives to the party.


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